9 Best Nike Tennis Shoes, Which Pro Players Wear Nike Shoes?

With the ever-changing world of sports, one constant brand has been the Nike brand, famous for high quality and durable shoes. As an avid tennis player or fan, if you love Nike products and would love to add a new tennis pair to your collection, we are here to help.

We will take you on a journey to find out the best Nike pairs for tennis, just like the Court Lite 2 . If you prefer Nike tennis shoes, the following are some of the best Nike tennis shoes that will serve any player, whether a pro or a beginner.

Best Nike Tennis Shoes

A total of 17 pro tennis players who ranked in ATP 50 wear Nike shoes, they are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Daniil Medvedev, Kei Nishikori, Karen Khachanov, Borna Coric, Felix Auger-Aliassime, Grigor Dimitrov, Nick Kyrgios, Taylor Fritz, Denis Shapovalov, Kyle Edmund, Kyle Edmund, Andrey Rublev, Frances Tiafoe, Daniel Evans, Filip Krajinovic.

Here are more details:

NameNike Shoes
Roger FedererNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Rafael NadalNike Air Zoom Cage 3 HC Rafa
Daniil MedvedevNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Kei NishikoriNike Air Zoom Vapor X (special edition)
Karen KhachanovNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Borna CoricNike Air Zoom Cage 3
Felix Auger-AliassimeNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Grigor DimitrovNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Nick KyrgiosNike Air Zoom Vapor X (Kyrie V Edition)
Taylor FritzNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Denis ShapovalovNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Kyle EdmundNike Air Zoom Zero
Andrey RublevNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Adrian MannarinoNike Air Zoom Vapor X
Frances TiafoeNike Air Zoom Zero
Daniel EvansNike Air Zoom Cage 3
Filip KrajinovicNike Air Zoom Cage 3

But not every Nike tennis shoe is available in the market. Here are some of the more popular Nike tennis shoes on the market today:

1. Nike Air Zoom Prestige

Nike’s Air Zoom Prestige line(for men, for women) is among the most affordable tennis footwear from the company. The best aspect is that they are still comfortable and offer outstanding responsiveness to the player while on the court. With this model, you are sure to get value for your money because the shoe is well put, according to tennis requirements, for a court shoe. 

Its upper layer is made of well-knit synthetic material with numerous ventilation and a functional shoe tongue for optimal aeration and moisture management. The midsole features PHYLON cushioning for unrivaled comfort, while the outsole uses XDR tech to guarantee durability. You will also notice the herringbone tread designs on the outsole that facilitate maximum traction and stability on the court.

The XDR also extends to the toe tip to ensure that it lasts long since it is also subject to wear. Additionally, since you need foot support and a proper fit, the Dynamic Fit technology and adjustable laces will help you get your exact measurements according to your foot size. Furthermore, the toe box area is spacious enough for free toe movements, accommodating players with flat feet or bunions. 


  • It has a flex groove that allows the foot to move naturally
  • The shoe collar has a soft lining for improved comfort
  • The mesh and synthetic body construction make the shoe lightweight


  • The toe box may be too big in some shoes interfering with the stability 
  • The outsole isn’t as durable as that of other shoes on our list

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2. Nike Air Max Wildcard Women’s Shoes

This pair is one of the recent NIKE releases, a few years old, yet remains one of the tennis players’ top choices, especially for women. However, it comes in other colors and designs that would look great for men too. The underfoot has sufficient cushioning without compromising the shoe’s support on your feet. In addition, the Air max and Lunarlon foam on the midsole is responsible for the shoe’s exceptional shock absorption. 

Moreover, the foam and insole are well-built and cozy for maximum cushioning, enabling smooth landings after jumps and sprints on the court. If you settle for this product line, you will love the exceptional foot support and comfort that you may not find in most tennis shoes. The upper also has a snug fit to hold your feet in place and eliminate slippage. 

You will get adequate toe room, enough to wiggle your toes, keeping you comfortable throughout the game. Moreover, the arch support in this model is also sufficient to hold your feet and help keep them safe even when you have foot complications. The outsole is also of sturdy rubber and comes with impressive traction to help you gain a proper hold of the court surface. 

On the downside, the shoe may lack durability since there are reports from users and testers that they may be fast wearing, especially with vigorous exercises. The shoes may also come in a slightly smaller fitting; hence, it is advisable to buy half a size larger to get the perfect fit. Lastly, this footwear’s breathability may also be questionable since the surface isn’t well-ventilated.


