9 Best Babolat Tennis Rackets, Which Pro Players Use Babolat Rackets?

One essential piece of tennis equipment is the racket; therefore, players should always go for the best since it goes a long way to improve their gameplay.

Famous brands like Babolat have special equipment for their customers like the Babolat Pure Aero Plus, a best-seller among professionals.

A total of 8 pro tennis players who ranked in ATP 50 use Babolat tennis rackets, they are Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Fabio Fognini, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Benoit Paire, Adrian Mannarino, Albert Ramos-Vinolas, Jordan Thompson.

NameBabolat Rackets
Rafael NadalBabolat Pure Aero
Dominic ThiemBabolat Pure Drive
Fabio FogniniBabolat Pure Drive
Felix Auger-AliassimeBabolat Pure Aero
Benoit PaireBabolat Pure Aero
Adrian MannarinoBabolat Pure Aero
Albert Ramos-VinolasBabolat Pure Drive
Jordan ThompsonBabolat Pure Drive

However, there are more great rackets from the company, and we went deeper to select a few fantastic options for you.

Best Babolat Tennis Rackets

1. Babolat Pure Aero Team

This racket is a unique design for intermediate players that carefully combines strength and spin to improve their gameplay. It weighs around 280g, making it one of the most lightweight devices that significantly increase speed. On the other hand, its strung weight is 301g; therefore, the right measure to swing comfortably and accurately.  

The Aero is a high-performance racket, especially since it has a 307 swing weight, an upgrade from the previous 324. It implies that the racket is easier to use for a player who’s not yet a pro, but the user will have to compromise since the Aero Team isn’t very stable upon contact with the ball. 

This feature makes it more suitable for intermediate players because it is likely to come slower than that of a pro player. Therefore, you may not necessarily need a very stable racket. In addition, this device comes in handy to help the users improve their strokes. We usually recommend the Pure Aero Team for any learning player who wants to enhance gaming and gradually learn for the big leagues. 


  • It incorporates Cortex Pure Feel and FS for easy spinning
  • It is lightweight yet strong
  • It is excellent for intermediate play level


  • Some players find it hard to use and control
  • It may not be ideal for users with injuries

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2. Babolat Pure Aero Plus 

If you are looking for power and spin in a tennis racket, this model may be a great choice. It is an ideal option that is powerful enough to help in your competitive tournaments since it works for aggressive players who want to control the court.

Elites like Rafael Nadal using it only emphasizes how powerful and effective it can be. Given how sturdy the construction is, the device has high energy and makes it effortless for you to use on the court.  

The racket can function effectively on nine out of ten serves, and its extended length comes in handy for each hit to enhance your performance. However, the racket may have an average performance on groundstrokes but can generally make great volleys and give the best serves.

Ultimately, this racket will work great for you if you use it accordingly and with the right power and swings.


  • It can hit the ball in different planes
  • The racket has excellent power and spins for high performance


  • It is long; hence, tasking to play doubles comfortably
  • It is may only be ideal for professional tennis players

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3. Babolat Pure Strike Team

Control, spin, and power matter a lot in selecting a tennis racket, especially for beginners and intermediate players because their skills are still developing. The Babolat Pure Strike Team will serve this group best, but as the players get more experience, they usually shift to more advanced alternatives. 

Beginners’ control levels are generally low; hence, they find it hard to spin and hit the ball, but this racket has an enlarged head for easy strikes and to control improvement. First-timers love that it weighs about two hundred and eighty-five grams, making it one of the lightweight rackets ideal for training. 

This racket may be super lightweight but still offers excellent balance and helps in ball control. For better performance, the manufacturers have also put certain technologies like FSI to optimize the spaces on the racket head between strings without compromising power and spin.

Also, the Hybrid tech on the racket’s frame makes it robust but easy to manipulate. Despite being feather-light, Strike Team feels firmer in the hands, thus perfect as a confidence boost. 

Additionally, you can comfortably swing the racket and play both back and forehand with ease. Moreover, the equipment improves your volleys and groundstroke due to the broad lightweight head, enabling you to spring back into position quickly. On the contrary, the racket may not offer the highest level of power you need for serves making it challenging to be responsive, unlike when using a more powerful racket.


