5 Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Spurs (2022 Reviewed)

Millions of people suffer from excruciating pain on the heels, commonly known as plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. If you experience such discomfort, you must have thought of long-lasting pain relief, which includes regular exercises. Therefore, as a tennis player, you can enjoy your training and matchday games with proper footwear like the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4, meant for individuals with plantar fasciitis & heel spurs.

Read on as we review the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs and what factors you need to consider when selecting a pair that suits your preferences and condition.

Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

5 Best Tennis Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs Reviewed

If you love exercising but you are dealing with foot complications such as heel spurs, only a well-designed shoe will relieve the pain. Since very few shoes will be attentive to such conditions, we conducted hours of research to find the best products in the market. Here are the most comfortable and supportive shoes we found. 

1. Vionic Walker Classic

If you have foot complications such as bunions, flat feet, or plantar fasciitis, the Vionic Walker is here to help. These shoes achieve the perfect balance between high-performance, medicine, and technology to manage heel pain. It is one of the most recommended shoes by podiatrists due to its high performance in foot support and relief, and it even has the certification. 

Most current users hail it as a practical pain relief footwear, with some reporting significant results. They don’t need breaking in and have a snug, all-around fit, perfect for overall support. Moreover, thanks to the depth in the design, you can add insoles depending on your needs. 

You can wear them while exercising, working, or playing since they come in versatile designs. It also has various colors and designs to cater to different users. It is a well-constructed shoe with a leather and suede finish, making it stylish and easy to clean. The heel elevates you to ensure a soft heel-toe movement; hence, forgiving to your feet. 

Additionally, the interior is well-cushioned to protect your feet from abrasions, while the midsole provides enough shock absorption. You will appreciate the traction and stability it offers, enhancing its performance as sports or workwear, even when you spend long hours on the court.


  • It has APMA certification.
  • It is versatile for use in playing, running, or work


  • It is quite pricey
  • It has a smaller fit; hence, you may need a half size bigger

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2. Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4

Mizuno Tour 4 comes loaded with cushioning, stability, featherweight, and support; these are all major tennis shoe features for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. This Mizuno model has premium cushioning that will address your feet’ problems and hasten your healing process.

Patients also love that its inner sole is removable, allowing replacement with an Ortholite sock liner. Also, the technology included in its midsole offers maximum comfort that will effectively ease your foot pain. At the same time, the upper layer is very gentle but still provides impressive comfort and support to prevent unnecessary lateral movements.

The overall material used in construction contributes to its lightness. Hence, it doesn’t drag or weigh heavily on your foot, especially when you suffer from severe foot conditions. The 3D-Solid upper is comfortable, durable, and keeps your feet in position. The ventilations also make it breathable to remove any dampness in the shoes, which would otherwise cause foul odor or other severe foot illnesses. 

The shoe consists of various techs in the design, like the MIZUNO WAVE plate, which improves cushioning by distributing impact for a soft landing. Secondly, the SR-TOUCH technology on the midsole absorbs shock and provides reliable responsiveness without pressing the heel hard.

Also, the POWNCE tech is robust, lightweight, and easy on the feet, while the U4icX tech on the underfoot ensures unmatched comfort. All these techs combined make the shoe flexible, allowing you to play or exercise effortlessly.


  • The shoe is ideal for all tennis courts
  • It is durable and best for elites
  • It comes in various designs


  • The shoe isn’t water-resistant
  • Its replaceable inner sole is a bit stiff

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3. New Balance FuelCell 996v4

It would help if you had this light, comfortable, supportive, and well-cushioned shoe to ease plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The sneaker is flexible yet sturdy, offering you enough stability to dominate the court.

You will find them robust and versatile for all-purpose use; thus, effective in relieving you of your pain because they will cushion the heel and mid-foot. Other than the synthetic ventilated upper, the shoe tongue is also meshed for enhanced breathability to prevent your feet from slipping, which can comprise your stability and control.

