9 Best Yonex Tennis Rackets, Which Pro Players Use Yonex Rackets?

Several brands in the tennis market produce fantastic rackets.

However, Yonex always stands out with the best options for experienced and intermediate players with options like the Yonex VCORE 95 6th Gen. They have reasonable pricing, making them a favorite among players; therefore, we went into the market to find out the best Yonex Tennis Rackets and what makes them tick.

A total of 6 pro tennis players who ranked in ATP 50 use Yonex tennis rackets, they are Denis Shapovalov, Stan Wawrinka, Casper Ruud. Hubert Hurkacz, Alexander Bublik, Nick Kyrgios.

NameYonex Rackets
Denis ShapovalovYonex VCORE 95
Stan WawrinkaYonex VCORE Pro 97
Casper RuudYonex EZONE 98
Hubert HurkaczYonex VCORE Pro 97
Alexander BublikYonex EZONE 98
Nick KyrgiosYonex EZONE 98

Come along as we delve deeper into the world of Yonex rackets. 

Best Yonex Tennis Rackets

1. Yonex VCORE 100 Lite Midplus

Yonex targeted professional players with this racket, which explains why it has powerful specs. It has a 100-inch head that focuses on the player’s spins and weighs around 10.5 ounces strung

. The weight is perfect for better performance as it grounds you while enabling you to strike even when your shots are off the center. It has 16 by 19 mains and crosses to ensure that the string pattern isn’t too dense, but is enough to provide the correct power level. 

For groundstrokes, the racket guarantees responsiveness to give you split-second action as you reach for the ball, and the 27-inch length further facilitates that. You will also notice that it has commendable swing speed, great for tournaments. As a result, it helps improve your accuracy for an edge over your opponents. If you are an aging player or have over years developed wrist issues, you will be pleased that this racket is very comfy on your hand. 

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The racket rightfully brags of incorporation of the latest tech in design. For instance, it deploys ISO for an increased sweet spot, OPS for flexibility upon impact, and the 3D Vector tech for enhanced structural integrity. Lastly, there is the NANOMETRIC XT, a fiber construction that improves on the racket’s feel and the NAMD to maintain the frame’s shape. 


  • It consists of submerged grommets for higher swing speeds
  • The OPS tech reduces unnecessary vibrations
  • The structure has fiber components for better response


  • It doesn’t have the Yonex emblem on the strings
  • The increased head lowers its power 

2. Yonex VCORE 98 

The Yonex 98 is a new and improved racket version that doesn’t compromise on power or responsiveness. The enhancement focuses on the best features that make VCORE stand out.

It boasts of a broader hoop, especially at the top, while the signature grommet system is more advanced, resulting in a higher spin. In addition, the beam is purposely thicker in this model, explaining why users hail it as a stable and potent option.

Its most impressive feature is the spin potential; hence, you will find it very powerful, regardless of your playing style. Although this may be a game-changer for professional players, beginners often find the strength too overwhelming. Therefore, we advise against purchasing it if you are a first-timer because it may strain your wrist or even cause injuries. 

For a smooth experience, the racket ensures that the user has the desired feel. Moreover, it is more dampened to reduce the vibrations due to impact to keep you comfortable throughout the entire game. Compared to the previous versions, the VCORE 98 is more stable and maneuverable, and you will notice the difference at the volleys or the baseline. 


  • It is a powerful racket
  • It offers a lot of spins
  • The feel is impressive


  • It may be too powerful for beginners
  • Some players find the head too narrow

3. Yonex EZONE Feel

Through EZONE, Yonex has succeeded in integrating the most modern tech to create dream tennis rackets. The Feel series, for instance, is a versatile, high-performance device that goes a long way to offer you unmatched power, spin, and maneuverability, all thanks to the latest tech.

It is a sixth-generation racket that is flexible on the court due to M40X, a material you will find in the racket’s throat, made of stable graphite material. 

It also has ISOMETRIC designs in the frame to enlarge the sweet spot, making tennis enjoyable even for first-timers. The manufacturers have slightly increased the head’s size at 3 and 9 but maintained the frame’s stability. As borrowed from its predecessors, the EZONE Feel utilizes straight grommets to ensure that the strings are long and tight enough, leading to added power. 

