5 Tennis Shoes For Women (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis strings is, then we recommend the Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis shoe as the best one.

When you are searching for the best tennis shoes for women, there are some several factors you should consider. Whether it is Material, durability or comfort, Tennis is a game that requires a lot of stability and legs control.

In this review, we will be discussing the different aspects to look for in tennis shoes for women and we will be presenting the 5 Top selection that we consider can provide you the absolute fit and comfort in your tennis game performances.

We’re going to include the following tennis strings reviews:

Best tennis shoes for women review


The Gel Resolution 5 ensures comfort, fashion, and endurance which are all needed for the perfect tennis performance. The Asics offers an enhanced gait-improvement IGS gel padding. The Asics Upper includes Flexion technology which is a customized fit that provides support and assistance while at the same time improving comfort. These tennis shoes are perfectly designed to stick fast to the actual forms and flows of your feet when beneath pressure. The outsole of the Asics ensures the lightness of your body and full meeting with any kind of surface thanks to the extended Trusstic System.


  • No footwear issues
  • Provides ultimate flexibility for players
  • Very comfort.
  • Available in different pastel colors, allowing you to choose from a variety of tones.
  • Technically superior tennis shoes


  • Sometimes, the upper part around the ankle can be highly cut which can lead to a bit of discomfort.

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K-Swiss Women’s Hyper court Express Tennis Shoe

The shoes are designed with high-quality material, made of polyurethane with an attractive upper made of synthetic substances. One of the most durable and comfortable shoes made for women tennis players. These tennis shoes are lightweight and allow for a faster and stable movement around the tennis court. The shoes have toe guard wrapping to make sure that the toes are protected when playing tennis. An advanced lateral design to keep the feet on the ground rather than being raised off the court surface.


  • Very comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Have toe guard wrapping
  • Airy and won’t make your feet slippery inside the shoes.
  • The midsole is made of EVA materials to offer a shock absorption


  • The big toe and next toe are a little tight

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Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis shoe

Thanks to the 3D Torsion technology the Adidas tennis shoes for women, is another great option on the list. The shoes are breathable light and cushioned offering the ideal support, durability stability for female tennis players. Not only that the Adituff technology helps in offering greater support and protection to the toes areas especially that tennis players tend to put too much weight on the toes section. This abrasion-repellent technology can feel comfortable serving or playing baseline with no prior worry to any kind of injuries that might take place. In order to prevent hard landing contact feeling, the Adiprene+ tech supplements to shock consumption and guard the feet from severe touchdowns and powerful lateral mobility.


  • Very comfort.
  • High-wear durability
  • 3D Torsion provides adaptive midfoot support
  • All-court outsole


  • None

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NIKE Women’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe

Has a great style comes with a higher mopping line and a fresh outsole contour. The Nike’s Upper is made of lightweight design which implies a limited tension and pressure when going for a 3rd set. This tennis shoes are breathable, comfort and offer steadiness over time. Thanks to the Dynamic Fit system, the Nike tennis shoes enclose your feet and maintain it in its natural position during the most tiring competitions. Midsole wise, it is made with a Lightweight phylon that offers enough padding as well as steadiness. The best thing about these shoes is the supportive lateral twisting that is designed in a way to offer the player more stability. Not only will that it help you keep a lightweight soul when moving around quickly during rapid changes thanks to TPU foot frame technology.


  • Lightweight design.
  • Very comfort.
  • Breathability.


  • The only drawback of these women tennis shoes is the tongue and the collar area has less padding than it is supposed to be. This can cause discomfort.

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New Balance Women’s 996v3 Clay Court Tennis Shoe

When it comes to the court surfaces challenges, the new balance women play court is the ideal option for all possible circumstances. Thanks to the rubber sole, all possibilities of slippery are almost gone. The rubber sole will help you maintain your stability and steadiness in the most challenging grounds. Main designed to meet the clay-court requirement; the New Balance shoes for women are equipped with full-length Ndurance and PROBANK technology. These technologies offer an ultimate grasp on the clay surface. Provide tennis players with maximum comfort, steadiness, and support. The new balance women’s clay Court 966 V3 Tennis shoe speaks for itself. It is only suitable for clay surface court and not other types of surfaces. Therefore unless you are playing on a clay court, these shoes are not for you.


  • Very comfort, steadiness, and support.
  • Rubber sole


  • Only suitable for clay surface court.

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What to look for when buying Tennis shoes for women?

When it comes to Tennis it is all about footwork, this is something you cannot deny. Therefore, having the right and proper tennis shoes is more than just a must. You will need something that will make you feel comfortable, light, and fit when running jumping in the court.

