5 Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes (2022 Reviewed)

Most professional players will attest to playing on different types of courts. They will also confirm that the shoes you wear have a significant impact on your performance. Therefore, if you are a first-timer on the clay court, and you are wondering what are the right shoes for you, this review is what you need. We will analyze the most comfortable and durable shoes like the Adidas Solecourt Boost. We will also give you the features to look out for when selecting the right pair.

Read on for all the information you need when it comes to choosing the best clay-court tennis shoes.

Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes

5 Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes Reviewed

To help you improve your performance on the clay court, we have selected some of the best custom-made shoes for the clay surface. In addition, we have considered shoes that all sportspeople can wear, whether professional or beginner players. Considering durability, comfort, and tailored designs, the following are some of our top picks in the shoe market.

1. Wilson Rush Pro 3.0 

Unlike traditional Wilson shoes, this model is an upgraded version with special tailoring for the clay court. It offers a close-to-the-ground feel with satisfactory cushioning to secure your feet from injuries. Its inner lining guarantees you comfort and support to the heels and toes. You can play for longer hours while wearing them without fear of abrasion. The sneakers may not be very popular among veteran players, but they are great for beginners or those playing for fun. 

However, the Rush Pro can be a great addition to your clay shoes shelve, and you may end up preferring them over your regular trainers. The shoe may look bulky, but you can easily maneuver with them on a clay surface. Besides, they ground you since they are not extremely lightweight like other gaming sneakers. 

Rush Pro has a magnificent grip on your feet and an assurance of stability and support for a competitive advantage over your opponents. Furthermore, the shoe provides ultimate breathability and comfort that we would recommend to any passionate player. Besides, Rush Pro is far more durable due to its genuine synthetic upper and rubber sole.


  • Its sole is closer to the ground to enhance stability
  • It has the best of the new and old features of the Rush Pro shoe line
  • The shoes are more durable than previous models


  • It is heavier than most tennis clay court shoes
  • The shoes are uncommon among professional

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2. New Balance 996v3  

The shoes are suitable for both sexes and are among the top-notch sneakers specially designed for a clay court. Moreover, it is available in various attractive hues for a better selection range of your preferred shade. Besides, this New Balance model is quite popular for recreational and professional use, as some great players have endorsed them. Moreover, the shoes are exclusively lightweight, stable, and comfortable, which means improved gameplay for you. 

Any pro or beginner tennis player will love this shoe. It is slim, giving you control of the ground because you can get the feel of them holding the ground firmly; thus, providing the grip you need to move effortlessly across the court. Also, it has pronounced treads that enhance your grip too. The toe tip is also padded with a thin outsole layer to protect your toes from injuries. 

This New Balance is an exquisite shoe design that we would encourage you to try out if you are an avid tennis player. Unfortunately, the shoes may be quite stiff due to the robust material; however, getting the right size and fit would solve the issue.


  • The sneakers are lightweight due to a nylon-infused upper layer
  • The shoes come in greater width than most options
  • Its laces are flexible for adjustments to fit players with high arched feet


  • The shoes are a bit stiffer than other clay tennis shoes

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3. Asics Court FF 2

If you need an outstanding shoe for your clay-court tennis games, the court FF 2 will be a great choice. The shoe obtains praises from owners reiterating how it uses high-end technology in its construction. The manufacturer ensured that they consider the rear, middle, and forefoot, and it helps that the shoes are lighter than the traditional version. Moreover, they are more long-lasting and fit comfortably on your feet.

ASICS court clay shoes will boost your stamina and accelerate your twists, runs, and jumps. The shoe’s midsole fitting uses FLYTE FOAM technology that helps you bounce easily, while the rear and forefoot cushioning have GEL to soften your landings. Moreover, the inner sole enhances your springing while also improving the shoe’s durability. 