  • It is ideal for beginners 
  • The expanded head increases control
  • Its frame is very sturdy


  • The racket isn’t as powerful as others in the strike line 

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4. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

The Pure Aero racket line is an exceptional choice, not just because it’s Rafael Nadal’s go-to but is generally high performance. Out of these rackets, the lite is one of the lightest and the most preferred among intermediate and first-time players who are still learning their strikes. It is a versatile option since juniors and adults can use it, and it helps that it is convenient as you don’t carry around heavy equipment. 

Its attractive aspect for newbies is the speed and ease of use because it improves the gaming experience. Moreover, like most Pure Aero options, the lite also ensures high spins and easy control for incredible swings.

The lite is recommended for juniors for the best gameplay, being only 270g unstrung, but beginner players can also take a shot. It will work for you if you are still working on your arm strength because other heavier Pure Aero versions will only drag you down. 

However, one downside is that most intermediate-level players soon outgrow the lite rackets. When you get to the competitive professional levels, you may want to use a heavier, more powerful device for better performance. Secondly, the lightness interferes with the racket’s stability, which is an issue for pro players because competitive levels require you to be grounded and have more powerful shots. 


  • It is preferred for beginners and intermediates
  • It is easy to maneuver
  • It is multipurpose for use by juniors and beginner adults
  • It is relatively lightweight


  • It may lose stability during fast-paced games
  • It isn’t suitable for pro tennis players

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5. Babolat Pure Strike 100

Babolat has over time updated its racket line with FSI Power by making the cross spacing wider to enhance powerful strike and spins. The strike 100 particularly comes with a solid and thick beam, especially at the throat and hoop, making it stable for use even by pros. You will appreciate the strength and power that the wide reinforced beams come with and the confidence to take on aggressive serves.

It has incredible groundstrokes thanks to the broader beam version enabling the player to strike from different sides. It also has a manageable weight making it easier to maneuver and accelerate while on the court. Another loved feature among tennis players is the excellent spin. With the Strike 100, you can quickly push opponents back while finding it easier to transition between aggressive and subtle hits. 

This update is also relatively more stable and offers you smooth swings. The racket draws in competitive players since it combines stability and weight for consistent and aggressive gameplay. You can use it to achieve the best angles, keep your opponents on their toes at all times, and you will love the solid frame that will guarantee the best action on the court.

In closing, the strike 100 is your go-to if you want a solid feel for a firm but comfortable performance. If you find other Babolat versions stiff, these may favor you, especially if you have sensitive arms.


  • It has a broader construction for better performance
  • The stiff frame enhances power


  • Some pro players find it too light
  • It doesn’t offer whip action during strikes

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6. Babolat Pure Drive Team

This racket is the preferred equipment for players who want to achieve high power and effortless spins. Users find it easy given the 285g weight unstrung, making it great for intermediate players who need robust gameplay. If you love a racket that is easy to control due to its exceptional swing weight, then the drive team is your top choice. 

The swing weight is around 316, meaning that it is easy for you to accelerate through your swings but without compromising on the ball contact to ensure that the total energy goes through. Note that the pure drive team also incorporates FSI power tech and cortex for increased distance in the strings; hence, more strength. 

The only challenge with such a powerful racket is that they can be pretty stiff, especially for beginners. However, thanks to the Cortex system, Babolat uses a unique rubber on the handle to make the racket more comfortable in the player’s grip. Like other rackets in the Driveline, the Drive Team inclines on the heavier side; thus, incredible for players whose gameplay involves baseline attacks and massive serves. 

When you take it out to the court, you will appreciate how it transforms the head speeds into powerful and fast shots. Beginners mainly hail it as a device that boosts confidence and gradually improves gaming. The ball comes off the racket quickly and takes off at a wide-angle at first, but you can soon learn how best to maneuver it with more practice. 


