5 Best Tennis Stringing Machines (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis stringing machine is, then we recommend the Gamma X-Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine as the best one.

It’s recommended for tennis players, amateurs and pros alike to know how to string their racquets. This is a sign of good discipline and dedication to the game and at the same time, may result in great performance overall.

These are some of the best tennis stringing machines that you may utilize to bring your game to the next level.

Best Tennis Stringing Machines

In this article, we’re going to review the following tennis stringing machines:

What Is a Tennis Stringing Machine Used For? Do I Really Need to Own One?

As mentioned, stringing your own tennis racquet makes sure that you condition the very tool you use on the court to your liking. We’re talking about preference so you may maximize your swings and have full control of your game.

A tennis stringing machine is utilized to install strings on to a tennis racquet. Each machine depending on what you invest in will vary in features, price, accuracy, and quality.

Stringing will usually take about 20 minutes for casual players but stringing a racquet when still in play in professional tennis games is not uncommon. Some of the most skilled stringers only need 10 minutes before completely making sure that a racquet is strung and ready.

Similar sports to tennis like badminton and squash also utilizes the same process for their strings.

When stringing, one important you should consider is string tension. String tension is often determined by the player’s preference and at the same time the conditions of the tournament or game that they are about to play.

String tension is measured in kg and reasonable string tension is between 23kg top 27kg. Anything less or more would then be hard to control or takes time to master. It does not only require some practice and reasonable dexterity as a player but at the same time, easily tire your arms.

When it comes to stringing your tennis racquet make sure to remember the ff.:

  • Increasing tension –
    • Will give you better control as opposed to power. Decrease your unforced errors but you may struggle for points if you’re not used to it.
    • The string’s durability might be cut short.
    • Lessens the comfort and feel when you strike
  • Decreasing tension –
    • Gives you better power as opposed to control. This is due to the improved trampoline effect making sure your tennis ball bounces stronger once it hits the strings thus creating more power.
    • The strings would also last much longer.
    • Promotes comfort of play. This is ideal for players that are suffering from arm pains or discomfort.

That’s why you must know how to string your own tennis racquet and the fastest most efficient way to do so is to try on one of the best tennis stringing machines we’ve listed below.

For pro players, significant and important adjustments can be done midway to ensure victory or to catch up when down. This is because of what we call the “static effect” which means that your tennis racquet’s string tension decreases by itself.

Tennis racquet strings are usually made out of polyester, gut, or even a hybrid of these two materials. Some other materials utilized as tennis racquet strings include nylon, multifilament, Kevlar, and even metal. Choose yours wisely!

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Best Tennis Stringing Machine Buyer’s Guide

Here are a few aspects and things that you need to know about a tennis stringing machine.


You may choose between a manual, electronic, and drop weight tennis racquet stringing machine. None is particularly better than the other but you might consider a few factors.

Skilled stringers know how to operate all of the types so it’s all about convenience and when it’s going to be utilized. When in between games you might want to go for the speed and convenience of an electronic one.

Manual types are usually the more accurate of these machines so they are best to use once you have the time to string your racquet. Drop weight stringing machines are less accurate and slowest of them all but they are pretty affordable. It’s pretty much for novices to try out and practice their stringing skills before moving on to more expensive and higher quality ones.

You may also choose between a standalone or tabletop stringing machine based on your preference and convenience.


Drop weight and electronic types of stringing machines utilize the constant pull mechanism while manual or hand-cranked types utilize a lockout design. These are the mechanism responsible for reaching the ideal tension of your strings.

Mounting Systems

You also need to consider how many mounting systems you need. Machines 2 to 4 mounting systems are common and are pretty easy and fast to utilize. Stringing machines can go for 6 mounting systems and they create a better fit as well as less casing bending especially on oversized edges.


There are 3 particular bracing systems that you need to consider when buying a stringing machine. These are flying clamps, fixed clamps, and fixed clamps with swivel. Flying clamps are the most affordable ones but are of course, less consistent on the pressure it applies.

Fixed clamps provide effortless as well as constrained stringing while fixed clamps with swivel offer the best scope for the movement which can be valuable for fan designs.

Best Tennis Stringing Machine Product Reviews

1. Gamma X-Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

The first entry on our best tennis stringing machine review is the king of all drop weight types. No other than the Gamma X-Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine.

We are very impressed with the range of string tension that this machine can accommodate. We’re talking about a range of 9 to 90 pounds making it versatile. This stringing machine is perfect for both learners and skilled ones alike as opposed to what drop weight stringing machines are known for.

It’s got 2 composite floating clamps as well as two mounting systems that will hold your racquet tight as you string it. Plus, this is an ultra-durable and long-lasting model too. The extrusion base is made out of aluminum and its rotating ratchet gripper is diamond coated.

