9 Best Asics Tennis Shoes, Which Pro Players Wear Asics Shoes?

The ASICS brand is all about the production of high-quality footwear with adequate foot support for tennis players. There’s a wide range of excellent Asics tennis shoes in the market, like the Asics Gel-Resolution 8, making it challenging for prospective buyers to pick the most suitable one.

A total of 7 pro tennis players who ranked in ATP 50 wear Nike shoes, they are Novak Djokovic, Gael Monfils, Fabio Fognini, David Goffin, Alex De Minaur, Richard Gasquet, Pablo Cuevas.

NameAsics Shoes
Novak DjokovicAsics Court FF 2 Novak
Gael MonfilsAsics Gel Resolution 7 Hyperflash
Fabio FogniniAsics Gel Resolution 7
David GoffinAsics Solution Speed FF
Alex De MinaurAsics Solution Speed FF
Richard GasquetAsics Gel Resolution 7
Pablo CuevasAsics Gel Resolution 7

Therefore, we have selected the best Asic tennis shoes with the most preferred features. Read on for a detailed review.

Best Asics Tennis Shoes

1. Asics Gel-Dedicate 6

A good tennis shoe will enhance your performance on the court, save your energy and maintain your stamina throughout the entire session. This ASICS line will do this and more for you since its design is updated to keep up with changes in the tennis world. Its properties include comfort, cushioning, support, traction, lightweight, and ventilation, all delicate features that are all prioritized in its construction.

Most beginners and intermediate players will appreciate these aspects, especially if they play recreational tennis or are learning the game. Similarly, elite tennis players can also utilize these properties to help improve gameplay. The advanced designs guarantee the Gel-Dedicate as one of the most sort after tennis shoes. 

For one, it has a snug-fitting upper that offers remarkable stability and support to the foot while maintaining comfort and reducing abrasions from injuries. Secondly, the midsole consists of EVA components that absorb shock and provide a springing or bouncy feel as you make your moves on the court.

The inner sole is also an EVA sock liner that cushions your foot and offers you an impressive adaptive response with every stride you make. The best part is that it is removable, enabling you to replace it with medical orthotics. The forefoot further has GEL technology for extra cushioning and comfort.

Similarly, the molded TRUSSTIC system on the underfoot offers superior stability and improves your speed. You will also appreciate that they are lightweight and breathable due to their meshed upper.


  • The shoes are budget-friendly
  • They are lightweight


  • It’s primarily best for entry-level tennis players
  • The outsole isn’t very durable

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2. ASICS Gel-Challenger 12

Buying this shoe gets you the complete package; great design, high performance, durability, lightweight, and stability, all thanks to the innovative technology involved in its manufacture. They are effective for tennis or any other active sport since their design focuses on endurance. One added advantage is that they also look great and come in various colors to make you stand out.

The shoe has EVA on the midsole to offer superior cushioning. The design doubles up to make the shoe durable even when you are using the punishing hard court. The signature GEL feature in the shoe also reduces shock by distributing it throughout the shoe. 

Additionally, the TRUSSTIC design on the sole lowers the shoe’s weight while maintaining support. The AHARPLUS, in contrast, decelerates wear to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Other than these fantastic features, another aspect we love about this shoe is the ortholite system on the removable sock liner.

These cushions are a welcome idea for players with foot complications such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and knee pain. Moreover, if the shoe doesn’t offer your preferred support level, you can always substitute the sock liners with the recommended orthotics. 


  • It offers adequate arch support
  • It has a removable ortholite sock liner


  • They don’t have a wide-foot size option
  • It may take a while to break-in 

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3. Asics Gel-Court FF 2

Another outstanding shoe model from Asics is the Court FF 2, which is best for clay courts. Thanks to the elaborate tread designs at the sole, the clay debris doesn’t stick on it as you play. However, you can still use it on the concrete and grass courts since they are durable and have anti-slip properties. 

The best part of the shoe is that it features the top technology you see in most ASICS shoes, making it an innovative pair for use in tennis. This construction not only aids in great gameplay but also comes with impressive support and comfort. The upper is soft on the foot, while the tongue is padded for extra comfort. 

The SOLYTE inner sole rebounds and cushions your foot for faster steps, and the ortholite sock liner manages moisture to keep your feet dry and fresh. Moreover, the TRUSSTIC System on the midfoot makes it sturdier to support the foot arch, while the midsole is FLYTEFOAM for a springy feel and stamina on the court. 

