Gift Ideas for Tennis Players: What we wish you’d buy us

It’s that time again: time to hunt for tennis-related presents for your tennis loving buddy. 

However, they might already own all the tennis gear one could own or have already acquired an assortment of Wimbledon towels. What do you get that friend, family member, or partner of yours who is a total tennis fanatic?

So…what are the best gift ideas for tennis players? We have created a fresh list of diverse tennis-related presents ranging from tennis gear and gadgets, to clothing, accessories, and even some eye-roll worthy gag gifts!

We are confident even the most die-hard tennis fan can’t possibly own all these cleverly sourced items. To make it easier to comb through, we have divided our gift suggestions into categories. 

Tennis Gift Ideas

The Best Tennis Accessories (Under $40)

Hats, Visors, and Headbands

Even if the tennis-lover in your life has a collection of hats, the truth is that tennis players can never really have enough hats and visors to protect them from the sun. It’s also nice to have a variety of unique styles to choose from. Hats and visors are also an inexpensive and versatile present that can be worn in everyday life as well. Win-win!

  • Travis Mathew Hats – these chic-looking Cali style hats are not only stylish and comfortable, but they look way more expensive than they are. 
  • Lululemon Headbands – these fly-away tamers are crucial for both men and women to keep pesky hairs out of their face when playing an aggressive match. These Lululemon headbands come in multiple colors, are super absorbent, and are made to stretch to fit many different head sizes. They’re also a surprisingly affordable accessory coming from this otherwise expensive yoga attire brand.
  • Nike Unisex Visor – highly rated, affordable, and made with an ultra-absorbent dry-fit technology. This Nike visor comes in multiple colors and an adjustable back closure to fit all shapes and sizes.

Water Bottles

  • Iron Flask Insulated Water Bottles – these insulated stainless-steel water bottles by Iron Flask are insanely cool. They also come in an attractive looking box that makes for an ideal gift. These sports bottles are made in assorted colors and styles, come with three different lid attachments, and are 100% BPA free and non-toxic. Their best feature by far? They keep liquids cold for 24-hours and hot for 12-hours. We dare you not to buy a second one for yourself.

Sweat Towels

Perhaps not the most glamorous present. However, for a tennis player, it is a necessary piece of equipment. Towels are also not an item people tend to purchase themselves. Much like socks, people tend to use old towels long past their prime. For this reason, new sweat towels are an excellent gift your tennis bud will love!

  • SINLAND Microfiber Towel Set – these microfiber towels come in a set of three, and the colors and styles are customizable! The towels are 32- by 16 inches. They’re also conveniently under $20!

Tennis Balls

To risk stating the obvious… a tennis player needs an endless supply of tennis balls. For this reason, you could buy the tennis-lover in your life tennis balls for every occasion, and they would still not have enough tennis balls.

  • Gamma Bucket of Balls – go big or go home with this giant bucket of Gamma tennis balls. This container has 48 balls and is a great bucket to keep for future storage. The bucket also comes with a handle, making it very convenient to carry along to practice or matches.

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The Best Live Tennis Events (Tickets)

If you are swinging big and have the money to spend, purchasing tickets to a live sporting event is a far more exciting gift than a tennis-themed key chain or sweat towel (though those sweat towels are super handy.)

Taking your loved one to a pro tennis event will create lasting memories (and last far longer than a piece of memorabilia.) Obviously, some pro events are more challenging than others to try to attend, but most are manageable and heaps of fun!

  • Top ATP 250 & 500 Event Ticketssome of the more manageable events to attend are the ATP 250 & 500 tennis pro events. This guide makes it easy to understand how to purchase tickets to such an event.
  • The U.S. Open TicketsThe U.S. Open is one of the most exciting tennis events a tennis player/fan can attend. Click here to see how to get tickets and attend an event.
  • Wimbledon Tickets – getting tickets to Wimbledon is no easy task, we must warn you. However, this handy-dandy guide will assist you in all you need to know to get your hands on a pair of tickets to this legendary pro series.

The Best Tennis Accessories (You Didn’t Know You Needed)

Racket Handle Covers

Tennis rackets do not need racket handle covers. However, they come in handy and add an extra flair to one’s tennis gear. Also, racket grips get dinner in no-time-flat. Grip covers hide the grime you’d rather the general public not see.

