5 Best Waterproof Tennis Shoes (2022 Reviewed)

Many are shocked by the technology behind waterproof shoes. Incredibly, such shoes prevent water from leaking into the feet while concurrently keeping your feet dry. Therefore, if you are looking for a pair that you can use when on a wet court, you should opt for the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. It offers comfort and is highly resistant to water, making it perfect for a wet court.

Finding the best waterproof tennis shoes may be an uphill task but this guide will make it easier. Read on for the best waterproof tennis shoes in the market and all you need to know about waterproof tennis shoes.

Best Waterproof Tennis Shoes

5 Best Waterproof Tennis Shoes Reviewed

Considering few manufacturers create waterproof shoes, we aim to make your search easier by highlighting the few quality and high-performance pairs in the market. Take a look at the best waterproof tennis shoes.

1. Asics Court FF 2

If you need tennis shoes that can survive aggressive performance, then think Asics Court FF2. We love this pair because stepping in the water doesn’t affect them, meaning that your feet are always safe even when it’s raining. The shoes are lightweight without compromising the cushioning, and the stability is unparalleled.

Initially, they were specially meant for use on the clay coat. However, the AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Resistance) engineered outsole made it long-lasting for hard courts. These amazing features have popularized the FF shoe line in the tennis footwear market, with some elite players inclining to it and partnering with the brand.

The court FF 2 has an outsole tread design suitable for various court types. You will appreciate the FLYTEFOAM midsole that gives you springing steps and maximum cushioning while ensuring that the footwear remains lightweight. Additionally, the TWISTRUSS tech aims at improving the flexibility of the shoe that in turn improves your agility. 

Another outstanding feature is the MONOSOCK sleeve that offers proper fitting to facilitate easy wearing and slip-on/off. Furthermore, its PU upper layer provides comfort and a snug hold of your foot, but the best feature is that it is impervious to water.

This model has an Ortholite sock liner to manage sweat and keep your feet dry. Moreover, a PGUARD feature on the toe box fortifies your feet and adds to the shoe’s durability. Also, the GEL technology on the rear and forefoot prevents impact whenever you land, and a SOLYTE insole ensures soft strides and complements the sole’s responsiveness. 


  • It has a roomy toe box that accommodates wide feet
  • They are easy on the Achilles’ tendons
  • The outer sole is hard-wearing


  • The shoes aren’t suitable for use beginners playing on grass courts
  • The mono-sock is a bit too tight for high arched players

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2. New Balance 623V3

The weather can interfere with your gameplay or training, especially if your shoes allow water to seep through them. Therefore, you need waterproof footwear that you can use regardless of environmental conditions, like the New Balance 623v3. It is a hundred percent waterproof all-leather resistant to the elements but still very comfortable on your feet, even on wet surfaces. 

Although they are water-resistant, these shoes still retain other features of high-performance tennis footwear. Most users adore this versatile pair that comes in handy for sports or casual wear. Most importantly, the shoe’s upper layer is waterproof and durable regardless of vigorous exercises. 

Their midsoles feature EVA foam that guarantees your comfort; it may seem quite firm, but it is flexible and adds to the overall cushioning. ABSORB in the midsole also checks impact and enhances your foot support.

Also, the sneaker has a heel cup that holds your feet in place to improve your stability in each step. Moreover, it has a robust but smooth collar to maximize ankle support, while the non-marking outsole rubber provides adequate traction on the court.

This New Balance model may be your ultimate choice, given its versatility. Besides, it’s a high-performance sports shoe that comes in an amazing design and looks cool whether on or off-court. Its athletic appearance is also incredible, and it isn’t surprising that both elite sportspersons and beginners prefer this design.

The lace-up system is also secure to guarantee foot support while on the court. In summation, this footwear will offer you stability, comfort, durability, flexibility, traction, and support, all premium features that every tennis player desires in a shoe.


  • It fits great for users with low arches
  • It’s more durable than most tennis shoes
  • Most buyers love the sleek design


  • The leather upper allows breathability 
  • Its upper layer is a bit rigid due to the material 

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3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 

Whether it is raining or snowing, your feet will always remain dry thanks to the reliable waterproof GORE-TEX technology in the Nike Air Zoom. This shoe is versatile for tennis, running, walking, or hiking, given the powerful tech in the design.