On the other hand, GEL components on the rear and forefoot offer improved cushioning that gives you a soft landing in every step or impact. Finally, the outsole is of a hard-wearing material due to AHAR tech offering value for money. 


  • The shoes have a unique design for the clay court
  • It is has a MONO-SOCK feature for easy wearing and taking off


  • It wears faster on a hard court
  • It isn’t very breathable on the upper

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4. ASICS Gel-Game 7

If you need a shoe that possesses all the coveted features of tennis footwear, you can try the Game 7. The ASICS Gel-Game often confuses buyers with the Resolution 7 line. Although they are both excellent shoes, the Resolution 7 has an upgraded version of the Resolution 8 while the game 7 has more arch support.

Many players hail it as a lightweight shoe thanks to the mesh design on the upper and the combination of synthetic materials. It has relatively fair stability, and users love that it requires less break-in period. 

The TRUSSTIC tech in the midfoot gives you unmatched comfort and cushioning in case of impact between your feet and the ground. It also enables the shoe to withstand wear and tear and to serve you for longer, regardless of the nature of the court material.

Apart from the excellent all-around fit, the shoes also offer support on critical areas like the heel, which is effective, especially if you are a heel striker. 

The only issue may be fitting because some buyers complained that they come in narrow sizes, especially at the toe box, making them pretty uncomfortable. However, others work around this by buying a full or half size bigger than their standard measurement.


  • They don’t need a lot of break-in time
  • It is a lightweight shoe


  • The toe box may be too narrow for some players
  • The pairs aren’t best for users with wide feet

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5. Asics Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

Each Asics tennis shoe has a unique feature that makes it stand out, and the Gel-Blade 7’s unique feature is versatility. All court players love them since you can use them for tennis, squash, badminton, and exercise.

It comes with an ortholite sock-liner that does not only adds to the overall cushioning but enhances your feet’ health. The feature ensures maximum arch support and absorbs sweat to keep your feet dry throughout the day. Since tennis is a high-activity sport where players can spend hours daily on the court, you need a shoe that cares for your well-being like the Blade 7. It offers unrivaled foot support, cushioning, and stability that you may need to get you going on the court. 

The shoe’s upper and tongue are meshed for enhanced breathability, while the insoles have orthotics to protect your feet and keep them ventilated for better aeration underfoot. The midsole also contains an EVA component that cushions your steps and improves your responsiveness. For added support, the upper layer has reinforcement on the sides that supports lateral movements that can harm your foot when you slip. 

Moreover, the TRUSSTIC technology ensures that there is added stability and direction. The shoe is available in different sizes and support levels to accommodate users with high arches, unlike most tennis shoes. Besides, the removable sock liner lets you adjust the footwear to your exact fit. 

The outer sole is exceptionally durable, thanks to the AHAR PLUS that fights for a durable shoe. At the same time, there is GEL foam at the heel that offers excellent cushioning and comfort during your play session.  


  • It has multipurpose use for different court games
  • They are true to size
  • The toe box is highly fortified


  • It has minimal upper breathability
  • The inadequate collar padding may cause ankle abrasion

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6. Asics Gel-Resolution 8

The first thing that comes to mind when we discuss the Gel-Resolution 8 is technology. First, its upper is flexion fit to guarantee that every player gets the necessary support through proper fitting footwear. It molds nicely onto your foot and locks them in place to prevent sliding or injuries. 

Secondly, the shoe has GEL cushioning on the front and back for better shock absorption in case of impact. This pair allows your feet to move in planes and have a smooth heel-toe transition whether you are a heel or toe striker. Next, the midsole utilizes EVA tech for extra support and cushioning. 

Concurrently, the TRUSSTIC design also contributes to the shoe’s low weight as it maintains offering the player the needed support. The outsole, in contrast, uses the AHAR system to increase traction on the court surface through decelerating wear. 

The midsole remains stable enough to prevent slippage, and thanks to the comprehensive cover on the shoe’s side, you get a snug fit for enhanced speeds. Lastly, the PGUARD at the toe box will keep the toe region durable to withstand frequent collisions. 


  • The shoes offer adequate support.
  • It provides a fantastic close-to-the-ground feel.