  • Epirus Grip Covers – these Epirus grip covers are cost-effective, come in a myriad of colors, and fit all tennis rackets. They will, without a doubt, add style to your loved one’s tennis bag.

Fancy Tennis Gloves

One does not need bionic tennis gloves. One wants bionic tennis gloves. 

  • The Bionic Glove – these uniquely designed tennis gloves are meant to provide ample support, control, and enhanced grip. Gloves help prevent slippage that can occur when hands get sweaty during a match of tennis. Gloves also come in handy in the winter months, to keep one’s hands from cramping from the cold. 

Fancy Schmancy Racket Backpack

No one needs a stylish bag that shouts, “I love luxury” or “I have a personality, and you can tell because of this bag!” But…it sure doesn’t hurt. A fancy-schmancy bag is also a gift that a tennis player might not think to gift themselves, which is why it makes for an excellent present.

  • Lish Tennis Racket Backpack – we love this nautical-esque tennis backpack. It fits two rackets in the outer pocket, and there are slots on the sides for a ball container and water bottles. In addition, there is a large backpack section that can hold towels, snacks, and any additional gadgetry a tennis player could dream of.
  • Ame & LuLu Tennis Backpack – we are also in FULL support of this Ame & Lulu ‘game on’ backpack. It’s a little pricey…but it is very trendy. Most tennis players likely can’t justify spending almost $90 on a backpack for their rackets. However, you, their most generous loved one, totally can. This hip bag can fit two rackets and has side pockets for balls and water bottles as well.

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The Best Tennis Clothing

Warm-Up/ Practice Apparel

  • Men’s Apparel – we love this Columbia Vest for men’s warm-up attire. This lightweight down vest is machine-washable and possesses a heat-seal technology to keep an athlete warm during cooler winter months.
  • Women’s Apparel – One of the best warm-up clothing items tennis players can wear both on and off the court are vests, like this  Lacoste Warm Up Vest. It is made of 100% polyester; it is lightweight but insulates effortlessly. 

Classic Tennis Apparel

Surely the tennis player you are shopping for already owns a plethora of tennis clothing. However, if you are looking to gift them with some new, high tech, or classic tennis apparel, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The best type of sports apparel is the kind that is breathable, flexible, and not cumbersome. 

  • Men’s Apparel – we love this Zity Quick Dry Tennis Tee. It is made of polyester and hyper moisture wicking. Breathable and lightweight, it will never impede active play. The tee comes in tons of assorted colors and cuts (polo, athletic cut, loose fit, and clean finished). The moisture-wicking fabric prevents odor and bacteria build-up that can occur from excess sweat. The best feature of this shirt may just be the U.V. protection (50+ UPF rating). Bonus: it’s affordable! 
  • Women’s Apparel – this Miss Fortune Dry-Fit Active Tee is one of our favorite tops for female tennis players. These shirts are also made of polyester, so they’re moisture-wicking and keep athletes cool, while still being stylish and breathable. All styles are under $40 and come in long sleeve, short sleeve, or tank sleeved. 
  • We also love this CityYoung Classic Tennis Skort. This skort is polyester, so it is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking. It is made of two layers, so it is not see-through. It also has those much-need tennis pockets. Additionally, it is an affordable and fashionable skort option. This CityYoung classic comes in multiple colors and sizes.

The Best New Tennis Gadgets 

Massage/Recovery Gear

  • Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Massage Ball – this cryosphere recovery ball offers 6 hours worth of cold relief therapy. This is an ideal deal gadget for a tennis player who needs some post-workout recovery solutions. This massage ball is highly rated, provides relief from pain, and is portable (can be carried in one’s tennis bag.) It’s also under $40!

Swing Analyzer

  • PIQ Robot Wrist Analyzer – don’t bother with an apple watch, when you can purchase a robotic wrist-worn gadget that analyzes your tennis swing style! This wristlet connects to an app that analyzes swing type, style, topspin, and service speed. This supped up nano-computer is shock-resistant, water-resistant, and ultra-lightweight. It will not impede one’s tennis performance. Charged, it can last eight hours.
  • Zepp Swing Analyzer – some tennis players might not want the cumbersome feeling of having any kind of wristlet on their arm. If this is the case, the Zepp 2 Swing & Match analyzer is an excellent option. It is the second edition of the already popular Zepp analyzer. It is an attachable sensor that helps a tennis player to work on and improve their swings. The sensor is built into an attachable mount that can be easily mounted to the end of one’s tennis racket. This micro-sensor evaluates not only swing style, but also the amount of power, stroke type, ball spin and speed, and the amount of court time played. This analyzer mount can capture over 1,000 data points per second and sends the information to a smartphone app for later analysis. The Zepp app acts like a diary that tracks data to show improvement over time.

