5 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes (2022 Reviewed)

Several factors come to play when selecting the best hard court tennis. Most players would go for the brand name, color, and fitting. However, for the special hard court, consider the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8. The shoe is a durable solution that offers traction, support and exerts the right weight on the ground to improve your gaming.

There are other great options from different shoe brands with different designs and at different price ranges. Read on as we focus on some of the best hard court shoes currently in the market. 

Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes

5 Best Hard Court Tennis Shoes Reviewed

There are several brands in the market, meaning hundreds of shoes to choose from. However, it only takes a keen eye to select the pair that works best for the hardcourt. Not straying away from the famous high-quality brands, we have hand-picked our top five footwear choices. These footwears are durable, handle the court’s pressure, and suit every player, regardless of their gaming style.  

1. Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 3

You must have heard of the Mizuno brand. As much as most associate it with other sports like golf, you will find many famous doubles players wearing either the Exceed Tour 3 or 4. The Tour 3 variations are cheaper, but they aren’t as many in stock as the Tour 4s. These shoes have rubber soles with flexible grooves, especially at the mid-foot. Thanks to these features, you can effortlessly make turns at maximum speeds and gain full control of your body movements.

It helps you focus on natural control and direction changes to improve your play. The sole is lightweight and guarantees comfort and effective cushioning while on the court. Additionally, the wave plate expels the excess energy upon impact and transmits it to a wider area to absorb shock. This feature provides smooth gliding on the rough terrain while supporting your feet.

Also, it helps you grip the surface well to provide the traction you need. As a result, it gives you more stability and increases your speed. The shoes’ top is also soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable. We also have to acknowledge the wave technology incorporated in the design, which keeps your ankle safe. The durability may be of concern, but it is considerably better than most products in the market.  


  • It is lightweight
  • It has a comfortable sole and upper
  • The wave technology in the design provides more ankle support


  • The toe box may be narrow and too tight for some players
  • The shoe may only be ideal for users with narrow feet

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2. Adidas Women’s Grand Court – Best for Women

Adidas is a household name that has been in the sports world long enough to retain its loyal customers. Additionally, the Grand Court shoes are available for both sexes, ensuring that every player gets the right pair. This model is suitable for use on a hard tennis court for both beginners and experienced players. The professionalism put into manufacturing is commendable, and this option would be a suitable addition to your career in sports.  

The shoe is a mixture of a hundred percent synthetic material and leather. It is simple, easy to wear, durable, and stable on the court. The shoe’s outer sole also has impressive traction on the court while holding your feet comfortably in place. Moreover, it has a spacious toe tip to ensure that your feet are comfortable.

The Grand Court has a light rubber sole with incredible cushioning that absorbs shock effectively. Furthermore, it has reasonable arch support on your feet, giving you a great grip between your foot and the ground.

One amazing aspect of this pair is that it stands out, and you can still rock them outside the court. Moreover, the trainers are quite affordable, enabling you to buy several pairs at a go. Unfortunately, these shoes aren’t ideal for players with very wide feet. Luckily, Adidas sells various brands of hard court tennis shoes that you can try out. 


  • The shoes have a spacious toe box
  • It is easy to wear and remove them, especially during games
  • Its material is comprised of durable synthetic and leather
  • Its outer sole has impressive traction
  • The sneakers are shock absorbent


  • Initially, the sneakers can be tight and quite bulky

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3. New Balance Fresh Foam Lav V1

New Balance is another famous brand well-known for quality shoes. They are a trusted name among professional players, and interestingly, this pair is a top choice for the star athlete Milos Raonic who also inspired it. “Lav” is a Serbian name for a lion dedicated to his grandfather, a befitting name for this shoe. It is strong and gives the wearer the stamina to keep playing as it firmly grips the ground. 

This tennis shoe has a heel counter and a soft midsole for cushioning and a snug fit. You will love its design, but if you are skeptical about the color or want a different version, the manufacturer offers alternatives for you. They come in different forms and colors to suit your personality; you can go for a robust dark look or a bright shade. You will also appreciate the bootie design and the stitched upper, which guarantees breathability. 

The bootie design lowers your grip, providing a feeling that your feet are closer to the ground for enhanced performance. It is also pretty flexible while on the court and is one of the most comfortable shoes on our list. The creators emphasized comfort and purposely created a foam midsole for maximum cushioning. They may initially look bulky but are surprisingly light thanks to the foam layer and glove-like fit.     


  • They are comfortable due to the sole’s foam cushioning
  • It comes in different design and color variations


  • It isn’t very durable
  • Some users complain of extremely tight-fitting

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4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 – Best Overall

Gel-Resolution 8 is the most recent shoe developed by ASICS and closely precedes Resolution 7; the current model’s design is a modified version of its predecessor. First, this piece is more durable, with an enhanced performance rate that fulfills any gamer’s wishes. Secondly, the shoes are exceptionally stable and provide comfort to your feet. Unlike Resolution 7, this model is wider, offering your toes more relief and ideal support. 

These features make this pair one of the best and in high demand among tennis sportspeople. The material is flexible and gentle on your entire foot. The Revolution 8 soles are also comfortable, and the shoes don’t need inserts. However, some users complain about the shoe size and arch compared to the previous ASICS. 

Regardless, if you are a great fan of the brand, you can modify them to meet your preference. Fortunately, a new model tends to fit tightly, but they usually break to your fit after a few minutes in the court. Ultimately, ASICS revolution 8 is a high-end shoe that you can pick confidently because, besides the brand, this option has amazing testimonials from veteran players.