  • It requires a short break-in time
  • The shoes offer impressive lateral support
  • The robust arch support improves your foot health


  • The shoes aren’t well-ventilated 
  • They may come in narrow fitting

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3. Nike Court Lite 2 

Try Court Lite 2 if you want a well-tailored product that meets all your court needs and helps you achieve top-class performance. You will find it accommodative to every tennis player regardless of your playing level or foot size. The sneakers are specially designed for entry and intermediate tennis players but maintain the features a pro would need in sports footwear. It incorporates elements like breathability, cushioning, durability, comfort, traction, and support.

You may be surprised at the amount of tech used on the shoe during manufacture, from its upper to the outsole. First, the top fabric is textile and leather with a meshed tongue to facilitate breathability since there is less ventilation above the toe area.

Also, the midsole is of PHYLON material that is lightweight, consequently reducing the shoe’s total mass. It also adds to the overall excellent cushioning, giving you a smooth landing while on the court. On the other hand, the outsole has GDR technology to provide maximum traction for sufficient stability and body control. 

Most importantly, the tech in the layers enhances the shoe’s durability, making it suitable for all courts, especially tough surfaces. Lastly, since the shoes may be a little stiff on the user’s toes, the manufacturers put extra pads to prevent abrasions. 


  • The shoe is versatile and beginner-friendly since you can still wear them off-court
  • The GDR outsole is hard-wearing even on hard surfaces
  • It offers maximum support and cushioning for first-time tennis players


  • Its outsole isn’t very flexible 
  • The shoes are pretty sturdy; hence, you may suffer from abrasions if too tight.

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4. Nike Men’s Flex Control TR3

This footwear is your go-to if you want flexibility, speed, cushioning, support, and traction. The TR3 Flex Control is a versatile shoe for the court, gym, or exercises, and steps in if you need a lightweight shoe type to enhance forward movement without compromising on stability. This flexible shoe will also help during glides and enhance your agility on the court for the best performance. 

This shoe model is made of lightweight and synthetic materials, which significantly reduce the drag and extra weight on your feet, leading to fast responsiveness. Furthermore, the midsole is of featherweight foam that cushions your foot against impact and keeps you comfortable throughout your gaming session. Additionally, the sneaker’s top allows unrestricted airflow inside the shoes to keep your foot dry. 

You will also love that the ankle region is well-fortified to prevent unnecessary lateral movements, thereby improving stability on the court. The shoes are also easy to slip on and remove due to the tongue design and the bootie feature. This footwear is additionally pocket-friendly, making it worth a chance. On the downside, it has low-top support that doesn’t accommodate high arches or wide feet. 


  • The traditional bootie design enhances foot support
  • The shoe collar is heavily padded for extra comfort on the Achilles


  • Some shoes aren’t true to size
  • The shoe may not be a proper fit for players with high foot arches or wide feet.

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5. Nike Indigo Force

If you love stylish shoes, the Nike Indigo force will be your top pick. The first thing you will notice is the screen print on the upper and the logo design on the side. It has almost the same construction as the Nike Court Lite 2; hence, robust enough to offer the player adequate lateral support. The shoe also has a rubber sole that is durable and guarantees maximum shock absorption. 

It is the go-to pair for players with flat feet since it supports the entire foot as it elevates the user. You won’t have issues with sideway sliding since the treads will enhance your balance. You will also love the mesh and leather on the upper since they work together to make the shoe durable and lightweight. 

Therefore, you can comfortably wear them on the hardcourt because they won’t wear quickly. Lastly, like other footwear on our list, the Indigo Force also uses the latest tech in its design. For instance, they have the TPU mid-foot for added stability and the air unit at the heel to aid in shock absorption and comfort on the court.


  • It has a stylish design
  • It has improved herringbone treads for extra traction
  • It is convenient for players with wide feet 


  • It doesn’t offer adequate cushioning as other options on our list
  • Beginners find them a bit rigid 

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6. Nike Free TR 8

We love that Nike shoes cater to all athletes, and this shoe is a clear indication. This pair will come in handy when running, working, or playing tennis, thanks to its versatile design. The build is for high action performance, and it can take the pressure of the hardcourt. They come in a sleek design, and if you are picky about your sneakers’ color, there are various options for you. 

You can wear them on or off-court for other high-adrenaline games or as stylish casual wear. Users are first drawn to how comfortable the shoe is; therefore, if you have any foot complications or injuries, the Free TR8 will effectively step in. 