The shoe is one of the best in water-repelling to keep your feet dry throughout your gaming sessions. The sneaker also has a toggle lacing design that is easy to adjust even in a wet environment. Furthermore, the blocked seams on the footwear ensure that water doesn’t penetrate through the upper textile. This model is classy, performance-driven, and comes in a sleek design that every sportsperson would love.

The rubber outsole offers maximum traction even on wet surfaces to give you control over your movements, while the tongue and collar are longer to assist in effortless slipping on. It has a well-cushioned midsole that offers maximum shock absorption to give you smooth gameplay. Additionally, the shoe’s responsiveness improves your accelerations and stamina thanks to its feather-light weight.


  • The shoes have the best water resistance feature on our list
  • The upper layer offers a snug fit
  • The sneakers come in various colors and designs


  • The lacing system may be an issue if you are not used to it
  • They may be smaller than the standard size

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4. Nike Court Lite 2 

Brands like Nike have been in the industry for a while; hence, they understand the needs of a tennis player, particularly footwear. Previously, most shoes had leakages, but Court Lite 2 stepped in to address it. Its upper surface is made of durable synthetic leather designed with proper ventilation to allow aeration. 

This shoe model is ideal for hard courts but can still perform exceptionally on other surfaces. Consequently, the outsole is made of a highly durable material (GDR) for protection from external pressure. Also, the extra padding on the collar and tongue offers maximum comfort on your foot.

In addition, this footwear provides great lateral support while remaining comfortable and abrasion-resistant. Also, prospective buyers draw to them because they are lightweight and well-cushioned due to the PHYLON midsole technology. 

The low-top feature also makes it a great choice for players with low arches because it offers a glove-like fit, meaning stability and excellent grip as you run to return your serves. However, Court Lite 2 cannot support high arches with a few users complaining about stiffness. Therefore, it may not be suitable for players with underlying foot conditions such as bunions.


  • It offers premium lateral support.
  • The shoes have additional padding in the interior for foot comfort 


  • It isn’t suitable for individuals with foot complications because it’s quite stiff.

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5. PEAK Lightweight Shoes

This shoe model may not be famous among tennis players, but it’s a great choice if you are looking for waterproof footwear with great cushioning and feather-light weight. One unique feature is that the upper is breathable, and the mesh is close-knit to allow aeration but prevents water from percolating inside your shoes. 

It still maintains the required comfort and support, and you may love the slip-on feature with a flexible pull ring on the collar, making it easy to wear or take off; hence, saves you time. The midsole is cushioned with EVA technology, a light material that gives the shoe a featherweight feel to make every step effortless and improve acceleration.

It also adds to the shoe cushioning, reducing the impact on your movements to give you a comfortable soft landing. 

The sneakers will offer adequate foot support since it is anti-slip. Also, the ventilated upper dries off sweat from your shoes that may increase slippage or lead to foul smell. Finally, the shoes are a true fit; therefore, we recommend buying a half size lower than your normal wear if you want a better glove-like feel.


  • They are ideal for tennis and other casual wear
  • The EVA midsole makes the shoes super light 


  • They have inadequate lateral support
  • The upper isn’t as durable as most tennis shoes

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Features of Water Proof Tennis Shoes

To select the best waterproof tennis shoe, you need to know what it takes to have a complete shoe. Read on to understand the features of waterproof shoes and how to tell that you are making the right purchase.

Manufacturers know that most tennis players go for breathable footwear. However, there is still a high demand for weather-resistant shoes in the shoe market since users’ feet tend to sweat, especially when it’s too hot or cold, making their shoes uncomfortable and smelly. Therefore, some new shoe designs are breathable but still weatherproof; it may seem impossible, but shoemakers have made it work thanks to high-end tech.