Not forgetting about comfort, this option incorporates a MONO-SOCK that makes it less tasking to wear your shoes. The shoe is quite breathable and comes with a sock-liner that maintains feet aeration and absorbs moisture. Interestingly, this pair is durable; therefore, it can serve you longer as you enjoy the unmatched shoe features as you play.


  • It has a MONO-SOCK fitting for stability and comfort
  • Its AHAR outsole is hard; hence, won’t wear out as fast
  • The shoe’s GEL tech secures both your heels and forefoot


  • The sneakers come with thin laces that wear quickly.

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4. Adidas Solecourt Boost

Adidas is a giant shoe manufacturer that understands the essentials a player needs for a tennis game, ensuring that their products are custom-made for their purpose. Therefore, they cannot go wrong with manufacturing incredible clay-court footwear. The best shoes for this particular court should emphasize stability, comfort, and foot support. Solecourt boost, which precedes the barricade boost, has enticed professionals and beginners with its unrivaled features such as traction, lightweight, and maximum comfort. 

This pair is an attractive option for pros, and it will help you stand out on the court. Solecourt has an ADIWEAR outer sole that is hard-wearing and entirely treaded for traction and stability. Its midsole is also highly cushioned and offers the best fit for people with large foot arch. This cushioning also offers a comfortable landing, besides improving your responsiveness. 

Generally, the boost technology aims for premium cushioning and springing, while ADIWEAR engineering skills heighten the shoe performance. Its upper textile layer is soft for comfort on your feet; furthermore, the Solecourt is a snug fit that holds you firmly as you make twists and turns while playing.


  • The shoes come in colorful and attractive shades.
  • They work great for professional clay court tennis players
  • The shoes are ideal for players with wide feet


  • The synthetic lining above the heel is quite stiff 

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5. ASICS Gel-Quantum 360 4 LE 

The second ASICS brand on our list is this trainer you can use on or off the court. The material is mesh, while the sole is leather with a seamless design to eliminate any scratches due to poor stitching. The shoe also has a special gel technology for maximum comfort and cushioning. In addition, the pair has a tough rubber strategically on the outsole to maintain durability to ensure that it serves you longer. The shoe comes in different colors to choose from, such as caramel, black, and peacoat. 

You can tell from the design that it guarantees performance and keeps you on your feet longer. Not only does it work on a clay court, but any other thanks to the uniform tread throughout the outsole. Some also use it as a running shoe on different terrains. This pair doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creativity and innovation. 

First, the manufacturer incorporated the 360-degree GEL cushioning to offer you the soft landing you need to protect your feet. Secondly, it has a fitting upper and a flexible mesh around the shoe for a snug feel. We also appreciate that it isn’t too bulky to weigh you down, as it helps you achieve great speeds while retaining its original construction. 


  • It is a multipurpose shoe that works on all court types
  • The design uses the latest footwear technology
  • It comes in different colors


  • The shoestrings are flat and long
  • Some users are skeptical about the arch support

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What to Consider When You Pick Clay Court Tennis Shoes (Buyers’ Guide)

There are some critical tips to consider before selecting your ideal pair. Without careful attention, you may end up with an option that won’t be kind to your feet or one that interferes with incredible gaming. To prevent making any mistakes, we have brought together a guide to help you make the right purchase.

The Shoe Parts

A perfect pair will be considerate to your entire foot. All the parts should work together to provide comfort and stabilize you when you run across the court. With that in mind, let’s look at different shoe parts and how they can influence your selection. 


The upper is the top part of the shoe where you tie the laces. Playing on the clay court requires speed and support; therefore, your shoes’ front and upper parts should be flexible enough to help you with your sideways movements. Most players go for a pair with a breathable upper part, preferably one of woven textile. For enhanced performance, it is best to ensure that the weave is tight. 

A snug fit helps with the shoe’s durability and lateral support for your foot. The tighter it is, the better the shoe’s balance. It should latch on your upper foot to hold it secure since you will be accelerating a lot on the court. Ultimately, it shouldn’t be too tight or loose to prevent slipping when running.


