5 Best Tennis Backpacks (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis backpack is, then we recommend the Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag as the best one.

Tennis is a game of endurance and most of all — concentration. You need peace of mind once you step on the court so you’d bring you’re A-game each time.

What better way to always keep your focus than you have everything that you need at hand. Here are some of the best tennis backpacks you can avail of so you’ll always have all your gears and tools in one place and with you at all times.

Best Tennis Backpacks

In this article, we’re going to review the following tennis backpacks:

Best Tennis Backpack Buying Guide

Sure, we’re not new to buying backpacks as most of us have probably used on ever since we’re kids. But when you are into sports or specifically tennis, you need to have a few considerations for the backpack before buying one.

A backpack is one of the most versatile and popular types of bags used by tennis players young and old, pro and amateur. And, why wouldn’t it be? You can fit all of the things that you need in it and it is super portable and can have multiple functions for you and not just for sports or tennis.

It’s got multiple compartments and most of all, they look good and slick so it’s desirable for younger and adult players alike. Here are the aspects that you should consider if you’re shopping around for your next tennis backpack.

Main Storage Capacity

You need a backpack that’s got enough room for your racquet first and foremost. Your racquet is perhaps your most valuable tool and you need for it to have enough room and make sure that your backpack can keep it safe and secure.

For full disclosure, backpacks may be limited to one or two racquets but that’s probably all you’re ever going to need. They are perfect for practice sessions and actual games or tournaments alike. If you’re looking to bring more than one or two racquets then you may want to take a look at racquet tennis bags. Just take note that you would then lose the versatility and other functions of a backpack.

Your backpack’s main storage compartment should accommodate your racquet properly and it should insulate it very well too. Your tennis backpack should maintain the integrity of your racquet’s components and most especially the strings. The strings can be delicate and we said insulated for we know that temperature swings may affect your tennis racquet’s strings.

We’re talking about the string’s tension as well as lifespan. So when you’re on the way to a competition, you can’t afford for your backpack to compromise your racquet at all.

Gear, Accessory Storage, and Other Compartments

Tennis players can have a lot of gears and accessories with them at any time. So, this is where the advantages of a good tennis backpack will kick in for it can also have a lot of compartments ideal for a lot of different tennis gears.

To name just a few, as a tennis player, you may bring overgrips, extra pair of shoes, clothes, towels, hat, sweatbands, and a few more in practice or actual games. Oftentimes, tennis players bring extra tennis balls with them too.

A good tennis backpack can accommodate all of these for sure. Plus, a backpack is the most portable amongst all tennis bag types you can find in the market. Due to its design, the weight of whatever you are carrying in your back will be evenly distributed so you won’t suffer from any unnecessary strain at all.

To your knowledge, you can also choose from a variety of tennis bags namely, a racquet bag (as mentioned), a tote bag, and a duffle bag. But all of these, you carry using your arm and as a tennis player, you don’t want to strain your arm and make sure you’re fresh when you get on the court. With a backpack, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

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Durability and Comfort

As a tennis player, you are for sure an active individual and your backpack will most likely spend some time on the court and may also take a beating itself. Tennis courts and surrounding areas will have tough surfaces and so your backpack should be able to handle some abrasion. Also, make sure to have heavy-duty zippers to always keep your gears safe.

Comfort should be straightforward and all you need to know is that the backpack should be padded enough and as mentioned above, have good insulation.

You should also consider the frequency of use for your tennis backpack. Some have more than one bag for their needs and vary in terms of type. Also, make sure that your backpack can take a bit of weight will have good quality straps, and as much as possible, water-resistant or waterproof.

Easy to clean and maintain

Take note that you are going to place a lot of gears inside your backpack that can get a bit smelly at times. So make sure that you know how to maintain or clean your bag. The first maintenance tip is to make sure that your tennis backpack is easy to clean and made with durable material.

Also, if you can, keep smelly gears out of your backpack or make sure they are washed before you place them inside. Be wary of smelly footwear or socks.

Fortunately for us, tennis backpacks are mostly machine washable or if you have to hand wash them you may just use your standard detergent and water.

Other options:

Best Tennis Backpack Product Reviews

1. Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag

The first entry on our best tennis backpack review is no other than the backpack for champions the Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag. Made by a trusted brand across the sports industry and made for one of tennis’ best, you can be sure that this backpack is of top quality.

It’s got two specifically designed compartments for your racquets with zippers that will lock them in place. They will be held in place so they won’t fall off as you travel. The main compartment is quite spacious and should be large enough to accommodate a lot of your other gears.

Shoes, a towel, extra clothes, or tennis balls, no problem. It’s got multiple other small pockets too for other necessities. Speaking of smaller pockets, there are a couple at the sides and one of them is specifically thermal lined for drinks or snacks. The other one is then fleece lined so you may put your sunglasses or other necessities in it.

