What Are the Physical Benefits of Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a racket game played either individually (known as singles) or between two-player teams (known as doubles). The aim is to maneuver the shot in a way that your opponent is unable to return it. If a player fails to return a valid shot, the opposite player will score points.

The modern version of the sport originated from England in the late 19th century. According to historians, its origin is in northern France in the 12th century around the time of King Louis X. Back then, tennis was a luxury sport limited to novelty. Now, it is played worldwide by many people belonging to every nation and age group.

Some of the top tennis players in the world are Andy Murray (Britain), Roger Federer (Switzerland), Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland), Rafael Nadal (Spain), Novak Djokovic (Serbia), Serena Williams (United States), Venus Williams (United States), Maria Sharapova (Russia) and Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark).

The four majors called the Grand Slam are very famous tennis events. Australian Open and US Open are played over hard courts, while the French Open is played over clay courts and Wimbledon on the grass.

Why Should You Indulge in Tennis?

Tennis is a high-endurance sport which demands hard work and concentration. It’s also incredibly fun to play. It is great for recreation and socializing. In addition, health experts and scientists throughout the world pin this game as one of the healthiest sports. It provides many advantages, both physical and mental.

Physical Benefits

Overall Body Workout

Tennis is a brilliant way to work out the whole body. During the game, your arms, shoulders, legs and back are in motion. You are running, turning, jumping and crouching, whether you are playing singles or doubles. It’s an intense exercise, especially for the upper back and shoulders.

Burns More Calories and Fat

Playing tennis can burn a lot more calories than any other physical activity like lifting weights, basketball, dancing, swimming, cycling or football. As a result, it cuts down on fat and helps you shed weight. According to research, a singles game can burn 400 to 600 calories per hour. It also reduces the chances of diabetes due to all that fat burning.

Enhanced Muscle Power

Tennis requires high energy and constant movements, which will help increase your oxygen intake and heart rate. The oxygen is supplied through the blood to all the muscles, which will result in the development of more capillaries in the muscles for higher blood intake and flow. This helps increase muscle power to perform more and tire out less quickly.

Increased Bone Mass

Tennis is beneficial for not only your muscles but also your bones. It’s an action-packed game that conditions and strengthens your bone matter. That’s why people who play tennis have strong bones. It protects them from osteoporosis or types of bone diseases.

Reduces Heart Problems

Tennis is all about fast movements that quicken your heartbeat and oxygen flow. This, in turn, improves your aerobic capabilities, which results in low blood pressure and cholesterol levels. All these factors are helpful in minimizing the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular diseases.

Improved Coordination and Flexibility

Before a match, players are required to perform stretching exercises or drills. These intense drills are necessary to improve coordination, agility and flexibility to swing shots perfectly. It is very important to be ready for each shot. Furthermore, your coordination and flexibility work together to prevent sprains or other injuries.

Provides a Good Balance

Maintaining a good balance is essential in tennis. You have to stretch and reach while handling the racket to utilize maximum motion range. This requires the balance to keep you from falling over.

Minimum Injuries

Tennis is a comparatively safe sport due to its non-impact nature. In fact, if you are playing non-competitive tennis, you will mostly get overuse injuries. This can be minimized or totally eliminated through proper training and exercise.

Mental Benefits

  • Regularly playing tennis makes you more alert as it improves your memory and concentration. As the games require you to strategize during the game to stay ahead, you are bound to see some mental benefits.
  • It’s a form of exercise and like all exercises, it elevates your mood by releasing happy chemicals in the brain known as serotonin and endorphins.
  • As you improve in the sport, your confidence level and self-esteem will automatically rise.
  • It is a great way to combat stress as your entire focus is on the game and away from other worries.
  • It enhances brain power because it involves tactical planning, creative thinking, and coordination among various body parts.

Other Benefits

Tennis is a universal sport enjoyed by many people all over the world. There are no age restrictions as both young and old of all fitness levels can play. Hence, it provides the perfect opportunity for meeting different people and making new friends. It is a great recreational activity that can be played with friends, colleagues and family.

It allows you to establish self-discipline as you maintain your physique and calorie intake. Plus, if you are playing doubles, you learn the value of teamwork.

Tips and Tricks to Play Better Tennis

  • Always follow a strategic plan for practicing on the court. Identify your mistakes, create a plan to rectify them and see it through.
  • Proper foot positioning is a must to maintain balance and control to deliver successful shots.
  • If you’re a beginner, it’s wise to train with an experienced player.
  • Playing in tournaments is an excellent way to challenge yourself.
  • Understand the opponent’s weak and strong points to use them in your favor.
  • Do stretching exercises before a match to warm up and after a match to cool down.
  • Eat healthy to maintain your body shape, energy and response time.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water, especially in warm weather.

Start playing tennis for your overall well-being. It’s an effective method to stay fit and healthy and, not to mention, to live longer. It works wonders for your physical, mental and social state. However, don’t overdo it and stay safe. Train properly, exercise, eat healthily and increase your fluid intake.

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