7 Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 (2022 Reviewed)

Tennis rackets are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in the sports world. With high prices averaging around $500, most consider tennis a high-maintenance sport. However, unlike the popular belief that quality goes with price, some great rackets in the market are lower than $100, perfect for you if you are on a tight budget.

This article takes a detailed look at the best tennis rackets under 100 like the Wilson Tour Slam Lite Racket. Additionally, to save you from purchasing sub-par equipment, we will advise you on the key features to look out for before making your purchase.  

Best Tennis Rackets Under 100

7 Best Tennis Rackets Under $100 Reviewed

Most tennis rackets are pretty expensive, given the time, effort, and materials used in making them high quality. However, there are still some great options that are pocket-friendly. At less than $100, you can obtain the following equipment. 

1. Babolat Boost S Strung Tennis Racket

This racket comes loaded with great features and at an unbelievable budget-friendly price. Imagine getting a racket that offers you power, spin, comfort, and lightweight at less than a hundred dollars.

The Boost S gives you the playability you require to conquer the court. Besides, the graphite material makes it stable and offers a solid feel on every shot you make. It is also kind to your arms, and you can use it without worrying about joint pains. 

The pre-strung string system on the frame includes sixteen mains and nineteen crosses, making it flexible, as it gives you the ideal spin. Additionally, the flexibility also enhances your feel on the ball to offer you control, letting you place the ball in the exact spot you need it. Furthermore, the frame has a wide head measuring 102 square inches; hence, forgiving and enhances your precision.

The Woofer Grommet innovation on the string bed further provides additional power and comfort by reducing vibration effects on the racket. The strings are also quite tight to offer you a sturdy platform to effectively hit the ball from a distance, whether from the baseline or at the net, ensuring that you have maximum maneuverability. The swing weight on this racket is impressive, such that you will only require a little energy to get the ball flying. 


  • It has the Babolat uptake grip system
  • It is ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • The Babolat Boost Technology reduces stiffness


  • The light head reduces stability

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2. LUNNADE Adult Tennis Racket

Some rackets may not be very famous, but they still compete favorably with other big brands. LUNNADE is one such company that offers you quality tennis rackets at very affordable prices. This one is ultra-light, has a good grip, absorbs maximum shock, and offers you a comfortable feel. Beginners and intermediate tennis players will benefit from this model, given that it comes in a standard length.

This feature allows for adequate maneuverability on the court to give you the best shots during serves, groundstroke, or at the net. The racket comes in different colors to suit male and female athletes, and you can always blend its attractive look with your outfits.

The equipment also boasts durability, as the frame is a combination of carbon and aluminum, which are also responsible for the lightweight features. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer has also incorporated certain top-notch technologies in design to give you a high-performance tennis stick. First, the PU Foam material provides unmatched comfort and enhances your feel without sacrificing stability. This foam is a shock-proof substance that leverages your hand from excess vibrations due to ball impact.


  • The broadhead gives the player more power 
  • The PU substance offers maximum comfort
  • The shaft is sweat-absorbing and shock-proof


  • The plastic butt may start coming off after a while
  • It isn’t ideal for an aggressive tennis gaming

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3. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Racket

You might have heard of the Wilson tennis brand since it isn’t new in the tennis world. This racket is one special design from the head company that includes all the impressive features of the brand. The Tour Slam is a powerhouse of great performance, but the key component is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price. Both male and female tennis players can comfortably use this racket and get remarkable results. 

Similarly, tennis professionals that need additional strength and steadiness can also find this option ideal. The grip in the racket measures 41/2 inches, making it suitable for adult players only. However, the Tour Slam has included advanced tech during its molding. First, the frame consists of a lightweight material that is forgiving to your hands.

Moreover, the frame also features the Volcanic Frame Technology for greater power and firmness. Additionally, the V-Matrix Technology string bed boasts a large sweet spot and has long main strings to increase the racket’s tension. This racket comes pre-strung with a 112 square inch head that tolerates error and generates more strength and stability. 

Therefore, it allows you to put the necessary weight on your serves, groundstroke, and volleys. The shaft is shock-absorbing and prevents vibrations from reaching your arms credited to the Stop Shock Pads on the racket’s throat. This frame weighs 0.8 pounds, a manageable measure, and it has a one-year warranty, which tells you a lot about its durability. 


  • It has Shock Pads to prevent excessive vibrations
  • The racket is versatile for recreational and skilled-level gaming
  • It has a large sweet spot that is quite forgiving


  • It’s quite heavy for some individuals and can cause arm pain
  • The racket’s big head minimizes control

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4. Fostoy Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

Such a racket with a head size of 100 sq inches is quite versatile since it works for players of different levels. This Fostoy stick isn’t a common brand in the market. Still, it has this impressive Adult Recreational racket that is best for adult beginners and Intermediate tennis players, and professionals who may need extra control and stability. 