One of the feet parts that need most protection is the toes area; it takes all the weight when you are paying so you have to make sure to take different aspects when buying the best tennis shoes for women.

Women tennis playing style differs widely from the men’s playing style. While men work hard on the servicing impact, women, on the other hand, require something that will enable them to move around as quickly as possible for a longer Rally’s.

In this buyers guide, we have put together the different essential features that need to be taken into consideration when looking for the best Tennis shoes, so you will be able to know which one to choose to suit your need.

Style of playing

The first thing you have to do before picking a pair of tennis shoes for women is to think of a particular playing style you usually go for when playing a tennis game. That means, in this case, if it is a baseline or volley.

If you are volley game, you will probably need to look for a persistent toecap that will protect the front of your feet, this is because your feet will slide to this area whenever you will volley or serve. However, if you are a baseline professional, you will need shoes that will manage an extreme and continuous lateral movement.

That basically means you need shoes that will offer you durable lateral assistance when playing.

The type of  court

Another important aspect that should be taken into consideration is the court type. With that being said, your shoes have to be suitable for the surface of the court you are playing on.

For example, there is the particular court where the surface is hard; this means that you need to get tennis shoes that come with a joined cushioning. For a softer surface, shoes with nice traction will be perfect for this type of grounds.


One of the vital aspects when choosing tennis shoes is material. The material utilized for designing your tennis chose is important. Depending on which part of the shoes we are talking about, each section should be very peculiar and specific in terms of substances.

For example, the Upper of the tennis shoes should be made of lightweight material yet good enough to support you when playing. They should also be airy, roomy and breathable, so your feet won’t become sweaty and cause slippery.

Leather, mesh upper and other materials are commonly used when designing tennis shoes, they are very known for their durability comfort, and pliability features, making them ideal for this kind of sports.

Correct fit

If you are not stable when playing your tennis game, that means your shoes do not fit your size of feet. It doesn’t mean that the shoes shouldn’t be roomy enough to move comfortably; however, not too much that you will lose control.

Small shoes will cause you damage and harm to both your feet and ankles. Therefore, before making the final decision on your purchase, check again if it is the right fit.

Padded shoes

It is important to highlight that padding offered by perfect tennis shoes for women will diminish some of the effect and lateral motion that can harm your feet and ankles. When we talk about padding and cushioning two dominating materials are mostly used, the EVA materials and Polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a heavy material type but it offers the ultimate steadiness needed when playing Tennis. While on the other hand, Eva materials are made of lighter substances making the player feeling light when moving around the court. However, this material doesn’t provide the same stability the Polyurethane does.

Still, padded shoes remain a peculiar preference; it totally depends on the player and its needs.


Many women tennis players mistake between tennis shoes and running shoes. These two are totally different in terms of functioning delivery. On one hand, the running shoes are usually steady in order to offer their users a continuous and persisting stable forwarding force.

On the contrary, tennis shoes aim to provide lateral movement stability for the players or an easy left-right movement. Not only that, the padding different from running to tennis shoes.

For example, when you are using the running shoes, the padding should be positioned in the heel and middle curve to support the user. While in tennis shoes, the toes area are the one that needs the padding the most.

Another thing you should keep in mind, if you tend to pronate a lot, you should consider tennis shoes that will offer you extra lateral steadiness and stability. Apart from that, you will also need additional cushioning and ankle support or else your tennis shoes will wear out from the sides

After all, not all of the people have the same natural manner of moving.

Remember, your tennis shoes should perfectly fit with our playing style, your intended playing court and more importantly your movement and your feet size.

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P.S.: Pole dancing is a great way to workout indoors for girls if you can’t go play tennis outside.


Our top choice for best Tennis shoes for women in is Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 X Parley Tennis shoe. These shoes are the perfect combination of comfort, style, steadiness, and performance. Everything you will be looking for in tennis shoes is incorporated into this brand.

The Addidas tennis shoes will help you reach the potential you are looking for in your tennis game. The shoes are lightweight and made of strong and long-lasting Uppers as well as solid and firm shoes allowing you to win your game easily.

The padding included in both the forefront and heels area offers the ultimate support and feet protection and will prevent any injuries from taking place no matter how long your tennis performance lasts.

What makes these Tennis shoes win the 1st spot is the fact that it is suitable for all different surfaces making it easy and ideal for players to play on any intended type of courts.

As you can tell, all these above-mentioned features match perfectly with the beforehand discussed aspects that you need to take into consideration when purchasing the best tennis shoes for women.

The best game shoes for a very rational cost make this our excellent worthy choice of best tennis shoes for women. After all, make sure to choose the tennis shoes that best suit your preferences and needs.

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