5 Best Tennis Shoes for Kids (2022 Reviewed)

Nothing tells your kids that you care more than nurturing their young talents. If your child is developing an interest in tennis, you would want to help by finding the best shoes alongside other tennis necessities. The only challenge is making the right pick since kids’ shoes are unlike adults’.

However, this should not worry you. After intense research, we have compiled some of the best tennis shoes for kids, with the New Balance 996V4 being our top pick.

Here are some of the shoes we recommend for your kid together with a guide to help you out through the selection process.

Best Tennis Shoes for Kids

5 Best Tennis Shoes for Kids Reviewed

If your kids are gradually getting interested in playing tennis, you may want to provide everything they need, from sportswear to sports gear. Investing in a pair of tennis shoes is a worthy investment that will go a long way to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. Therefore, with so many products in the shoe market, we went ahead and narrowed down your options of the best tennis shoes for your kids.

1. UOVO Boys Tennis Sneakers

When you buy this pair for your boys, they will have shoes for tennis, hiking, running, or any other sport. This is because it is durable, has a stylish design, and comes in different colors to choose from, depending on your kids’ preference. This shoe is lightweight due to the lace design on the upper. It is a sneaker that works on or off-court, as running shoes, or as casual wear. 

The shoe’s comfort and support are unmatched due to its lightweight and cushioning properties, enabling the young boys to engage in all their high adrenaline games. It also works for different court types thanks to the deep treads on the outsole that offers maximum traction between the shoes and the ground. The insole is made of cozy foam, while the shoe’s interior is skin-friendly, making it perfect for the kids. 

The shoe also has a strong toecap to cushion the feet from abrasions and collisions for added safety. If there are issues with lace tying, you don’t have to worry as the shoes come with a bungee lace closure for easy wearing, taking off, and tight-fitting. We also love the waterproof and well-ventilated upper to maintain feet freshness throughout the day and protect the feet from excessive dampness. 

You will also love the tough tongue and soft insole that protect all parts of the foot while in action. Lastly, this shoe is one of the most durable on our list, thanks to the flexible rubber outsole, making it perfect for any court type. 


  • It has a waterproof lining.
  • It has a reinforced toe cap and heel to prevent collisions and injuries.


  • There are chances of getting the wrong shoe size.

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2. Wetike Kids’ Tennis Shoes

Kids also need the best shoes to enhance their performance on the court. With this in mind, Wetike constructed various options that are kid-friendly and have all the vital features that a tennis sneaker should have. Wetike shoes come in different colors and designs, allowing your loved one to pick their best choice. Considering kids grow very fast, the shoes come in different sizes for every kid to find the perfect size.

The Wetike junior shoes have your child’s best interest at heart since the sneakers are lightweight, and your kid wouldn’t have to pull a heavyweight on their feet across the court. Moreover, this footwear has a breathable upper layer of mesh material for free airflow needed to manage sweat in the shoes, leaving your baby’s feet dry all through the game.

Furthermore, these shoes are easy to slip on and off, and you can set the lace tight to prevent your child from wasting a lot of time adjusting the laces every time. The lace-up system is also very convenient since it can’t loosen up and trip the player.

Besides, children are likely to lose stability while playing. Therefore, the WETIKE sneakers have a slip-counter outsole to guarantee your junior’s safety. Lastly, the footwear is quite comfortable on your baby’s foot, and the material is also friendly to their skin.


  • It has a stretching collar that is easy to slip on
  • The shoes can fit kids with wider feet
  • The shoe’s inner layer absorbs sweat to keep the baby’s feet dry


  • It isn’t a very common brand in tennis

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3. Asics Kids’ Gel-Game 7

These shoes are a special design for kids who love tennis and are a great option to offer as a gift. They are versatile, meaning you can wear them on the court or rock them casually.

ASICS has improved their technology to construct these shoes with the best features that every parent wishes for their child. The brand guarantees feather-light features, comfort, stability, traction, and impressive cushioning on your baby’s feet.