It is hand-friendly, lightweight, comfortable, and offers you a forgiving sweet spot. The racket is firm but flexible enough for better spins and allows you to get the feel you need as you put the ball in the right spot. Furthermore, the racket’s strings are of high-end engineering made stiff and with great tension for the best performance on the court. 

The handling technology is a tough and durable wrapping material with adequate comfort on your hands. Therefore, you can play for long hours without blisters, as the grip will also stay intact. Moreover, the shaft design gives it the required features to prevent shock that travels from the handle to your hands, preventing your chances of suffering from joint issues.

Just like most rackets used at beginner levels, this product has a huge sweet spot, allowing you to enjoy your game even when you still haven’t mastered accuracy. Thanks to the Integrated Forming Technology, the strings are tight and elastic to make you pursue your shots more accurately. In conclusion, the racket is a standard length made of aluminum for more durability and has a sufficient grip for an added control.


  • It is hand-friendly
  • It comes in a pack of two rackets; hence, value for your money
  • It has optimum tension for powerful, accurate shots


  • The strings are quite stiff
  • It has limited color options 

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5. OPPUM Adult Carbon Fibre

Not only is this product very affordable, but it also comes in a neat package of one racket, a single bag, and a tennis grip. If your current tennis racket vibrates upon impact with the ball causing discomfort and pain, then this Carbon Fiber tennis equipment may be your ultimate solution. It has a medium grip size of 4 ⅜; hence, suitable for both male and female tennis players.

It comes with a comfortable wooden shaft that is triangular, and its design incorporates Double Shock Absorption Technology. This tech blocks out any vibrations to make your grip comfortable and improve your gaming. Even when there is great impact with high vibrations, you will remain stable and continue playing as usual.

Also, the racket comes with shock-absorbing glue that allows for double impact filtration. The Double Hole Threading tech on the stick makes it durable and stable while maintaining the sleek design. It also makes the string bed flexible and offers you a large sweet spot whenever you strike the ball.

The racket’s frame consists of carbon fiber and aluminum, while the handle is a cozy wood. It remains fairly lightweight with all these features and is ideal for beginners who require a level of stability. The head is 110 inches squared, has an enlarged sweet spot, and offers power to a beginner. The racket has premium construction to let you play longer without hurting your arms, unlike most beginners’ heavy equipment.


  • It comes with gifts
  • It double filters impact vibrations 
  • The carbon and aluminum materials enhance its durability


  • Its handle may lose grip after a while
  • The plastic butt isn’t very fortified

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6. Head Microgel Radical Midplus

The Microgel Radical product line is one of the best-selling Head rackets, and this racket’s upgrading with Microgel Tech has only made it more competitive among other equipment. The innovation involves a MicroGel material integrated into the frame that works together with carbon composite to improve flexibility, allowing the racket to bend and relax against impact.

The MicroGel Radical also promotes a sturdy feel and stability to counter slippage as you twist and turn for the ball. This aspect allows you to maximize the feel while distributing shock on the whole frame to deter impact from reaching your hand due to the great force. For added comfort, the manufacturer has applied Plush Technology on the racket’s edge. 

Furthermore, graphite compounds infused in this racket enhance lightness and durability and give you a smooth ball impact. The features make this equipment ideal for pros and intermediate tennis players who need ball control and extra stability. The frame may also assist in getting the best shots at the net, serves, and groundstroke. 

Therefore, the racket helps you maintain an impressive performance against your opponents. Regarding dimensions, this racket is excellent due to its engineering work. First, the head is a 98 square inch hoop that is best for skilled tennis players and intermediates.

The frame also weighs about three hundred grams (11oz), which improves its stability and power. Additionally, the stick is 27 inches long, which is the standard length of most tennis rackets for maximum maneuverability.


  • The MicroGel Technology increased its flexibility
  • It immensely reduces vibrations on the elbow
  • The heavy head offers extra power and saves your energy


  • It may be quite stiff after frequent use 
  • It has a heavy head that alters a level of control

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7. Wilson Adult Recreational Tennis Racket

If you need a racket with a long shaft for an enhanced reach, this product deserves a spot in your top options. It will always help you get the balls that are not within your space with the least effort, even when your timing is off. This racket ranks among the most powerful designs available from Wilson thanks to its close attention to detail and a keen eye on a player’s needs. 

It is ideal for individuals playing tennis at recreational or beginners’ games since it is a great combination of power, maneuverability, and control. Note that this product would still serve individuals playing at the intermediate and professional level, but you may find it quite lacking in stability and topspin at such stages. 