If you are keen on your ball spins, you will be glad that the Namd tech allows for easy spin access. The equipment in the line also features HYPER-MG, another graphite design that improves the ball’s speed, and the VDM that help absorb shock from the handle. This update makes your hold comfortable and has unchallenged maneuverability that will be effective if you aim for more power and stability in your game.


  • The racket offers a significant level of control
  • It uses graphite technology for power and comfort


  • It is quite pricey
  • It is slightly heavy

4. Yonex VCORE 95 6th Gen

Every tennis racket has a unique feature that makes it stand out from the rest. The VCORE 95 aims to offer you a spin level that you will hardly find in other rackets. It is now in its sixth generation and has rightfully attracted a massive following in recent years, with tennis stars like Denis Shapovalov endorsing it.

Yonex has integrated the most advanced tech systems to ascertain that you have everything you need while on the court. First, the frame has a delicate design that enables flexibility and lowers air resistance. If you are an experienced or high-level intermediate, then this racket is for you.

The head is smaller, and it is 11.4 ounces strung; therefore, not very forgiving to beginners. You must have accurate timing because there are chances of missing unless you have advanced training. 

The good news is that it will be an exceptional choice for you if you want to take lethal topspin shots. Yonex includes FlexForce in the racket’s upper shaft construction to provide flexibility when you use it. It also consists of the String Sync tech for the best spin for the strings to retract to their original position after impact.

When you use this racket, you will find an admirable combination of stability and maneuverability, but most importantly, one of the best spins accesses.  


  • Players love the high level of spin
  • It is very maneuverable
  • It is surprisingly stable for a 310g racket


  • The 95 inches of the head may be too challenging for first-timers

5. Yonex VCORE Pro 100 300g

Yet again, Yonex doesn’t disappoint with this racket version. It is a Duel G model with significant updates for a unique design for pros and intermediates who deal with fast-paced games. It is one of the first few lines that integrate Namd design in their frames for flexibility and power with each impact. You will also notice the signature ISOMETRIC head with an enhanced sweet spot. 

Generally, this creation is a perfect mix of control, responsiveness, and power to any player’s advantage. The racket provides impressive speed because it’s 11.2 ounces strung for the groundstrokes. The only challenge to some players may be that it is comparatively lighter than previous models, meaning reduced power and stability.

Fortunately, it has the 16×19 string pattern, instead of the conventional 16×20, that makes up for it by providing amazing topspin shots. 

Given its medium weight and the frame’s comparatively slim features, the racket gives the player accelerations and sufficient control on the volleys. One significant feature is the feel, as it is firmer than smaller frame heads to provide you with the confidence boost you need. Ultimately, the VCORE Pro 100 will come in handy if you need aggressive and fast-paced gaming. 


  • It has a great feel 
  • It offers a high level of control
  • It is comparatively more stable


  • It may need more power
  • It is lighter than previous versions

6. Yonex Astrel 115   

If you are interested in tennis or recently began playing and you would want to continually develop your skills, we know a good place to start. You would need the right racket to take you through each stage as you advance, and the Astrel 115 may be your ultimate option to becoming a tennis star.

First, the equipment is forgiving, especially for beginners struggling with accuracy when hitting the ball. Also, the racket’s head is bigger to improve stability on the court, an essential element for a first-timer.

The head’s balancing system also stabilizes the swing weight for additional control while remaining arm-friendly. It improves comfort by reducing the impact from the hoop to prevent it from flowing through your hands. 

Generally, a heavy head minimizes impact on the racket than a lighter one, subject to many vibrations. We also love that the device claims massive energy; therefore, you wouldn’t need to generate your own when you strike the ball. Yonex has reduced the racket length for easy maneuverability, while the frame also features Vibslayer Carbon for dampening. 

Similarly, a Quadforce Gear technology on the strings strengthens the string bed for more power. You will also notice the excellent feel and comfort in this equipment due to the graphite React Resin system integration. 


  • The head and shaft have balance for maximum stability
  • It has a robust string bed due to Quadforce Gear


  • It has a vast hoop that reduces acceleration

7. Yonex 2020 Ezone 98 Tour

If you need better swing and stability, an excellent bet is any Yonex tennis racket, notably the Ezone 98 Tour, since it has more weight than its counterparts. Fortunately, it hasn’t sacrificed flexibility of playability. Its head measures 98 sq inches, making it a go-to for professional players who want additional power and precision or intermediates who want to sharpen their skills. 