Like other new balance releases, this model includes exceptional tech in its design, targeting users with foot complications. Harmonizing the underfoot is NDurance, a durable material even on hard courts that makes the outsole long-lasting while providing the ultimate traction you need to take your shots. The components also give you a ground feel for unwavering control. Also, if you like non-marking shoes, this is the perfect one for you.

Moreover, the midsole’s FUEL CELL design is robust to resist any impact directed on your heel region. The cushioning also extends to your foot arch for extra support, and, in turn, reduces stress on the tendons that link the heel and the toes. Moreover, if you need to use medically prescribed orthotics, the shoe’s sock liners are removable, and you can always replace them as directed by your podiatrist. 


  • It’s lighter than its predecessors
  • The shoes have a six-month warranty
  • It comes in various sizes that fit users with wide feet too


  • The shoe’s outer sole is less durable than some tennis shoes
  • Some pairs require a break-in period

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4. Asics Gel-Resolution 8

Brands like ASICS have been consistent in their tennis shoe designs. They have experience with different shoe models that address foot complications without compromising other significant features of a great tennis shoe. This particular design works for patients but still has qualities such as comfort, stability, support, lightweight, and cushioning.

The footwear gives you a close-to-the-ground feel yet retains its maximum cushioning and responsiveness on the court. ASICS has worked tirelessly to incorporate various technologies to make GEL-Resolution 8 a fantastic footwear for most tennis players, even those with medical foot issues.

The hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot are all GEL engineered for fantastic cushioning, reducing the ground impact on your sensitive heels. This tech gives each stride a smooth landing when you walk and supports your feet as you stand. Additionally, the midsoles have a super-light SOLYTE material, which is denser than most midsole compounds. 

Also, as the SOLYTE makes the shoe durable and cushioned, the FLEXION FIT upper offers a comfortable, supportive, and restrictive snug fit without causing abrasions on your feet. With a reduced slippage, you will be assured of increased stability and confidence while on the court. Also, the toe area is roomy and protected with PGUARD technology.

Lastly, the outsole is designed with AHAR tech, made for optimum durability and reliable traction that gives you total control over your strides.

Plantar fasciitis requires a comfortable shoe that has padding for a smooth and painless landing on the heel and your forefoot regions, and the ASICS doesn’t fall short.


  • They are more stable than previous-generation models
  • They are ideal for seasoned tennis players


  • Some shoes are smaller than the standard size
  • The upper surface is less resistant to extreme lateral movement

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5. Brooks Glycerin 18

Brooks is a versatile athletic shoe that works on or off-court to help you walk and exercise effortlessly, thanks to its careful design for use even by individuals with heel complications. The pairs come in multiple colors and sizes that are also sleek and attractive. Some users say that the footwear sparks a high confidence level due to its high-performance and effective pain relief. 

Its cushioning may seem excessive, but it goes a long way to provide the support and stability you need on the court. The shoe’s upper has mesh that ventilates you to keep your feet dry and healthy. On the other hand, the upper PLUSH Fit gives you a soft and snug fit that adjusts according to your strides. 

Since the shoe aims for a smooth landing, it has the DNA LOFT insole that is exceptionally soft under the feet to ease heel pain and helps to keep you going effortlessly while increasing responsiveness and stability. The shoe’s inner sole is an Ortholite sock liner that adds cushioning to your arch and heels with an incredibly smooth transition without exerting pressure underfoot.


  • The shoe is lightweight, making you faster.
  • Its inner sole is exceptionally comfy on the foot


  • Some users complain that they aren’t true to size
  • The shoe’s sole can wear quickly on a hard court

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How To Select Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

If you have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, one recommended treatment for the condition is exercise, but it is only effective with proper footwear. Therefore, as a tennis player, here are factors to consider when selecting the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

Shoe Type

There are various recommended shoes for people suffering from foot complications, which depends on your preference or the extent of the ailment. Each shoe has a unique design, but they all have the same purpose, to aid in pain relief. The most commonly recommended footwear for such conditions is running and tennis shoes.

These options are more protective and supportive of the foot, and we advocate for them because they are versatile for use in various exercises without straining your feet. Hence, these shoes work in different environments, whether you are exercising, playing tennis, dressing up, or working. 


