5 Best Tennis Racquets Covers (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis racquets cover is, then we recommend the BABOLAT Tennis Racquet Cover as the best one.

We haven’t had any guides on the best tennis racquets cover – well, we’re going to fix this little mistake today!

Protecting your tennis racquet from outdoor elements is critical – racquets can seem tough, but they are really delicate. You definitely want to keep your racquet out of harm’s way, especially if it’s a high-end one.

In this guide, we’ll talk about a few important things to consider in tennis racquet covers, and we’ll showcase what we think are the 5 best tennis racquet covers out there.

Best Tennis Racquets Covers

In this article, we’re going to review the following tennis racquets covers:

How Is A Tennis Racquet Cover Different From Tennis Bags?

If you’ve ever shopped for tennis bags, then you know that they are available in many different styles, like:

Although these are quite different types of tennis bags, they can all be used to safely carry a tennis racquet.

With that, you might be wondering – how is a tennis racquet cover different from other tennis bag styles? And which would be right for you?

Well, this depends on a number of things. Let’s compare tennis racquet covers to other tennis bag styles so that you know what you are dealing with.

Tennis Racquet Covers Vs Tennis Racquet Bags

Tennis racquet bags (or tour bags, as they are sometimes called), can fit many more racquets than covers can. Racquet covers are typically only good for one racquet, while racquet bags may hold 9 and even more racquets.

Aside from capacity, tennis racquet bags offer better protection than covers. If you shop at the higher end, you will find a bunch of tennis racquet bags with thermal and moisture protection. On the other hand, tennis racquet covers are typically limited to just a thin layer of padding to protect the racquet from impact.

With that said, tennis racquet covers are much cheaper and smaller than racquet bags. So if your budget is limited and if you actually don’t need storage space for more than 1 racquet, then covers are going to work just fine.

We’ve actually decided to add two of the so-called tennis racquet bags to our list too. Tennis covers are generally very similar to each other, and there’s not that much variety on the market. The two tennis racquet bags were included to give you more options, and they also have the same purpose as covers.

Tennis Racquet Covers Vs Tennis Backpacks

Tennis backpacks can fit 1-2 racquets along with tennis apparel, tennis balls, a laptop, and other gear like that.

A backpack would be excellent if you want a bag for all your tennis equipment. Plus, tennis backpacks are ideal if you are going to cover large distances on foot. Distributing weight evenly throughout the body, backpacks don’t fatigue the wearer too much.

Tennis backpacks can be very bulky and expensive though. So again, if you just want to protect one racquet and have a limited budget, go for a racquet cover.

Tennis Racquet Covers Vs Tennis Duffel Bags

Duffel bugs tend to be the largest tennis bags out there, and they are optimal if you are going to travel by car. They aren’t as comfortable as backpacks for on-foot traveling because they only have one shoulder strap.

And compared to racquet covers, duffel bags have much more storage space and better internal organization, but they are also bulky and quite heavy.

Tennis Racquet Covers Vs Tennis Sling Bags

Sling bags are essentially a more compact alternative to backpacks. They are smaller and only have one shoulder strap, so they are good for shorter walks.

If you want to carry your tennis racquet plus a few pieces of tennis equipment, sling bags can be really nice. For just a racquet though, consider either a tennis racquet cover or a tennis racquet bag.

Tennis Racquet Covers Vs Tennis Tote Bags

Tennis tote bags are stylish and are best suited for female tennis players. In terms of storage capacity, they are typically comparable to sling bags. However, higher-end tote bags can have things like thermally-insulated pockets, higher-quality materials, and a higher number of pockets.

Tote bags are ideal for women who want to carry more than just a racquet. Plus, they are really nice-looking.

What To Consider In Tennis Racquet Covers At A Glance

When shopping for a tennis racquet cover, here’s what you should consider:

  • Size. Racquet covers come in different sizes. If you have a big racquet, then make sure that you get an adequately-sized cover.
  • Padding. Tennis racquet covers typically feature some padding to protect your equipment, though some don’t. The more padding there is, the better-protected your racquet will be.
  • Moisture protection. All covers provide a decent amount of moisture protection, but some covers are better than others. For best protection, look for a racquet cover that is advertised to be waterproof.
  • Pockets. Most racquet covers don’t have any pockets, but some do. If you want to conveniently carry small items, then look for a cover with pockets.

5 Best Tennis Racquet Covers Reviewed

1. HEAD Tennis Racquet Cover Bag

First up on our reviews, we have this tennis racquet cover bag from HEAD. This is a rather inexpensive tennis racquet bag and is a nice option if your budget is limited.

When it comes to features, there really isn’t much to talk about with this bag. It has ample padding to protect your racquets, offers plenty of room – you might be able to fit two smaller racquets here – and has an adjustable shoulder strap to assist with carrying.

Alternatively, the bag is large enough to fit one racquet plus a few small items. It has no pockets though, which is a bummer.

The HEAD tennis racquet cover is made of nylon as well, so it is water-resistant. It should protect the interior from accidental splashes, but it definitely isn’t enough for submersion.


  • Not too inexpensive.
  • Ample padding for added protection.


  • Nothing to complain about.

