9 Best Volkl Tennis Rackets (2022 Reviewed)

Volkl may not be very famous in the tennis world, but their rackets are among the best in the market.

Their rackets, such as the Volkl V-Cell 8, are usually top-of-the-line and well-crafted to give the player power and stamina to face opponents on the court.

Other than the Volkl V-Cell 8, read through this Volkl tennis racket guide for a preview of Volkl’s top rackets.

1. Volkl V1 Classic

As the name suggests, the Volkl V1 classic is a classic tennis racket. The creators launched it in 1994, and, to date, players worldwide, including professionals, awe at its high quality and performance. It is famous for the high level of comfort and the easy gameplay it offers its users. Given that it weighs around 284g, beginners and intermediate players love how effortless it is on the court. 

Moreover, its swing weight stands at 318, adding to the exceptional stability when it hits the ball. Many also find the racket easy to use due to the advanced Dual Dampening Grip tech, making the stick easy to hold. You will also notice the broad head of about 102 squared inches that is a loved feature among beginners. It is simpler to play with due to the assurance that you will not miss the ball easily, saving your play even when you don’t have proper timing. 

However, this aspect is a downside for the line. The wide area makes the racket lose some stability and subjects it to breakdowns or tension loss. However, to make up for it, the racket has impressive swing speed and is stable enough to offer power and spin. Besides, as intermediate players improve their skills, they tend to resort to smaller racket heads as they are usually more powerful. 


  • It has a Dual Dampening Grip for easy holding
  • It is effective for beginners and intermediate players
  • It offers top-level maneuverability 


  • It isn’t very stable due to the large head size
  • It isn’t perfect for professionals

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2. Volkl V-Cell 4

Rackets undergo improvements from time to time to give tennis players a complete package of what every tennis gamer loves. Volkl, for instance, has an updated V-cell 4; thereby, incorporating great power and high control at a go. The manufacturers have utilized this technology in molding the racket’s handle and hoop, making the components light and robust to enhance the feel and power. 

Secondly, Volkl has used REVA on the shaft for improved shock prevention compared to the previous EVA compound. The V-cell upgrading has made it resistant to heat at the butt area, reduced vibrations during strikes, and dampened the shaft’s anterior. The upgrading on the V-cell 4 also allows it to use Volkl’s catapult design for better ball holding and energy exchange at contact due to the broadhead and catapult effect. 

As a result, you will effortlessly get an exceptional groundstroke return. The additional length on this model also allows you to hit the ball quickly while remaining in the position. Besides, the racket is ideal for medium, and low-paced balls, due to the device’s feather-light feature. 

Other than the groundstrokes, the racket is also outstanding on the volleys and serves, thanks to the light frame that offsets the differences and gives you the best shots. While serving using the V-cell 4 racket, you will minimize your swings to ensure that your ball lands in the right place. Similarly, you will use less energy and let the frame do most of the work. 


  • The racket has a high energy return
  • It has improved comfort thanks to REVA technologies


  • The racket has a minimalistic feel
  • The shaft may be too long and cumbersome for some players

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3. Volkl V8 Pro

The V8 Pro is one of the rackets in the V-Feel line that is a beloved product by Volkl from the V-Feel 8 release. From the striking and robust outlook, you can tell that this racket has an exceptional design for professional gameplay. Like other rackets in the line, this has advanced level tech in construction, such as EVA material that helps improve bounce-back speeds. 

Compared to other powerful rackets in the line, this model is more toned down in terms of launch angle but is still of the same high quality. Additionally, due to the dense material in construction, the racket has top-notch shock absorption to reduce the ball’s impact. Secondly, it has a silicone cap that guards against destruction called VTex, an impressive vibration and torque reduction tech that makes it comfortable for you to make your shots.

Unlike in other rackets, Volkl uses grommets for more control and responsiveness instead of the Super G version. Even so, the racket still boasts outstanding control with 11.4 ounces of strung weight. It also has a solid string outline for effective strikes upon contact, and most players also adore the broadhead that maximizes power and guarantees stability.   