  • It is easy to maneuver
  • It enhances beginners’ and intermediate players’ performance


  • The racket initially generates wide and distant angles 
  • Pro players may find the sweet spot too raised

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7. Babolat Boost A 2019

If you are a beginner who wants an in-between in power, maneuverability, and easy control, you can consider the Babolat Boost line. It comes with a broad head that enhances your performance since you won’t have to worry about making errors due to the ball missing the racket. First-timers and learners will love the massive frame since they can understand the ropes better and boost their confidence as they enjoy playing. 

Users find them exceptionally lightweight for improvement in speeds and enhanced accelerations. You will swing effortlessly and use it as a great chance to practice your balance and moves and appreciate that the racket’s head is broader than that of standard rackets. Therefore, it reduces the chances of missing hits, and you will love the anti-slippage nature of the grip. 

In technology matters, the manufacturers use the Woofer grommet, a vibration dampening tech where there are more chances of ball contact and enhanced shot power. This racket is a goldmine for recreational players since it is smooth, easy, and fun to use. The racket comes pre-strung and has an elaborate graphite construction and a relatively large head. It is also solid and high-performance, thanks to the incredible design and the advanced level of tech.


  • It is comparatively more affordable
  • It is lightweight, great for recreational players and newbies
  • It is effective for baseline players


  • The strings aren’t of excellent quality
  • There are chances of breakdown and tension loss

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8. Babolat Pure Aero 2019

The Pure Aero 2019 is a significant upgrade to the 2016 version. The material is graphite and is generally 27 inches with a light head that offers more control and ease of use, even for beginners. Its head size is around 100 square inches, making it perfect for any skill set level. You will appreciate the speed and power it generates for gameplay, thanks to the thick design that focuses on aerodynamics. 

Users hail its great design since it comes in open strings and an aerodynamic shape for an enhanced spin. If you are an experienced player, you will love that the racket offers incredible attacks, especially from the baseline, to stay ahead of your opponents. Also, you will find the racket excellent for groundstrokes and serves if you are an aggressive hitter. 

Another advantage is the design of the open strings that lets you hit using the sweet spots and easily add topspins. You may think that their lightweight deters them from offering exceptional power, but it’s the opposite. It is a go-to for baseline players, thanks to the large and solid design. It also absorbs the ball’s impact and enables swings in different directions. 


  • It is excellent for double players using the net or baseline
  • The large head size makes it harder to miss


  • The racket loses a level of control due to the large head size

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9. Babolat Pure Drive Lite

Babolat Pure Drive Lite is the most recent and lightest construction in the Pure Drive versions, and, surprisingly, despite the weight, it still offers remarkable stability. The Pure Drive Lite product line is also quite competitive when you need one of the best Babolat tennis rackets. Its features resonate well with players across all boards, from juniors to adults still learning to play tennis. 

It offers high power levels, excellent spins while on the court, and is extremely fast, taking little time to swing into position and hit the ball without losing control. The Drive Lite has a low weight, at around two hundred and seventy when unstrung against its counterparts that read more than three hundred. Therefore, its weight makes it easy to maneuver even by young players. 

Babolat Pure Drive features the FSI technology, which fastens the string on the device and helps move the racket to hit the ball at the sweet spot. Additionally, the Cortex Pure Feel features are SMACWRAP powered and layered on particular regions on the racket to disperse impact, enhancing top-level control. 

Furthermore, it comes with a Syntec Pro grip that allows you to hold, spin and grip the racket. It will perform excellently for the groundstroke, serves, at the net, and averagely in volleying. Generally, this racket effortlessly generates power and spin, just like the heavier versions.  


  • It is impressive at serves and baselines
  • It has Syntec Pro for proper grip
  • It has shock absorbing components for maximum control


  • It performs moderately on the volleys, unlike other rackets
  • It has a lower stability than the heavier racket series

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The Decision

All the rackets on our list are high performance, making it tough to select the better equipment. However, the Babolat Pure Aero Plus seems to stand out more since professionals love it, and it offers the highest power and spin. You will love the sturdy construction and its top-notch features that improve your gameplay. 

We also find the Babolat Pure Aero Lite a worthy contender thanks to the impressive control, spin power, tech features, and accommodating nature to players of all levels. Thanks to its lightness and maneuverability, the Babolat Pure Strike Team is also an excellent choice for juniors and beginners.

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