This backpack is also well-padded for utmost comfort. It has a sleek design and is made of durable material which no doubt will last for a very long time. What’s shocking is that this bag is super affordable!


  • Great value for money
  • Very comfortable bag to carry around
  • Durable material
  • Spacious compartment and can accommodate 2 racquets
  • Well-insulated pockets and compartments


  • Bag does not leave room for breathability for your stuff to kind of have some ventilation

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2. Nike Advantage Tennis Rucksack

Another giant in the sports industry comes with their own tennis backpack, we’re talking about the Nike Advantage Tennis Rucksack. Nike is known to manufacture top-quality gears while mostly known for their shoes worldwide their bags are also coveted by a lot of athletes.

The same as with our previous entry this backpack can also accommodate up to two racquets. This stylish bag has a separator for your racquets and the rest of the gear so they don’t rub against each other and preventing any damage.

The main storage compartment is of course, spacious enough and you can fit a lot of stuff in there. Plus, this backpack has a ventilation section so you’ll have a place to put in dirty clothes or smelly shoes.

You’ll have an accessory pocket at the front and both sides for all your other needs. You can put your tennis balls in there or your water bottle. The straps are well-padded and the bag is easy to wear around overall. The bottom of this backpack is then protected by another layer of coating to protect it from rough or wet surfaces.


  • Very durable bag
  • Comfortable to wear around
  • Spacious compartments and convenient pockets
  • Breathable
  • Nice coated bottom area for added protection


  • None zippered side pockets

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3. Babolat Pure Series Quality Tennis Backpack

Next on our list is the Babolat Pure Series Quality Tennis Backpack. Another popular choice, this is one excellent backpack for tennis players and active individuals alike.

While it’s got a slightly smaller main storage compartment it can still accommodate two tennis racquets. It’s probably got the most excellent back and straps padding amongst the backpacks on our list and that’s a big plus if you ask us.

Very comfortable to wear around this backpack has plenty of room for all your other gears, and yep, it’s got room for either a tablet or a laptop. You will then have a dedicated shoe compartment for they need room to breathe as well as a place for other used gears or clothes.

The two smaller pockets at the side are meant for your other necessities and it’s even got a chest strap to make carrying it even easier perfect when one is traveling by scooter, bike, or skateboard.


  • Very comfortable to carry around
  • Great value for money
  • Breathable
  • Nice padding
  • Dedicated shoe compartment


  • No thermal lined pockets

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4. YONEX Pro Tennis Backpack

The penultimate entry on our list is the spacious YONEX Pro Tennis Backpack. This stylish backpack is a favorite of a lot of best tennis backpack lists and for a lot of good reasons.

It’s got a sporty look so you’ll always look good as you step in the court with it. It can easily accommodate two tennis racquets and it’s spacious enough to then accommodate a few other gears on its larger compartment. Change of clothes, towel, water, or tennis balls, they will all fit.

It’s got two zippered pockets at the sides so your other necessities can go in them. This backpack also has a dedicated compartment for your shoes and used clothes. The straps also have a chest buckle for your utmost convenience. Easily the most spacious on our list make sure to grab this backpack if you need extra space.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to wear around
  • Very comfortable straps and convenient chest buckle
  • Pretty durable material
  • Dedicated compartment for shoes


  • Not as durable as the rest of the backpack on our list

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5. HEAD Djokovic Backpack

The last entry on our best tennis backpack review is another signature backpack. Let’s check the HEAD Djokovic Backpack out.

Made out of 80% polyester and 20% PU this is one great backpack for practice sessions and games alike. Again, the dedicated racquet area can handle two racquets. The main storage compartment can then handle the rest of what you need to pack.

You will then have a front zip pocket you can utilize for smaller items. And yep, this backpack too has a dedicated space for your shoes and other used clothes. Accessory pockets are right at the side. The backpack straps are also pretty comfortable plus this is one durable bag as well.


  • Durable and great value for money
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Enough space and nice smaller pockets and compartments
  • Sleek design
  • Racquets are neatly tucked away for damage prevention


  • Back padding needs some upgrade

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Final Thoughts

While it’s been tough deciding which of these best tennis backpacks we will name as the best of them all, we’ve come to a consensus that it’s the Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag that’s worthy of that distinction.

You can be sure that the best tennis players only use the best of the gears and this product is no exception. The Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis Bag has ample storage capacity, has a sleek design, and ultra-durability where it stands out above the crowd.

Tough but comfortable and easy on the eyes giving you as a tennis player peace of mind and confidence. So go grab a bag or two and improve your game little by little.

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