Most buyers usually go for spongy comfortable shoes for maximum cushioning. However, it shouldn’t be the main guiding factor for your purchase of a clay court shoe. Instead, you can aim for a pair that has a supportive pad to give your feet enough room to move when necessary. At the same time, it should hold your feet firm and offer maximum stability given the pressure you would exert on the ground. 

The midsole should also be attentive to your feet’ comfort to help you absorb the shock during strained movements. Some shoes may incorporate foams and gel for added added cushioning. Other players also look at the shoes’ weight and go for the lightweight designs. It may be an ideal personal preference, but note that some light shoes are often thin and of light material, questioning their durability. 


Undoubtedly, the shoes’ outsole is one critical factor to consider. The court type usually dictates the soles you need. In this case, a pair for the clay-court should have a well-distributed tread design at the bottom. In most cases, they come in a wave or zig-zag formation to ensure that the pattern distributes throughout the shoe in a herringbone tread design. 

In so doing, the player can easily and evenly slide across the ground. This pattern also comes in handy to limit the amount of clay that sticks to the sole. Moreover, some manufacturers ensure that the treads collect more at the sole’s edges to provide traction when turning corners or accelerating on the court. 

The tread formation helps the player retain stability and act faster. However, it doesn’t mean that more treads will maximize your traction. On the contrary, too much texture on your outsoles can damage the clay court, and given that the heavily treaded shoes are usually bulky, your choice can interfere with your performance.

Ventilation and Comfort

The clay-court is kinder to a sportsperson’s feet than the hard court. The ground isn’t very firm; hence, you don’t need to exert much effort or weight on the ground during the game. Manufacturers understand this aspect, which explains why the hardcourt shoes are carefully designed with more cushioning. The clay-court shoes, in contrast, focus more on grounding the shoe to improve traction due to the surface’s nature. 

Secondly, the clay tends to scatter all over during the game. Therefore, the shoes need to be closely knitted to shelter the feet from the dirt. The only sacrifice is that the footwear isn’t as breathable as the pairs meant for the hardcourt. The clay-court shoes are generally more closed but are not necessarily as ventilated as those for other courts.  

Are Clay-Court-Specific Shoes Worth It?

Some newbies believe that they can use any tennis shoes regardless of the court’s material as long as they are comfortable and fit perfectly. However, the truth is that your court’s material influences the type of shoes you wear when playing. If you have the best pair, you will notice a significant improvement in your gameplay. If they are custom-made for the specific court, they will offer your feet a lot of support while helping you move effortlessly on the court.

Therefore, no more strains and hassles when trying to push yourself forward or make the necessary turns. It helps that clay material is not as punishing as the hardcourt, meaning that you don’t need a lot of cushioning to prevent getting hurt. The pairs are usually soft but firm, with a light tread on the sole for more traction. The uppers are also less bulky to help you make every movement without straining. They are also more tight-knit to secure your feet from the clay debris. 

Notably, buying a tailored pair for the clay court will be worth it if you mostly play on the surface. If not, it is best to stick to hard or grass court shoes depending on the surface you spend most of your time on. On the contrary, professional players who use any court will find it necessary to have some clay-court pairs. It will ensure that you get a competitive advantage over your opponents regardless of the chosen court for the game.  

Final Thoughts

Shoes for the clay-court need special customization befitting the soft surface. For one, their outsoles need uniform treading for the added traction to prevent sliding off the court. They also require a firm upper and comfortable midsole. One shoe that meets these specifications is the Adidas Solecourt Boost. The pair supports the entire foot while improving the hold on the ground.  The distributed treads throughout the sole also improve traction for added speed and overall performance improvement. They are not too bulky to drag you, but the material is still durable. We also love the different variations that provide a wide range of designs and colors to select your favorites.

Another high-performance alternative is the Asics Court FF 2. It incorporates technology to provide the player stability and comfort while on the court. It is also quite breathable but durable to serve you longer. You may only have to change the laces for a more long-lasting alternative.

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