It also has incorporated the Gel-Game 7 technology on the upper layer, which is synthetic and meshed to allow breathability and minimize excessive sweat. It works alongside the moisture-absorbing sock-liner to manage dampness and keep your kid’s feet healthy.

Besides, the midsole is lightweight and shock-absorbing, thanks to EVA foam, and the GEL cushioning on the forefoot/ This provides a smooth landing reducing the impact that may harm the child’s feet. The design of the treads on the outsole has a classic arrangement to enhance traction on all court types. These shoes are quite durable and can last longer than most kids’ tennis shoes.


  • The forefoot sole is shock-absorbing.
  • It can accommodate high arched feet.


  • The shoe is relatively costly.

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4. New Balance 996V4

Besides shoes, New Balance has widened its scope in producing other equipment used on the court. Hence, they have the experience to develop an ideal shoe for tennis-playing kids.

This particular pair has an attractive look that every kid will love to wear, thanks to the sleek design, and it helps that it is easy to clean. Apart from tennis, this footwear can still maneuver on other courts such as basketball and still serve as your kid’s everyday wear. 

Also, the area above the forefoot is designed to improve air circulation into the shoes through tiny pores to dry the sweat from the wearer’s feet. In turn, the kid will gain stability, and it will boost confidence since there will be no worry about the feet sliding and losing balance in the process. 

Similarly, the outsole features a non-marking rubber made with NDurance technology. Also, the treads have a herringbone design to enhance stability. Furthermore, REVlite tech cushions the midsole to reduce impact during high jumps, and it is also light to reduce the weight on the feet for swift movement. 


  • It has better breathability than most kid’s tennis shoes.
  • The shoes are lightweight and sturdy on the foot.
  • The sneakers come in bright colors that children love.


  • The shoes aren’t stretchy, and children outgrow them quickly.
  • The exact size may not fit perfectly; hence, it is best to order a half size larger.

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5. K-Swiss Classic VN

K-Swiss may not be a big brand, but their products are worth your investment, given their reputation. Classic VN is a high-end kid shoe that your kid will use in sporting and casual events. The manufacturer has incorporated innovation in creating this footwear, with every child’s well-being in mind. 

Looking at the technology involved, you will notice that the upper is synthetic to ensure that the shoes are light. The outsole is made of flexible rubber, which offers stability and traction to prevent your child from falling when playing, while the textile constructed shoe collar is soft to prevent abrasion on the Achilles tendons.

Additionally, the EVA sock-liner infusion makes it comfortable to wear regardless of the long hours and the game’s pressure.

The D-ring lacing system makes it easy for your kids to wear and remove the shoes without struggle. Additionally, it offers a snug fit on your child’s feet to prevent it from slipping off easily. However, the shoes don’t have mesh for efficient aeration, but they have a comfortable inner lining to absorb sweat from the child’s feet.


  • The shoes come in attractive colors and designs for the kids.
  • The sneakers are quite affordable.


  • Some buyers have complained about the shoes’ durability.

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How to Choose Tennis Shoes for Kids (Buying Guide)

Buying tennis shoes for children is a worthwhile investment and a great milestone towards enjoying the sport, whether for recreation or pro championships. Therefore, the key is to make the right decision. If you are uncertain of how best to go about it, you are at the right place.

Here are essential considerations to guide you to choose the best tennis shoes for kids.

Foot Size

Perhaps the most critical factor to consider is your child’s foot size since it will help you find a pair that fits comfortably. As a rule of thumb, none of the toes should be pressing against the shoe’s inner lining, the toes should have ample space to wiggle, and the heel and other shoe parts should always stay in place. It is advisable to look at the toe box and your kid’s feet to ensure that the toes and the shoe have a half an inch gap between them. 

Ultimately, the pair shouldn’t be too loose or tight because it will be uncomfortable, leading to blisters or injuries when playing. It is also essential to know that kids grow pretty fast; hence, can easily outgrow their current shoes even when they are presently the best fit. In due time, you will go for bigger pairs as they get older.