Not only that, it’s got a nickel-chrome plating that adds to its durable construction. This is also one of the easiest stringing machines to utilize from our list and you’ll get a decent warranty deal once you invest in one.

Also, it comes with a whole set of tools to get you going like a pathfinder and straight awl, hex wrenches, as well as straight pliers with a cutter. How’s that for our first entry? Impressive, right? That’s because this product is!


  • Very durable product
  • Easiest to operate and perfect for beginners
  • Great value for money
  • Very wide range for string tension
  • Convenient and portable


  • We hope the grip on the racquet would be firmer

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2. Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

The next entry on our review may just be the most accurate. We’re, of course, talking about the Klippermate Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine. It’s a bestseller too and well-known across the industry or sport for the past few decades.

Due to its precision, it’s arguably the best one yet from its category in terms of price and type. Meant for individual use this is also super easy to use and will help you string that racquet fast with its drop weight design.

The precision is due to its lifelong calibration and is give or take one pound. It’s got a brand exclusive Cam String Gripper that will eliminate the need for the ratchet pulling system or clutch. And this system is the reason why it’s so fast to string when you use this machine.

The base of this unit is also made out of steel so it’s much stronger for sure.


  • Very durable stringing machine
  • Easy to utilize
  • Fast stringing
  • Very accurate
  • Great value for money


  • No portable design

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3. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine

One of the most comfortable stringing machine on our list, let’s get to know the Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine. Comfortable in the sense that it’s so easy to use plus it is ultra-durable.

This stringing machine is a workhorse and will get your tennis racquet strung in no time. It’s also a beast when it comes to features and useful components. This machine has a 6 point mounting system and has a tabletop option for utmost convenience. It’s portable and has a smooth moving track base.

It is self-leveling, single knob adjustable, and most of all, quick and easy to mount to get that string job going. It’s got a 360-degree turntable, 5-tooth fixed clamps, quick lock cams, and comes with a sturdy plus height-adjustable stand.

This is also quite versatile as it is not only meant for tennis racquets but also other sports like badminton and squash. You’ll really get great value for what you’ll be investing in.


  • Feature-packed and has got all the components that you need
  • Meant for pro tennis players to use
  • Easy to use and easy to move around
  • Sturdy construction
  • Firm grip on your racquet


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Not for beginners

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4. Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine

The second to the last entry on our best tennis stringing machine offers the best value for your money. We’re talking about the Gamma Progression 200 Stringing Machine.

If you’re needing a compact and tabletop stringing machine, then this should be on top of your list. Probably the cheapest one on our review but definitely does not mean that it’s inferior in terms of quality and function.

It’s got a wide range of string tension capabilities from 8 to 90 pounds with its steel bar turntable. The simple to use two-point mounting system is easy on beginners. It enables quick and easy stringing sessions per racquet plus, this unit is quite versatile as well and can be used for squash and badminton racquets as well.

It comes with a convenient tool tray and the usual set of tools like your straight awl, pathfinder awl, pliers, diagonal cutter, and hex wrenches.


  • Great value for money
  • Most affordable from our list
  • Easy to use and quick to string
  • Versatile stringing machine
  • Firm grip on the racquet


  • May not be very durable

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5. Tourna Cube Precision Stringing Machine

The last entry on our review is another heavy-duty stringing machine and it’s the classy Tourna Cube Precision. This unit can be the center of attention if you have a workstation, aesthetics-wise it’s the bomb but it’s even better function-wise.

With features such as a patented Diablo tensioner, adjustable height stand, automatically starting string gripper, gravity-assisted clamps, plus a digital control panel for advanced stringing abilities, you could not ask for more.

The control panel needs some studying but it can tremendously help you be more accurate on your stringing sessions. It’s got tension controls, memory settings, 6 pull speeds, and knot function among other things that it’s programmed with.

The base is smooth and easy to use with easy clicking clamps to position your racquets and get them ready. It’s very innovative and futuristic. It will serve professional stringers or players alike and should be a great bang for your buck.


  • Sleek design visually
  • Very functional
  • Innovative design
  • Great value for money
  • Super accurate stringing


  • There’s some learning curve if you want to utilize it fully

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Final Thoughts

No doubt about it the Gamma X-Stringer Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine is the best of the best tennis stringing machine that we have on our list.

It’s a unit that will make sure to provide a firm hold while you work as well as deliver the right amount of pressure every time. It’s easy to use as well as accommodates a wide array of string tension that you might want to do. It’s also versatile and perfect for beginners and pros alike plus it’s super affordable.

It’s durable and everything you’d want for a top-quality stringing machine that will lift you in your games whenever you need some assistance. We have some heavy-duty models on our list so be sure to check them all out and always keep that tension accurate!

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