If you look closely at waterproof footwear, especially at the upper, you will notice layers and membrane designs. The top shoe cover is the outer layer. It is the most exposed part to all the elements like the scorching sun and rough terrains. In case of any collision or abrasion, the outer layer is the first to receive the impact. Therefore, it is crucial in protecting your feet; hence, the manufacturers pay more attention to it. 

They use water-repellent technology to ensure that they shelter the shoes from any leaks. The second layer underneath is the membrane that is equally important in repelling water regardless of the environmental conditions. It incorporates new tech to keep your shoes and feet safe. This layer is incredibly waterproof and breathable. 

The design repels water at the top while allowing vapor from the feet to expel to the surrounding. Therefore, this membrane keeps your feet dry by blocking out leaks and simultaneously ventilates the shoe’s interior. 

How To Select the Right Waterproof Tennis Shoes

The essence of waterproof shoes is to keep your feet dry at all times. Shoe wetness is very uncomfortable to the user, leaving room for bacterial growth and smelly feet. Secondly, if your feet frequently get wet, there are high chances of getting blisters. As you wear the shoes and keep playing in them, the water soaks your feet, which softens and becomes vulnerable to abrasions by the shoes. 

Waterproof shoes will also protect your feet from getting cold, especially in harsh winter weather. Therefore, if you are looking for the right tennis pair that is also weather-resistant, here are other aspects to consider.

  • Material

The material used to create your shoe of choice will determine its level of permeability. If shoe companies want their footwear to be impermeable to water, they use specific close-knit materials to prevent any liquid molecules from seeping through. 

One common material is Goretex, which is well-known for making waterproof clothing. From the late 70s, designers used tiny pore materials to make clothing, but the technology soon shifted to footwear. Another effective material is leather. However, since the manufacturers know that natural leather eventually spoils with overexposure to water, they switched to a synthetic alternative. 

These shoes are usually easy to maintain, durable, and versatile. Lastly, most waterproof tennis shoes have rubber soles to cushion the shoe and protect it from water seepage beneath it. Players love shoes with rubber soles because they tend to be flexible, cheaper, and offer great traction on the ground. 

  • Protection

Not every shoe with the tag “waterproof” works effectively; similarly, some are efficient but won’t necessarily have it in the description. This aspect makes it harder to find the perfect pair that will do the job. The best waterproof shoe strives to prevent leaks from getting into the shoe but still doesn’t compromise durability or breathability.

The best way to tell is by looking at the shoe design and the quality of the materials. In some cases, the shoe’s upper would be thick with good design; some users even go for trusted brands to be certain.

  • Weight

A shoe’s weight tells you a lot. Shoes made of light materials are usually very light, but the downside is that they aren’t very durable. They tend to tear, or the treads on the outsole, reducing the shoe’s traction on the court surface. Some players incline to heavier shoes believing that they are more waterproof.

However, if the footwear incorporates the latest tech, it shouldn’t risk its weight to make it more water-repellant. We always advocate for lightweight but durable shoes because they are easier on the feet. Besides, the waterproof principle prevents water from leaking into the shoe to avoid soaking and making the shoe heavier.

  • Support

Stability is one feature that cuts across all tennis shoes. All brands are careful to make their footwear offer enough stability as possible, given the nature of the high adrenaline sport. Therefore, waterproof properties aside, it is also essential to consider the shoe’s ability to support you when you run or play. Stability also goes with cushioning, as you would also want comfortable footwear. 

It is essential to consider your foot arch because different shoe constructions have various arches in mind. You will find pairs for high, low, and regular arches; the right choice won’t be too tight or too loose on your feet because it may throw you off balance each time you play. Moreover, you also need to consider your foot size and avoid options that are too narrow or too wide.

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Final Word

To maximize your training or gaming in a wet court, you need to select a pair of shoes that will ensure you’re comfortable and still provide the traction and stability you need. Therefore, as per our research, we found the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 to be the best waterproof tennis shoe. Besides the brand name, it is one of the most protective shoes on our list. It is also durable, offers stability on the court, and comes in a great design, especially the lacing system. The Asics Court FF 2 also comes close in matters of water resistance and high performance. Therefore, it can be a great alternative if you want high-tech, lightweight, and supportive footwear.

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