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2. BABOLAT Tennis Racquet Cover

The BABOLAT tennis racquet cover is very different from the HEAD cover. It provides protection from paint chips, scratches, or moisture, but it has little to no padding in it. With that, it won’t do a good job of protecting the racquet from impact, but it will still keep moisture and dust away.

What some people may like about the BABOLAT tennis racquet cover is how big it is. It’s somewhat larger than the HEAD cover and should hold bigger racquets. It has more space for extra items like keys too, but there are again no pockets.

The BABOLAT racquet cover is also more expensive than the HEAD cover and offers better quality. But for some people, the lack of padding is going to be a dealbreaker.


  • Roomy.
  • Provides protection from moisture, paint chips, or scratches.
  • Nice quality.


  • Has little to no padding.

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3. Deluxe Full Size Tennis Racquet Cover

This tennis racquet cover basically is a cheaper alternative to the BABOLAT cover. The size and design are more or less identical, so if you like the BABOLAT cover but want something cheaper, then this one might work for you.

The quality obviously isn’t as good, and the BABOLAT cover is more stylish. The huge RACQUETGALAXY.COM on the side may repel some people too.

But all in all, this is a nice racquet cover that should protect your racquet from dust and moisture just fine. The padding here again is very thin, but it should keep the racquet reasonably safe. This racquet cover has an adjustable shoulder strap as well to assist with carrying.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Roomy.


  • Very thin padding.

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4. Athletico 3-Racquet Tennis Bag

This tennis racquet bag from Athletico technically isn’t a racquet cover, but it has the exact same purpose – protect your tennis racquet from impact. And if you don’t need a super-compact cover, then this thing should work wonderfully.

The highlight of the Athletico tennis racquet bag is that it can fit up to 3 tennis racquets. The main compartment is roomy and is also padded for better protection.

You may get this thing even if you don’t have 3 racquets – the remaining space could be used for tennis apparel. Although for such use cases, duffel bags or backpacks would probably work way better.

Unlike the previous racquet covers, the Athletico tennis racquet bag also has a zippered pocket on the side for small items. Athletico advertises that this pocket is large enough to hold a canister of tennis balls.

The shoulder strap here is padded and rather comfy as well, and the bag also has a tote handle.

The outer shell of the Athletico tennis racquet bag is quite durable too thanks to the 600D polyester fabric, so it should be rip & tear-resistant.

Athletico also offers 3 color options for this bag – black, pink, and red. The color schemes are really simple, but it’s nice that you have options.

This racquet bag is quite inexpensive as well, but it doesn’t offer the quality and protection levels that you get with higher-end tennis racquet bags.


  • Fits 3 racquets.
  • Zippered side pocket.
  • Padded for added protection.


  • Bulkier than standard racquet covers.

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5. Wilson Super Tour Tennis Racquet Bag

If you are just looking for a tennis racquet cover, then Wilson Super Tour tennis racquet bags are going to be overkill for you. But if you are looking to cover several tennis racquets and want excellent protection, then look no further.

Wilson Super Tour racquet bags come in 3 sizes – 6-, 9-, or 15-racquet. These bags are absolutely huge – much bigger than all previous options on this list. And the amount of space you get for racquets is likewise enormous.

All Super Tour sizes feature several main compartments that may store racquets, apparel, shoes, and accessories. One of the compartments has Thermoguard lining for protection from extreme heat and cold, while another one has air vents. The ventilated compartment would work particularly nicely for sweat-soaked clothes.

The outer shell of Super Tour bags is also made of polyester coated with TPU for added water protection.

The 15-racquet bag has 3 main compartments, while the other sizes have 2. The compartments feature a removable interior divider to help you better organize your items.

Aside from the main compartment, Super Tour tennis racquet bags feature 2 side accessory pockets lined with fleece and 2 large exterior side pockets for personal items.

What’s also really nice about the Super Tour bags is that they feature a pair of shoulder straps, allowing you to wear them like a backpack. There are tote handles at the top as well.

All in all, Wilson Super Tour racquet bags are great if you want plenty of space for your racquets, as well as perhaps some room for other gear. They are bulky and expensive, but no racquet cover on the market will compare with them in terms of protection and storage space.


  • Excellent protection and quality.
  • Holds 6, 9, or 15 racquets – depending on the size you choose.
  • Thermally insulated outer main compartment.


  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.

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Final Words

Our picks are dramatically different, but they all do the same thing – protect your racquet from outdoor elements.

We think that of them all, the best cover was the HEAD Tennis Racquet Cover Bag. This racquet cover is compact, cheap, and offers a good amount of padding for protection.

If you want a little bit more room, then consider the BABOLAT Tennis Racquet Cover. This racquet cover has little to no padding, unfortunately, but it has good quality and plenty of room for larger racquets or racquets plus small items.

If you are willing to go larger for added protection, then the Athletico 3-Racquet Tennis Bag is a great choice. It’s not merely a cover – it’s an entire bag designed to hold up to 3 tennis racquets.

And finally, if you want plenty of space and maximum protection, consider Wilson Super Tour Tennis Racquet Bags. These bags are huge, offer thermal insulation, ample padding, and plenty of pockets for your belongings.

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