You will find the string pattern quite flexible and forgiving as it also helps enhance the feel. Yonex uses isometric designs to construct a wider sweet spot that will, in turn, provide ball control and maintain your energy. Additionally, the company integrates the new Liner Tech that uses hole grommets to lengthen the string when the ball hits off the racket’s center. 

The frame also has a unique spare mesh on the shaft for dampening to keep away vibrations from reaching your hands. Ezone 98 Tour has a wide grip that supports different players, while the handle has cushioning to absorb impact; hence, offering outstanding comfort. Moreover, the frame is a graphite molding, ensuring that the racket is robust and durable, and it helps that it comes unstrung, allowing customization according to your needs.


  • It allows you to personalize the string bed
  • It has an enhanced feel when the ball strikes the racket


  • It comes unstrung
  • It is slightly heavy, thus not ideal for fast-paced gaming

8. Yonex VCORE 100 6th Gen

One of the most recent designs by Yonex in the VCORE 100 product line is the sixth generation. We understand that preference comes to play whenever you choose a tennis frame, but this versatile equipment may change your perspective.

Although it has a broad structure, several innovations are incorporated in the design to ensure that this racket offers the best and most aggressive performances on the court. 

First, the graphite frame is one of the most durable in the market and simultaneously reduces the racket’s overall weight. Also, the shaft has a sizable grip that any player can hold effortlessly, and it helps that it offers easy spin access. Furthermore, the handle is adequately more dampened than most rackets in this product line, thanks to VDM (vibrations dampening mesh) in the shaft.

It effectively resists vibrations and absorbs shock that would otherwise reach your hands and make you uncomfortable. The new 2G-NAMD FLEX FORCE on the lower frame and the racket’s throat allows it to twist lightly and adapt to your movement while increasing your spin. You will also find that the Isometric hoop design creates an enormous sweet spot. 

Moreover, the String Sync Grommet technology has improved the string flexibility to increase your feel and comfort even for the off-center balls. The 16×19 string pattern, Aero Trench, and the Aero Fin innovations ensure that the racket head minimizes air counter. Consequently, your racket speed significantly reduces, making it commendable for use in fast-paced games.


  • The string bed assumes its original position faster after ball impact
  • The Isometric head creates a more prominent sweet spot


  • The racket has minimal control on the court

9. Yonex Astrel 100 Mint

Athletes who need a powerful yet maneuverable tennis racket consider the Astrel 100 Mint. It is an aggressive frame built using graphite that is impressively lightweight, durable, and a substance that blends React Resin to enhance flexibility and comfort on the court. The 16×18 string pattern build improves performance since the string bed is responsible for every strike. 

Powerful strings enable you to spin and further increase the feel whenever the ball meets the racket. Yonex uses Tri-Shut tech for added comfort, which entails three components, including Vibration Dampening Material (VDM). This mesh substance stretches and wraps the graphite on the shaft to disperse vibrations due to ball impact. 

Moreover, the racket’s handle features the Ergo Power Grip system, which allows better grip in your hands to give you massive power to make your shots. However, the grip isn’t uniform because the butt region is thicker, but the size reduces as you move towards the racket’s neck. 

The 100 sq inch head is ideal for intermediate players as it offers an impressive amount of control and power without compromising maneuverability. It also has an enlarged sweet spot that allows you to hit the ball even without keen accuracy. Therefore, skilled tennis players who want precision but less power and control would benefit most from this equipment.


  • It has an unstrung weight of about 9 ounces, making it very portable
  • The Tri-Shut technology offers additional comfort
  • It features React Resin for maximum flexibility and featherweight


  • It is quite pricey
  • The string’s flexibility makes it subject to unnecessary vibrations

Final Verdict

Yonex has stood the test of time when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality tennis rackets, which explains why we had a hard time selecting the best of the bunch.

However, the most outstanding is the YONEX VCORE 95 6th Gen. It has all the features that a beginner or pro would love. It has easy access to spin, a flexible frame, and integrates the latest tech in its construction. It is also maneuverable, has maximum control, and is one of the most stable on our list.

We also find the YONEX Astrel 115 a worthy opponent, but the only difference is that it focuses more on beginners. However, it is still stable, maneuverable, and dampened for adequate shock absorption.

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