The hammer technology involved creates a wider sweet spot and increases forgiveness in this racket, making it a first-timers favorite. It allows beginners to obtain the best feel even when they have a wide error margin. The open string design makes the string bed more flexible with great power and superior spin. The carbon material used to mold this frame is extremely durable and contains impressive power. 


  • The carbon material makes it super lightweight
  • It is best for individuals wanting to sharpen their tennis playing skills
  • The Hammer technology creates more power 


  • It may vibrate unusually; hence, may be quite uncomfortable 
  • It may generate overwhelming power but less control

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Buying Guide

In your quest to find an affordable product, it is easy to buy a low-quality racket that will only become unfit for use within a short time. Although you want one that fits your budget, you also need a money value item. Therefore, below are some key factors to consider before making your purchase.


Junior players’ rackets are usually 19-23 inches long, while the standard versions for adults measure around 27-29 inches. Teenagers, on the other hand, prefer an average length of 24 inches. Generally, your racket length determines your performance on the court. You will realize that playing with a shorter or longer racket doesn’t feel the same, and the results will show. 

If the racket is long enough, it improves the players’ reach for the ball. You become better on the groundstrokes and have the upper hand on the serves. Additionally, these rackets are more powerful than shorter alternatives, and you will find them lighter with enhanced maneuverability. You will also cover more ground and find it easier to take long shots. 

On the other hand, short rackets are naturally more maneuverable and have more control. Therefore, you have to consider your chosen racket’s length depending on what you need more. Although a longer one is a players’ favorite, you can go for a short alternative if you need more control and maneuverability.


Tennis rackets come in different weights to suit various players. The light versions weigh about 9 ounces, while the heavier options are at 11Oz or more. However, the most preferred rackets are usually of medium weight, making them more balanced. In most cases, the racket weight is a significant determinant of your performance on the court. 

Light sticks are a beginner’s go-to since they are easier to swing and are more forgiving to your arms. The spins also come effortlessly, and most find them more maneuverable. If you have a past or recent injury, you will incline more to a light racket because it won’t exert a lot of pressure, and you won’t get too tired even after hours of use. 

On the contrary, a heavy racket is more tasking to handle, especially for first-timers. They are only best for pro players since they provide the user with maximum control and power when taking shots, and, unlike light alternatives, heavy rackets are better at absorbing shock. The best way to go is to ensure that your equipment sits in the middleweight category to provide the right level of power, control, grip, and performance. 


The material that goes into your racket’s construction is very important. The old versions were very flimsy and couldn’t withstand the ball’s brutal force. However, companies began incorporating tough materials in construction to make their rackets stiffer and more durable. You will find the best designs integrating graphite, which resists wearing to serve you longer. 

Another excellent material is aluminum, which you will likely find in beginner rackets, but they are not as durable as graphite. It is recommended to go for such materials because although you are looking for an affordable product, you will still be certain of its high quality.  

Head Size

Beginners often incline to options with wide heads of more than 100 inches because they have a protracted sweet spot, making them easy to use when. There are minimal chances of missing your shots with such a large design, even when you are still learning about timing. Therefore, it is a go-to if you are trying to advance your skills. 

If you are more experienced, you may opt for a smaller racket size of about 95 inches or less because you may want the extra control and power in your shots. Besides, you must be talented in precision already and have no issue with timing. If you want the best of both alternatives, you can choose an average-sized racket, best for intermediate players. 

String Pattern

Another essential racket aspect to consider even as you go for an affordable option is the string pattern. There are two primary types, the open and closed system. The dense version has more intersecting strings of 18×20, and the other design consists of a 16×18 string design. Players incline to the open strings version since it gives the player more power, topspin, and a better feel. However, this system is relatively less durable and doesn’t offer the best control. 

The closed pattern, in contrast, isn’t likely to snap, hits hard, offers control, and is more durable, with the only downside being that it compromises on power. Dense string patterns also influence the ball’s speed; therefore, it is best to experiment with the two racket types to find out the perfect one for you. Overall, the string design you opt for depends on your playing style or level and what you want from your racket. 


You don’t have to go for a low-quality tennis racket when you are on a tight budget. There are still some high-quality products from big brands that will serve you perfectly, regardless of your playing level. Our most recommended choice is the Wilson Tour Slam Lite Racket since it’s from a famous brand and has the cool features any player would want. Despite being affordable, it offers you impressive power, stability and is very comfortable.

Another great racket is the Head Microgel Radical Midplus, thanks to the MicroGel technology incorporated in its design. The tech makes it comfortable as it reduces shock absorption and it has a sturdy feel and provides maneuverability.

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