  • It isn’t well-ventilated, making it inappropriate for use under extreme heat.
  • They may need a while to break-in

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7. Asics Solution Speed FF 2

If you are a tennis pro looking for one of the fastest Asics tennis shoes, we have an option for you, the Solution Speed FF 2, an ultra-lightweight, supportive, and comfortable shoe regardless of the court’s surface material. This product line is impressively featherweight enabling it to compete favorably among numerous tennis shoe brands in the market.

With these shoes on, you can accelerate and decelerate when you want to, meaning quick serves and overall aggressive performance.

The Asics Solution Speed FF 2 construction focuses on creating one of the most versatile tennis shoes, including top-notch technology. First, the PU (polyurethane) upper snugly wraps your foot, giving you a customized-like fitting with great flexibility and stability. 

Additionally, it has the DYNAWRAP design on the forefoot that supports the shoe and prevents side-to-side movements that can cause injuries, while the insoles have a sock liner to keep your feet dry as it helps wick away sweat. 

Finally, the foam midsole is quite responsive for agility while running and braking on the court. An advantage is that its rebound improves a player’s speed, and the outsole is also molded with a durable layer treaded for aggressive traction regardless of your preferred court type. 


  • The shoes are super lightweight
  • The shoes’ upper is exceptionally soft and offers a snug fit
  • It is an upgraded version of the older Solution Speed FF


  • It requires some time to break-in
  • It doesn’t support high arches

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8. Asics Gel-Court Speed

Any tennis player would want a shoe that can strongly support the feet without chances of rolling their ankles. Hardcourt players particularly need the confidence that their feet are solidly in place. If you are an agile athlete that loves to exercise, the Gel-Court Speed may be the right option for you. 

They will prevent unnecessary slips due to the deep heel cup that offers maximum support and stability. The seamless mesh and synthetic upper ensure a snug fit and balance to play on any type of court, including the slippery grass types. One advantage is that a seamless construction doesn’t cause severe friction or irritation to your feet. 

You will also love that your feet will stay dry, healthy, and fresh at all times, thanks to the breathable upper. The footwear also has a lace-up closure system to help you adjust to your ideal fit for more support. The shoe has incorporated advanced tech such as PGUARD at the toe box for protection that prevents toe dragging and boosts durability in high-abrasion areas.

Secondly, the Gel technology on the rearfoot and the forefoot offer unbeatable cushioning while minimizing impact while on the court. Without interfering with the shoe’s structure, TRUSSTIC technology, on the other hand, reduces the overall weight to enable the athlete to accelerate better. 


  • It offers solid foot support than most Asics tennis shoes
  • It has a reliable lateral support


  • The shoes put a lot of pressure on the ankles due to the deep heel cup
  • The footwear is quite bulky 

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9. Asics GT-2000 9

ASICS knows that it can be demanding to find the right tennis shoes, especially for players with wide feet and high arches. Therefore, they created the GT-2000 9, an ideal design to suit runners, tennis players, or any other sportsperson with the need of agility and traction in their daily needs. It has various options to cater to the large client base from the standard foot size, wide to extra wide users. 

The best part of the shoe is that it also accommodates players with high arches. They are lightweight, well-cushioned, supportive, and comfortable, but, most importantly, a versatile product line that some athletes use for training and exercising. The shoe’s upper layer material is meshed and synthetic, especially at the tongue and the upper, for enhanced breathability to keep your foot dry and improve stability. 

It also has GEL construction at the rearfoot and forefoot region at the midsole for superior cushioning and protection for your feet. Additionally, FlyteFoam tech on the midsole is a unique design for a rebound and better response during gameplay. 

Additionally, it boasts of the DUOMAX, a reliable support system to enhance stability and support that you need to take control of every movement. The Guidance Line and TRUSSTIC technology also improve your gait since they offer support due to the shoe’s robust structure. 


  • They are best for players with high arches.
  • It comes in different size options to choose from; standard, wide and extra-wide


  • The midsole and outsole don’t adequately cover the toe box 
  • The shoes are mostly only ideal for professionals since their design isn’t court-specific

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Final Word

The ASICS shoes on our list are high-performance, but the Asics Gel-Resolution 8 has most of the properties of your dream tennis shoe. It has an unmatched level of support, cushioning, shock absorption, traction on the ground, and are durable to guarantee value for money.

Alternatively, suppose you want a shoe that caters to players with foot complications. In that case, we recommend the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 since it comes with a removable ortholite sock liner and offers an equally high level of arch support. Another great pair is the ASICS Gel-Game 7 that doesn’t require breaking in and is lightweight for fast-paced tennis tournaments.

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