5 Best Tennis Grips (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis grip is, then we recommend the Wilson Sublime as the best one for most situation.

Did you know that adjusting a seemingly small thing such as the grip of your racquet could bring some sizable progress to your game?

Since you are here, you probably already know this. Furthermore, you are probably looking for the best tennis grip for the money! And you are highly like to find it here because we will shortly be having a look at the top tennis racquets out there!

We’re going to include the following tennis grip reviews:

Best Tennis Grips

Tennis Replacement Grip VS Overgrip

There actually are two types of tennis grips – replacement grips and overgrips. They are similar in appearance and function, so they create a lot of confusion among some buyers.

While these two grip types share some features, they have somewhat different purposes and are applied differently. More precisely:

  • Replacement grips are applied in place of the old grip directly onto the handle. Replacement grips typically don’t increase the size of the racquet’s grip, though they might do so depending on thickness.

Usually, replacement grips have a sticky backing to assist with application.

  • Overgrips are applied on top of an existing grip. Due to this, overgrips typically do increase the thickness of the tennis grip. Some overgrips are thicker than others though and contribute to the existing size differently.

Replacement grips are more difficult to apply because they require you to remove the old grip. Besides, replacement grips tend to be more expensive than overgrips.

When it comes to purpose though, overgrips and replacement grips are similar:

  • Both can be sweat-absorbent and/or breathable.
  • Both can be tacky to provide you with extra grip.
  • Both can have a textured surface again for extra grip.

With that said, there’s one area where replacement grips tend to be much better than overgrips. That’s because overgrips are often made very thin to avoid significantly increasing the grip size. Due to this, they provide less cushioning than replacement grips, though this will depend on which grip model we are talking about.

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Things To Look For In The Best Tennis Grip

Now that we understand the differences between replacement grips and overgrips, let’s talk about the things that you should be looking for in that best tennis grip.


Tennis grips have some amount of tack to them – that is, they are sticky. But some tennis grips will be much stickier than others.

If you want maximum grip and traction, then you should look for a tennis grip with a high tack. With that said, keep in mind that not everyone likes the stickiness of high-tack grips. Besides, if you have sweaty hands or will be playing in a hot or humid area, a tacky grip may become a sticky mess.

Textured surface

Some tennis grips also have a textured surface to assist with grip. Usually, this is done via a stitched rib running along the grip’s edge. When paired with high tack, a textured surface can greatly contribute to the overall traction of the grip, though it can also work alone pretty well.

If you have sweaty hands, then you may actually want to look for a textured grip rather than a high-tack grip. A simple textured grip won’t become a sticky mess, though it may still be uncomfortable if it’s not moisture-wicking.

If you have dry hands though, then you may be able to reap the benefits of grips that are both high-tack and textured.

Moisture absorbency

If you have sweaty hands or will be playing in humid or hot conditions, then a moisture-wicking grip is the way to go. Moisture-absorbent grips may employ a layer of cotton or some other means to absorb sweat and maintain the traction of the grip.


Some tennis grips also have perforations that allow for somewhat increased breathability. The perforations can actually help if you have sweaty hands or are playing in a hot area – the increased breathability should keep your hands cooler and thus decrease sweat production.

Besides, the perforations also add some texture to the grip, increasing its traction.

Thickness & cushioning

Finally, consider the thickness and cushioning of the desired tennis grip. The right thickness depends on the kind of grip you are going for.

If you are going for a replacement grip and don’t want added cushion or size, then go for a grip that’s exactly as thick as your current grip.

On the other hand, if going for an overgrip, then pick a grip that will increase the size of your grip by the desired amount. Keep in mind that no matter thin an overgrip is, it will increase the size of your grip, so only go for an overgrip if you want to increase your grip size.

If you have elbow problems or want increased cushioning for any other reason, then you may go for a thicker grip. Thicker grips have more material to cushion impacts with. Besides, some grips have extra additives – e.g. gel or cotton – to make the grip softer.

If you want extra cushion but don’t want to increase the grip size, go for a replacement grip. If you don’t mind a size increase or are specifically going for it, then you may go for a tennis overgrip.

Best Tennis Grip Reviews

1. Gamma Hi-Tech Contour Replacement Grip

Up first on our list is the Hi-Tech replacement tennis grip by Gamma, quite a high-rated and popular replacement grip option.

We’ve based our review on the Contour variation of the Hi-Tech replacement grip. This particular variation features a high tack and a contour stitch rib that delivers increased traction with the grip. The Contour grip thus is a better option if you most of all want increased grip from your tennis racquet.

The Contour replacement tennis grip also has numerous perforations throughout its surface, allowing for better breathability.

Gamma also offers two other variants of the Hi-Tech grip – Hi-Tech Gel and Hi-Tech Gel Contour. The Hi-Tech Gel grip features Gamma’s shock-absorbing Zorbicon gel that is promised to deliver “exceptional control and cushion”. And the Hi-Tech Gel Contour provides you with the best of both worlds.

A replacement grip, the Gamma Hi-Tech grip series makes little to no changes to the tennis grip size you are used to. With that said, it’s pricey and a bit difficult to apply, which are downsides of replacement grips that we’ve already talked about.