  • It has an outstanding striking cosmetic 
  • It is spin-friendly 
  • It is surprisingly high performance for an 18*20 


  • The launch angle is too low
  • It may need more control

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4. Volkl V-Cell 9

Volkl is a brand that loves trying out new things to improve the users’ gameplay. They enhance their tech while ensuring that their equipment is always high-performance and comfortable for players. The V-Cell 9 serves highly skilled users given that it is relatively heavier with a 326g strung. When you buy this gadget, you get your dream features such as spin and responsiveness.

When playing, most users find it easy to swing in the air due to the 6pt balance because the more head speeds your racket offers, the better your strokes. If you are an avid user of the Volkl products, you will realize that their racket lines are usually pretty stiff; however, this one is relatively cozier on your hands due to the tech incorporated for dampening. 

On the contrary, this aspect interferes with the feel, and some users are also concerned that the racket isn’t very stable, given that it has a 317 swing weight. Given the design, this racket focuses more on speed and comfort but not necessarily keen on stability.

You may also realize that the equipment has a special construction for players who attack from the furthest court sides. Therefore, the ball is easy to use over the net and gives you a chance to attack better due to the high racket speeds. 


  • It offers high spins and speed
  • It works great for professional and highly experienced players


  • It isn’t very stable
  • The feel and control level is wanting

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5. Volkl V-Feel 5

Out of the latest in the V-Feel series is this racket that is ultra-lightweight compared to other models. It weighs around 10 ounces, making it easy to maneuver, and offers a delicate balance to maintain speed. This racket is also packed with the latest technology common in V-Feel equipment, such as Super-G grommet, EVA, VCell, VSENSOR, and REVA. 

First, the frame has the Super-G grommet tech for enhanced energy output credited to the 16*18 string arrangement. Secondly,  EVA guarantees that the players get stamina, stability, and power while at the same time absorbing shock due to impact.

Vitex, on the other hand, is strategically at the bottom of the shaft and made of silicone material that increases damping to maintain the racket’s structural integrity and to resist destruction even under extreme conditions. 

Another critical but newest technology is the VCell, whose role is to improve feel. The VCell also affixes to the V-Feel technology that aids in feel enhancement and improves the racket’s responsiveness.

Lastly, besides other technologies, the stick also has the VSENSOR at the shaft that comes from the flexible REVA for maximum shock absorption. Ultimately, the V-Feel 5 is suitable for different players’ abilities and is perfect for you if you are learning to make better swings. 

It is light, has a smaller head, and is impressive on groundstrokes. Other players also recommend it since it is comparatively sharper and more responsive; therefore, a great bet for a player who wants to go pro. With it, you will have a higher ball trajectory and find it easier to clear the net. It also offers you a fast gaming experience due to high responsiveness and will be effective if you need more maneuver and spin in your stance. 


  • It uses the latest technology for the best tennis racket features
  • It is favorable for players of different abilities
  • It has more feel and responsiveness


  • The small head doesn’t favor beginners 
  • The lightness makes it lose some support

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6. Volkl V-Cell 8 315g

Most players were concerned that the latest V-Feel models were rather stiff despite offering powerful gameplay. Volkl listened and came up with more comfort-oriented designs like the V-Cell 8 315g.

It may be a heavier member of the 8 families but retains the best Volkl features you have come to love. However, one updated aspect is the prominent use of V-Cell on the entire racket for comfortable gaming and better responsiveness. 

Similarly, just like other makes from the series, this racket utilizes VTex silicone and other latest techs in construction for more durability and dampening. This racket is one of the most user-friendly on our list with its suitable weight, being 1.6 ounces unstrung. Players often hail its frame for its high speeds, depth, and a good swing weight of less than 320. 

Besides, you will find its 100 inches head easy to work with for a smooth game. Your shots will be accurate, and you can deploy your most aggressive plays, thanks to its stability. Pro players love how effortlessly the racket deploys its weight during the game as it gives you the power to see your points through.

Additionally, its angling is exceptional as it helps you hit the ball smoothly over the net and challenge your opponents. Baseline players have the most advantage since the racket helps deliver better shots. Lastly, with this V-Cell 8, you are certain of responsiveness, a better feel, and a comfortable gaming session. 