Shoe Weight

The right tennis shoes have to be lightweight due to the nature of the game. Tennis involves strenuous activities; therefore, it becomes tasking to drag around heavy shoes all over the court. Besides, it is easier for kids to run around in light shoes considering their body weight and size. If you buy the item online, you can go to the product description to find the shoe’s weight before buying it. 


There are two main closure types for kids’ tennis shoes; laces or straps. Laces are the usual adult shoe harnesses where you secure the footwear using strings, while the straps are a closure system involving easy-to-use hooks with adhesives. You need the most secure closure; otherwise, your kid can trip or spend a lot of time trying to tie up the shoes. Laces are the most secure systems but may not be ideal for kids who don’t know how to tie them. Straps, on the other hand, are easier to use when wearing or taking off.


Children are prone to sweating, especially if they spend hours on the court. Since tennis is a hyperactive sport and most courts are outdoors, the heat can be excessive. Therefore, you need a well-ventilated pair that promotes air circulation in the shoes to leave them dry all through the day. If the shoes’ uppers aren’t well-ventilated, the sweat accumulates, harboring bacteria, which makes the shoes smell. Therefore, we always advise looking at the shoe material first. For maximum breathability, consider a pair with mesh material on the exterior. 


Another essential feature to consider is the shoes’ outsole. It makes the difference between tennis shoes, running shoes, and ordinary sneakers. The first aspect is to ensure that the sole is high quality and non-marking, especially when your kids play in indoor courts. Secondly, the sole determines your kids’ stability, given the nature of the court’s surface. Generally, unlike adults, kids have less control over their balance since their feet are smaller and still developing. 

Therefore, they need footwear with a strong outsole that offers enough traction to grip the court as they play. Otherwise, they can easily slip and get hurt. Your best bet is a pair with many treads on the sole for maximum friction; for instance, the herringbone pattern. Moreover, it is best to go for a pair with a durable outsole, preferably high-quality rubber, for improved performance.

Shoe Material

The material in the shoe’s construction will tell you a lot about it. There are three main shoe materials in the market; mesh, leather, and rubber. The aim is to find a high-quality and durable material that is the best investment. For one, leather is very wear-resistant, easier to clean, and tough to resist abrasion. Secondly, rubber is durable, flexible, lightweight, and mostly used as the outsole since it is more comfortable and aids in shock absorption. Lastly, the mesh is the most breathable of the three and is mostly used as the shoes’ upper since it promotes air circulation in and around the feet to prevent foul-smelling due to excessive sweat.

Court Surface

Another vital consideration is the type of surface. There are three main types: grass, hard, and clay courts, each with its demands. You can buy footwear that matches the particular surface or an all-surface shoe. If your kid mostly uses a hard court, you may need a durable pair since the shoes are usually subject to wearing out easily. 

Secondly, clay courts need outsoles with a firm grip and powerful ankle support due to frequent sliding. The shoes will also need more cushioning on the outsole, and the heel since the player exerts a lot of pressure on the ground. Given the sticky clay, the treads on the outsole should also prevent the debris from sticking onto the shoes. Lastly, players on grass surfaces require thick-soled shoes with a firm grip to deal with unnecessary slips. 

Foot Type

Every player has a foot type that determines the befitting shoes. Therefore, it is a vital consideration because getting a pair that isn’t compatible with your kids’ feet can lead to discomfort, foot blisters, or long-term complications. For instance, if your child has a high arch, it is best to buy shoes with enough room on the upper, but you don’t need a special pair if the foot is flat. 


The best tennis shoe with your kids’ interest at heart should be breathable, comfortable, and stable since their feet are still developing. After our research, we found the New Balance 996V4 a great option since it has an attractive look, durable, and is versatile for use in different sports and different occasions thanks to the technology used in the manufacture. Our alternative pick is the UOVO Boys Tennis Sneakers with their waterproof lining, lightweight features, and improved traction on the tennis court. It also has multipurpose properties and guarantees your child’s safety while playing. 

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