  • High tack.
  • The ribbed surface delivers high traction.
  • Great breathability.
  • Cushioned variant available.


  • Pricey.
  • Difficult to apply.


2. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

The Gamma Supreme overgrip is an excellent option if you are looking to increase your grip size.

As an overgrip, the Supreme tennis grip is inexpensive and easy to apply. But these aren’t the only benefits of this overgrip over other tennis grips like the Hi-Tech line!

The Supreme overgrip certainly won’t deliver the grip of the Hi-Tech replacement grip, but it’s pretty up there. It has a decent tack that Gamma itself evaluates at 3 out of 5.

Furthermore, the Supreme tennis grip should be a good option for players with sweaty hands – this grip is made moisture-absorbent, with its absorbency score being 4 out of 5 according to Gamma.

What you may also like about the Supreme overgrip is that it comes in multi-piece packs, with pack sizes ranging from 3 to 60. The bigger sets can save you plenty of money in the long run, but we suggest that you first buy the smallest pack to try this thing out.

With all that said, in spite of its moisture absorbency, the Supreme overgrip seems not to be very breathable, which may somewhat compromise its moisture-absorbing benefits.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Moisture-absorbent.
  • Nice tack.
  • Multi-piece packs are available.


  • Seems not to be too breathable.
  • Will increase your grip size.


3. Tourna Mega Tac Tennis Overgrip

The Mega Tac tennis overgrip by Tourna promises to deliver extra-high tack that will last you a long time. As claimed by Tourna, most other tacky grips lose tackiness after about 30 minutes, while the Mega Tac is designed to last 10-14 hours under “normal playing conditions”.

It’s difficult to say what those normal playing conditions are, but this overgrip will probably last the longest if kept dry.

Speaking of dry, the Mega Tac overgrip has no moisture-wicking properties, so it’s not the best option for humid areas or players with sweaty hands. Moisture will not only likely reduce this grip’s life, but it will also make handling a sticky mess.

Being an overgrip, the Mega Tac tennis racquet grip will somewhat increase your grip size, albeit by just a little. Still, if your current grip size is perfect for you, even a millimeter of additional thickness may worsen your performance.

The offer we based our review on comes with 10 XL grips in one package. Besides, you may choose from black, blue, or white colors if grip appearance matters to you.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Long-lasting extra-tacky feel.
  • Comes with 10 grips.
  • Available in black, blue, and white.


  • Definitely not for sweaty hands.
  • Although very thin, will slightly increase your grip size.


4. Wilson Sublime Tennis Replacement Racquet Grip

The Wilson Sublime replacement racquet grip is a solid alternative to the Gamma Hi-Tech Contour replacement grip that we’ve overviewed at the beginning. The two tennis grips are similar at their basics, but there are some noticeable differences that set them apart.

The Hi-Tech Contour replacement grip provides a little stronger traction thanks to its stitched rib contours. The Sublime grip also has stitched edges, but they aren’t as prominent as in the Contour grip.

But if you like a smoother feel, then the Sublime grip should be a better option.

Build-wise, the Sublime grip is made from a moisture-wicking material and also has perforations throughout its surface to assist with sweat reduction and breathability. Besides, this grip delivers a restrained tack that offers a good balance between grip and comfort.


  • Delivers a balanced feel.
  • Moisture-wicking.
  • Breathable.
  • Available in black, navy, and white.


  • A little pricey.
  • Difficult to apply.


5. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

And the fifth option on our list is this dry tennis overgrip by ADV.

This fairly inexpensive option of a tennis overgrip is a good option if you have sweaty hands. The ADV overgrip has a middle cotton layer that does a great job of absorbing moisture. Aside from good absorbency, this overgrip delivers a moderate tack.

Remarkably, the ADV tennis overgrip has an interesting velvety feel delivered by the feathered polyurethane upper layer. Aside from comfort, the PU layer also adds some shock absorbency to this overgrip.

What you might also like about this overgrip is that it is available in many colors. Besides, the variant that we’ve based our review on included 12 grips, and a 30-piece option is also available.

The not so good thing about the ADV overgrip is that it’s really thick – it’s three-layer build indeed does a good job of ensuring comfort and moisture absorbency, but it also considerably increases grip size. This won’t be a problem though if you precisely want to increase your grip size.


  • Great if you want to increase your grip size.
  • Highly-absorbent.
  • Moderate tack.
  • Cushioned velvety feel.
  • Comes with 12 overgrips.
  • Available in many colors.


  • Quite thick.


Final Words

In our final section, we usually give our personal vote to the absolute best pick. But on this post, we can’t really do that without knowing what you are looking for – each of the overviewed tennis grips is good for a specific thing, and we can’t pick an absolute best from them.

But in short:

We could bring many other scenarios where each of the overviewed grips would be the best for.

But we’ve already talked about the uses and benefits of each grip above, and we’ve also provided you with a buyer’s guide. Hopefully, what information we’ve provided you with should be sufficient to help you make the right choice!

There are many things that should be in your tennis bag. Except for the grip, check to see if you have them before you start playing tennis.

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