  • It effortlessly combines spin and power
  • It is very stable and easy to maneuver


  • The power and massive launch angle may be a concern to some players
  • It isn’t as smooth as other Volkl rackets 

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7. Volkl V Sense 10 Mid (96)

If you are a tennis pro, this racket may be your go-to. The V-sense 10 mid-model comes with excellent power and unique spins that improve your gaming skills, and impressive specs that make it ideal for elite tennis players. Moreover, the racket has a smaller head than standard rackets, at 96 inches; therefore, it may require a level of experience to hit the sweet spot in fast-paced gaming. 

Secondly, the racket has a unique spin to enhance your performance on the court. The sleek materials (C3 components and graphite) that go into construction emphasize the racket’s high quality and professionalism. The V-sensor technology on the racket’s handle improves its hold for better spins and shots that put the ball exactly where you need it. 

Moreover, it enhances comfort since the frame utilizes the C3 technology for the best gaming experience. Volkl Power Fibre is further responsible for high energy while the racket control deploys Volkl Cyclone. No matter how aggressive you are on the court, this racket will truly step up and give you the best results. With a grip size of about four inches, the racket fits comfortably in your hand to manage every spin.


  • Its construction material is attractive with a great finishing touch
  • The V-sensor mechanism enhances handling 
  • The small head increases its power and tension


  • It may feel heavier on the court in the long run 
  • The small head and high power may not appeal to beginners

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8. Volkl V-Feel V1 Pro

Whether you are playing tennis recreationally or professionally, you still need a racket that maximizes your gameplay and cares about your health. Joint problems are common among tennis players; however, V1 Pro has a special design that makes playing effortless and fun. It does this by combining admirable top-level technologies.

Moreover, being a recent generation of the Volkl V1 Pro, it has the best of the previous version and advanced features, as it boasts of stability, spin, improved feel, and plow through. For an impressive impact reduction and enhanced feel, the manufacturer has employed REVO on the handle for optimum shock absorption, the same working principle of the V-Cell tech. 

The racket performs exceptionally well at groundstrokes, while the serves and volleys are slight improvements of the older versions. On the downside, the racket is a bit challenging to maneuver and fully utilize, but it helps that you can be certain of unmatched spin, power, control, and stability. 


  • It is best for both intermediate and pro tennis players
  • It has a higher swing weight for maximum stability


  • It is a bit more robust than other models; hence, quite difficult to maneuver

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9. Volkl V-Feel V1 OS

The new and updated V1 OS is the ideal tennis racket for players who require great power and comfort on the court without sacrificing control. This racket has a super fastball reach time thanks to its slightly bigger head and adjusted handle. The device may look like an oversized racket but is user-friendly and performs exceptionally well for beginners and intermediate players since it offers surprisingly high power. 

It allows for the best groundstrokes and serves, which will help you easily overpower your opponents. The technology used in this equipment is also high-end. For instance, it features the brand new V-Feel technology powered by V-cell, which is strong cellulose but light component added to the frame for better feel and receptiveness. 

Secondly, the design uses a combination of V-SENSOR and REVA on the butt for superior shock absorption and greater comfort. The larger head further improves your accuracy, and every contact has a sturdy and comfortable feel. Additionally, the handle is comfortable and dampened. At the same time, Volkl’s Super Grommet system allows the strings to move freely to harness more control and hit the sweet spot whenever you strike.


  • It is ideal for the aging, beginners, and intermediate players
  • The racket has exceptional performance at the baseline 


  • It isn’t the best at volleying

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Final Take

Volkl keeps impressing its customers with high-quality equipment and the use of advanced technologies in their designs. We had a tough call selecting the best because each caters to different play levels and styles.

However, the Volkl V-Cell 8 315g is one of the most outstanding ones on the list, thanks to its attention to comfort, responsiveness, and incorporation of the latest tech. It is also durable, user-friendly, dampened, takes accurate shots, and remains a beloved racket among pros.

Closely coming in second is the Volkl V-Cell 4 due to its excellent groundstrokes, comfort, and shock absorption properties.

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