The Best Cheesy Gifts

Tennis Themed Books 

We categorize tennis-themed books as ‘cheesy’ purely because they’re a more ‘on the nose’ kind of gift. We are confident any avid tennis player would enjoy the following selections:

  • String Theory by David Wallace – This book features a string of various essays and short stories about tennis. New York Times called David Wallace “The best tennis writer of all time.” ENOUGH SAID.
  • Winning Ugly: Lessons from a Master by Brad Gilbert and Steve Jamison – your tennis aficionado can learn from the real masters with this book. This piece of non-fiction dives into the very real mental warfare that occurs in the sport of tennis and is as good as a book as it is an audiobook! Some tennis players have called this book the “Bible” of tennis. If you are loved one’s “church” is the tennis court, they might need this holy book.  

Wimbledon Merch

If you thought we were going to list a bunch of tennis gift ideas without mentioned Wimbledon merch, think again! Wimbledon merch brings that cheese harder than most gifts. It’s like giving a poster of the Hollywood sign to someone who aspires to be an actress. It’s certainly on-brand–but a little cliché. None the less, if your tennis playing loved one enjoys a bit of cheese, then bring on that Wimbledon Merch, baby!

  • Wimbledon Towel – nothing says, “get it because you like tennis?” more than this classic and very loud Wimbledon Towel! Especially since it has the year on the towel… But hey!  This Wimbledon classic is under $40 bucks. There’s no arguing with that!

Coffee Mug

Nothing says, “I remembered you like tennis a lot” like a tennis-themed coffee mug! It could be a mug for a home or even a take-a-way mug! Skies the limit when it comes to tennis-themed coffee mugs.

  • Tennis Ball Shaped Coffee Mug – oh yes. This exists. And your loved one needs a tennis ball-shaped porcelain coffee mug to prove their devotion to this posh sport.

Tennis Socks

Everyone needs socks. These socks just have a little more personality and flair!

  • Foozy’s Tennis Socks – these tennis-themed socks come in multiple colors and feature tennis balls, tennis rackets, and words like “set” and “love” all over the socks. These babies are also under $15!

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Pasta… in the shape of Tennis Rackets

Yes. We said pasta

  • Pastabilities Tennis Pasta – it really doesn’t get any cheesier or more outside-the-box than buying your tennis fanatic tennis shaped pasta. Not only is this pasta in the shape of tennis rackets, but you’ll be pleased to learn it is made in the U.S.A and GMO-free!

The Best Tennis Subscriptions

Tennis Magazines

  • Racquet Magazine – instead of purchasing a one-time read book, a unique option for the tennis bibliophile is to sign them up for a year’s subscription to Racquet Mag. Unlike other stuffy tennis magazines, R.M. also gives focus to the art, style, and culture surrounding the sport. It’s like the Paris Review of tennis. A collection of these bad boys will also make for a cool coffee table display.

Subscription Boxes

  • The Tennis Trunk – nothing says “fanatic” like a niche subscription box! This subscription box always comes stocked with two cans of tennis balls, an assortment of accessories and gear (like towels, grip tape, sunblock), and snack bars/ energy chews. 

Tennis Television Network

  • Tennis T.V. – give the gift that keeps on giving 24/7. Tennis T.V. will keep your racket slinging buddy in the loop with every imaginable tennis match being televised, as well as allow them to follow their favorite athletes.

The Key Take Away?

Even though tennis players have an obvious love in common, every person is different, and therefore may or may not like tennis-themed gifts. However, including their love of this sport into your gift choice shows you are paying attention and care. Hopefully, the person you have in mind doesn’t possess every tennis gadget, gismo, accessory, and piece of apparel ever made. Luckily, this is why gift receipts were invented.

We hope that this expansive list helped you to find at least one thing you either did not think of prior to reading this article, or that re-iterated an idea you were already mulling around. Whether you are thinking of gifting something a bit cheesy, something a bit fancy, or something on the practical side, we are sure your tennis loving pal will be grateful for your thoughtful gift!

We wish you the best of luck in your tennis present hunt!

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