  • It is very stable on the hard surface tennis court
  • It has a six-month outer sole guarantee
  • It offers top-notch support and comfort to your feet


  • The shoe may not be ideal for players with wide feet or previous injuries
  • The shoe doesn’t provide sufficient foot aeration

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5. Diadora Game L HIGH Waxed Tennis shoes

These shoes are common among professional tennis players due to their outstanding features. First, the Diadora shoes come in various sizes and colors to help you make your pick. Additionally, this design will suit you perfectly if you are looking for stability, comfort, and high performance.

The shoe sole is made of rubber, while the top is leather. The sole arches at the toe tip giving your foot a rubber feel, while the center sole’s design provides your feet with unmatched cushioning from any impact in the court. The outer sole is waxed for maximum traction to improve your friction on the ground. Additionally, the top shoe layer is all leather for durability and to offer an unrivaled vintage look.

Diadora Game L shoes are well ventilated through tiny holes on the leather surface. The aeration prevents your feet from sweating and losing stability. Moreover, the shoe’s inner lining is soft to absorb shock and prevent injuries. Furthermore, the ankle rest is spongy but fortified with leather for greater support. These sneakers are a special construction aiming to offer both upper and underfoot grip to give you stability and grip on the hardcourt. 


  • It is waxed for improved durability
  • It has a padded ankle-rest
  • Its midsole has an impressive cushion to ease tension on the foot arch


  • The shoe has a lower top hence not suitable for players with a high foot arch.
  • The shoes have a smaller fitting than other standard shoes 

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What To Look for in a Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Playing tennis, especially on the hardcourt, requires the right kind of shoes. This is because you tend to exert a lot of pressure on the ground. Therefore, your choice is an essential decision to make; or else, you may get hurt or perform below par. 

As a result, we have compiled some factors that some players may overlook when going shopping for their tennis shoes.


Nothing distracts a player more than uncomfortable shoes. Given that it is tougher to move on a hard court, you usually apply a lot of weight on the ground. You may get hurt if your shoes aren’t comfortable, and the pain can be severe. Therefore, it is advisable to go for shoes with a soft interior that is the perfect fit for your feet size. Consider the upper part, the sole, and the front part of the shoe since some designs are too narrow for most players, especially at the front. 

Other products are of soft foam that provides enough cushioning under your feet. In case of impact, you will have a soft landing to prevent foot injuries, and the shoes will be kind to your heels. It is also critical to understand your shoe size first before you pick a shoe. You can always aim for a snug fit to ensure that they don’t slip off and hurt you in the process. Loose fittings aren’t recommended either because they increase the probability of injuries, especially on a hard court. 


Shoes used on hard courts or rough terrains are usually subject to wear and tear. Athletes typically spend many hours on the court, meaning that the shoes often exert pressure on the court surface. Therefore, you need a durable pair of shoes to serve you for longer. We always advise looking at the soles, which wear out over time. The tougher it is, the more durable it will be. Some brands are known to produce high-quality shoes that are long-lasting regardless of the court surface. 

With more research and experience, you may come across one such brand. In addition to guarantee value for your money, some shoes go further to offer a warranty on their products. It provides a guarantee that your choice is durable.

Foot Support

Your stability on the court greatly determines the game’s outcome. You have to be fast and stable enough to support your weight as you move across the court; otherwise, your feet will fail to propel you effectively. The best shoes will provide support to all parts of your feet. Therefore, ensure that you have enough cushioning at your toes, soles, and heels, such that you will absorb shock and avoid severe injuries. 

The right shoes will also give you a feeling that you are closer to the ground such that the sides hold up your ankles and the back supports your heels. A snug fit that feels like a glove will reduce any unnecessary sideways movements. Some shoes also provide an extra support layer at the toe to make the pair more stable and reduce the space between the foot and the shoe. 


Another important consideration is the traction that your outsole offers. Ideal footwear will grip the ground firmly to prevent gliding over the court surface while running. Since a hard court can be slippery when you move at high speeds, you need a strong grip to help you move forward. Looking under the shoe, many manufacturers ensure that it is rugged enough for more traction.

A firm grip offers maximum friction on the ground. When you get the right traction, your speed also significantly increases. You will realize that the better your grip on the surface, the better your performance as you will have speed, acceleration, and your movement transitions will be smooth.

Shoe Weight

Tennis is a vigorous game that requires the player to move quickly across the court to reach the ball as served by an opponent. Therefore, lightweight sneakers come in handy to improve performance, unlike footwear with thick soles. A thinner shoe sole will let you feel the court under your feet and grip it firmly to provide great stability as you move. Lighter sneakers are a brilliant idea to improve your gaming performance; however, it has certain downsides such as wearing when you use them frequently.  

Shoe Design

Most players make a strong statement with their shoe choices. Some are loyal to a particular brand, while others prefer a certain design. Ultimately, the sneaker you need for tennis gaming should have an exclusive design to give your feet the necessary comfort while playing. Ideal hard court shoes will offer you maximum traction due to their treaded outer sole. 

Moreover, a good sneaker will have a raised cushion below the foot arch to pad your feet whenever you jump. In addition, its inner layer should provide comfort to the foot since ruggedness can cause blisters and interfere with your performance. Shoes with adjustable laces are more preferred because they can comfortably fit players with raised foot arch. Finally, ensure that your shoe toe box is well-fitting, not too tight, or too loose. 

Final Decision

Considering stability, performance, and foot support, the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 ticks all our boxes. Besides the great brand name, it has a great design and stands out among most shoes on our list. The durability is also unmatched, such that it comes with a six-month warranty. The closest alternative is the New Balance Fresh Foam Lav V1, which is very comfortable thanks to the latest technology and soft foam material. The best part the different designs and colors to choose from, depending on your preference.

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