Another essential feature to look out for is the shoe material. Since you need a comfortable pair that makes it easier to exercise, you may go for softer options such as foam and rubber. Most brands further incorporate the most innovative tech in their footwear to guarantee maximum comfort and cushioning. 

Thus, you will find techniques such as gel, EVA, and other materials on the soles of your favorite brands, depending on the shoe model. Similarly, the manufacturers may use mesh, leather, or nylon on the upper, depending on the clients’ needs. 

Most people choose mesh because it is breathable and flexible, while others prefer leather due to its durability. It is critical to ensure that your shoe choice is long-lasting since most of these shoes are comparatively more expensive. Thus, having a durable shoe will save you a lot of money in the long run. 


Comfort is paramount, especially for users with foot complications such as heel spurs. With such a condition, you will need as much protection as possible to relieve the pain and make each step easier on your foot. Luckily, most brands understand this concept; hence, add soft materials in the midsole, heel, upper, and outsole. This lowers the risk of abrasions and eliminates or significantly reduces the excruciating pain on your outsole. Therefore, it is best to go for materials such as foam and rubber since they are softer and kinder to your feet.

Arch Size

Typically, your arch determines the right tennis shoes to wear. Different shoes have various designs according to various arch sizes; therefore, it becomes critical to consider, especially if you have foot conditions. It is advisable to get a proper-fitting shoe because otherwise, the footwear will be too tight or loose. 

For instance, if you wear a high arched shoe when you are a low arch, they will not be supportive enough, leading to slipping, which can cause injuries. Similarly, if you fall within the flat feet and low arch category, there are high chances that you are an overpronator, meaning that slightly athletic shoes will serve you best. 

On the other hand, if you are a high arch but wear low arched shoes, they will get too tight, leading to discomfort and potentially worsens the situation. Therefore, you may need a softer, flexible shoe that molds nicely on your upper foot. 

Arch and Heel Support

Although you will automatically go for a comfortable shoe forgiving to your feet, you also need an athletic shoe that will be equally supportive. This feature is particularly essential for wearers with low arches or flat feet conditions. An elevated shoe will come in handy in such cases, given that your feet are closer to the ground, which can interfere with your exercises.

Therefore, consider footwear with extra support on the arch because it is strategically near your heel. Such shoes will go a long way to ease the pressure on your foot and consequently relieve you of the pain. Moreover, they will help more if you have an advanced case of plantar fasciitis, where the pain also extends to your arches.


Podiatrists usually advise their patients to wear well-cushioned shoes as a remedy for pain relief. It has to be thick and comfortable enough such that the soles are easy on the ground and you use minimal energy when walking. Therefore, it isn’t a good idea to wear minimalistic or high-heeled shoes due to their low cushioning and the excessive pressure exerted on the ground as you walk.

It is best to have elevated footwear because it is more protective, thanks to the shock-absorbing properties. Heel spurs can be painful, especially when you do strenuous work. If you have advanced fasciitis and usually stay on your feet for hours, it is best to cushion your heel and midsole because it protects the inflamed regions. Fortunately, your well-cushioned shoes will help by absorbing the shock in case of any impacts, hence preventing severe injuries. 

Flexibility and Lightweight

Having a bulky and rigid shoe will place a lot of pressure on your feet when you walk. They will be uncomfortable and painful because your feet will stretch whenever you make a move. As a result, you need a lightweight and flexible option that will not strain you even during exercises. However, as much as it must be responsive, it is advisable to avoid excessively light shoes because they can be easy wearing and may fail to offer adequate foot support. 

Final Verdict

We understand how uncomfortable foot complications can be, especially if you love to play tennis or spend a lot of time on your feet. As podiatrists direct, one effective pain relief method is by wearing a supportive and comfortable shoe. Therefore, considering expert recommendations, we find the Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 4 an effective solution to pain relief. It is light in weight, flexible, well-cushioned, and offers arch and heel support. It also has a removable insole in case you need orthotics. Coming in second is the Asics Gel-Resolution 8, as it matches up to the winner in stability, comfort, and support.

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