They give you a glove-like feel, especially on the upper, to offer the support you need as you make and receive serves. Another feature players love is lightness. Instead of bulky footwear, you get a sleek and ultra-lightweight pair, to help in accelerations and to reduce fatigue even after hours of gameplay.


  • It comes in a sleek design and alternative options
  • It is ultra-lightweight and minimalistic


  • Some users are not pleased with the high back collar that can cause chafing
  • The laces are too long for some players

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7. Nike Revolution 4

Nike Revolution is a great shoe, famous among runners, but is still an excellent option for tennis since it has some essential aspects of tennis footwear. It offers maximum cushioning, foot support, traction, comfort, and lightweight, all great features used to construct top Nike tennis shoes. This pair comes in different colors and sizes, including extra-wide models for players with wide feet and high arches.

The shoe’s textile upper is a single-layer mesh that allows aeration to keep your feet dry throughout your gaming sessions. Furthermore, the manufacturers have fitted it with molded pods that flatten under pressure and relax upon release to give your feet a springy feel and maximum comfort. 

The midsole is also made of lightweight foam that is responsive and comfortable. On the other hand, the outer sole is of rigid rubber that lasts long, improves your traction, and protects your feet from injuries. Lastly, due to the excellent features, versatile properties, and competitive prices, the Nike Revolution 4 remains an excellent option for tennis players who also run and exercise.


  • The shoes are very breathable
  • The midsole extends to the toe tip for added comfort
  • It is ideal for individuals with medium foot arches


  • The single-layer mesh upper can wear fast under intensive lateral movements
  • It isn’t court-specific, hence may overlook certain tennis shoe features

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8. Nike Women Flex Trainer

If you are a tennis player who plays other games or loves to work out, you can consider these trainers. We chose them because they are multipurpose, with features suitable for tennis players and athletes. The flex trainer is made of synthetic and textile materials to offer comfort to the user.

At the same time, the mesh on the upper makes it breathable, which protects your feet from excessive sweating and blisters due to dampness. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about smelly feet or slippery shoe interior, meaning you can use them on different terrains and in various weather conditions.

Most users find these shoes very cozy, thanks to the soft lining material inside. Also, they are very flexible, making them great for turns and twists on the court. They also expand effortlessly, making them great for players with wide feet or medical complications. 

They are also exceptionally lightweight; hence, players rely on them for maximum speed. On the other hand, the foam midsole offers cushion, foot comfort and is durable to ensure that the shoes serve you longer. The only reservation we have is that, unlike other pairs on our list, these shoes may not offer maximum support for the player. 


  • It is a multipurpose shoe
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It has a roomy toe box


  • It has a low arch support
  • It can be slippery on clay or grass courts

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9. Nike Metcon Sport

Our list won’t be complete without a versatile shoe like Metcon sport. It is a booty-like model with an excellent fit, assisted by the hook-and-lock closure system strap that you can adjust according to your foot arch for the best fit. You can wear them to the tennis court, use them for other high-activity sports, or as part of your casual or work wear. 

First, the shoe has a synthetic cover with rubber underfoot, making it featherweight. You will also find the pair comfortable, stable, and well-cushioned, all features of a good tennis shoe. The shoe’s top is of mesh material that is kind to your feet and is well-ventilated to allow airflow. It also has a synthetic lining to prevent abrasions between your feet and the shoe’s upper. 

Additionally, the Sockliner adds to cushioning while wicking away moisture from the feet. The midsoles also have a cozy and light foam, which makes the shoe lightweight. It also allows dispersion of impact to secure a smooth landing. Finally, the flexible treaded outsole assists in accelerations and responsiveness, which help improve your gameplay. 


  • The shoe is easy to slip on and off due to the lacing system
  • The sneakers are ideal for individuals suffering from arch-related issues
  • The inner soles are removable for Sockliners replacement


  • The synthetic upper is soft; hence, subject to wearing
  • The shoes offer less lateral support than most Nike tennis shoes

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Final Word

Based on our list, the Court Lite 2 ticks all our boxes since it has all the qualities you would look for in a dream tennis shoe. It is also custom-made for the court and serves all players regardless of the court material or playing style. It has adequate cushioning, is treaded on the outsole, and incorporates the latest tech in its design.

The only challenge is that it may be too rigid for some players; therefore, we suggest the Nike Air Zoom Prestige if you want an equally high-performance alternative. It is affordable, flexible, breathable, and has a roomy toe box for players with flat feet or other complications.

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