5 Best Tennis Ball Hoppers (2022 Reviewed)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best tennis ball hopper is, then we recommend the No products found. as the best one.

This review is all about the best tennis ball hoppers you can find in the market today. These are practical and straightforward pieces of equipment that you’d surely need when you’re shaping your game.

As they say, you have to be wise with every piece of investment you spend on should you want to be successful in a certain field. Tennis is a great sport but getting good at it is no picnic. You have to arm yourself with the proper tools. Let’s check one out real quick.

Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

In this article, we’re going to review the following tennis ball hoppers:

Why Would You Need a Tennis Ball Hopper?

A tennis ball hopper can do wonders for your game and tremendously help you out in practice. Here are a few reasons why you imperatively need one on your tennis court.

More Practice Time And Less Gathering Time

Not all of us can afford a personal trainer or always have someone with us on the court practicing tennis. Not everyone has the luxury of buying a tennis ball machine either. So, to be honest, practicing on your own and having to pick up the ball every time can be super annoying and very inefficient.

With a nice and reliable tennis hopper by your side during practice, you can gather all of your tennis balls all at once and then just practice your shots in bulk before having to gather your tennis balls once again to continue.

That’s a whole lot of time practicing than just picking up tennis balls one by one. So when you have yourself one good tennis hopper for your next practice, make sure to bring a few tennis balls with you too.

The Serve

A serve in tennis starts the momentum of the game and so it’s uber-critical. So with a good tennis ball hopper by your side, you can practice your serves without any worries. Practice on your own and perfect that serve!


Perhaps the most obvious but best way you can utilize a tennis ball hopper is to get a bunch of tennis balls from one place to another. Take them by bunches on and off the court, from your car to storage and keep them separate from your other tennis gears like your racquet. Go get tennis ball hoppers with a lid if you want to be more efficient with transporting your tennis balls.

Perfect Assistant

It’s the perfect assistant for everyone. Whether you are mentoring or assisting someone in practice a tennis ball hopper will make both your lives easier. Mentoring a bunch of kids? Use a tennis ball hopper to consistently serve them tennis balls to keep the practice session going.

Just all other tools and gears, if you can utilize tennis ball hoppers efficiently then it can help you tremendously shape and improve everyone else’s skills and maximize everyone’s time as well.

Best Tennis Ball Hopper Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the aspects that you should watch out for when shopping around for your next tennis ball hopper(s).


The first you have to consider is the capacity of your tennis ball hopper. Take into account the usual amount of tennis balls you bring on the court with you or if you’re always working with a group or by yourself.

Most tennis ball hoppers will have a capacity range of about 40 to 140 tennis balls. That range can easily help you out nicely on your practice or accommodate an entire group practicing some swings.

About 50 to 75 tennis balls might be enough for an individual to practice efficiently on their own. You might want to buy smaller hoppers for children for obvious reasons. You should also consider how to transport larger tennis ball hoppers before buying one.

Weight and Weight

Speaking of considerations for transport one quick aspect you need to take a look at is its weight. In general, tennis ball hoppers weigh around 3 to 18 pounds from a capacity of 25 to 150 tennis balls.

It may not be that heavy but sometimes a tennis ball hopper’s height can be a problem for transport. Consider your height or of those that will be using it so it will be easier for you or them to pick it up and carry it or maybe transport them by your car. Also, go for those with adjustable handles if you can.

Frame, Material, and Construction

You want a tennis ball hopper that’s going to last for a long time. Invest in the good brands to get the most value out of your money. Tennis ball hoppers are usually made of plastic and steel. Steel ones are of course, more durable but can be a bit heavy. Also, look for ones that are coated with fine material so they last longer.

Also, take a look at how it’s constructed and its frame design if it’s ergonomic enough for you. In sports, you will need something ergonomic to take care of your body.

Legs, Lids, and Wheels

The last few considerations would then include if it’s got legs, good quality wheels, or a lid. A tennis ball hopper as simple as it sounds can come in different configurations. It can only be a basket, a basket with wheels, a convertible, or collapsing ball hopper, you catch our drift. Buy the ones that suit your style and convenience.

Best Tennis Hopper Product Reviews

1. Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

All right, straight out of the gate let us start with a very popular tennis ball hopper and of course, we’re talking about the Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper.

This unit has got thousands of reviews on Amazon online alone and to no surprise, it currently holds 4.5 out of 5 stars. Wilson is a giant brand in the sports industry and their products dominate in a lot of fields so that’s already a testament to the quality of their sports gears.

And you can be sure that this tennis ball hopper is no exception. This is one of the most portable tennis hoppers from our group and it can carry 75 tennis balls at the same time. It’s got a cage basket design that’s classic and ergonomic plus its frame is made with durable steel plated material and constructed to last a long time.

No products found.

It’s got a no-spill lid and its handle doubles as a convenient stand to get it upright and perfect when you pick up those tennis balls. It’s for the youth and adults alike as well as for pros and amateurs too.

And on top of that all, the Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper is the most affordable tennis ball hopper from our list.


  • Great value for money
  • Superbly durable material, frame, and construction
  • Super ergonomic design with just the right height
  • Just the right amount of tennis balls it can hold
  • Trusted brand and bestseller tennis ball hopper


  •  Can be a bit heavy for kids

No products found.

2. Gamma Sports Tennis Ball hoppers

Next on our best tennis ball hopper review is the reliable Gamma Sports Tennis Ball hoppers. The most popular of this series of tennis ball hoppers from Gamma Sports is the one with 75 ball capacity but do take note that they have a wide range of sizes. That’s from a hoppette or rissette of 50 tennis ball capacity to a high 140 whopper model.

The Gamma Sports 75 Tennis Ball hopper is perfect for coaches, parents, and players alike. It’s got pretty much the same ergonomic design as that of the Wilson we review above with nice EZ-GO wheels, a handle that converts into a stand, and a convenient smart lid.

With carbon steel wires and Gamma’s patented weather-resistant diamond-clad coating this might be the most durable one yet on our list making sure that you get the best value out of your money. It’s easy to set up so just enjoy your practice and don’t mind picking up those tennis balls every so frequently.


  • Very durable construction and materials
  • Super ergonomic
  • Great value for money
  • Decent capacity
  • Wide range of sizes for the whole series


  • May not hold as many tennis balls as it advertises

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3. Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper

Next on our list is the innovative Tourna Ball port Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper. This one has a slightly larger capacity than our first two entries with 80 tennis balls. That’s more capacity without compromising on the quality of the build plus its weight.

Instead of steel, this product is made out of polypropylene that’s double reinforced and heavy-duty. You won’t have any wires that would rust, no welds will break, nor paint that will peel. It only weighs 4.5 pounds which is probably about 50% less than most tennis ball hoppers available in the market.

It’s got a secure closure that will keep the tennis balls in place at all times. The locking handles are patented and the legs are quite secure. It stands at the perfect height of 33.5 inches for easy pickups too.


  • Extra tennis ball capacity for its category
  • Ergonomic and innovative design
  • Super lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Secure to transport


  • The design of the lid and the frame does not work well together at times

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4. HOPARAZZI Elite 65 Tennis Ball Basket

The penultimate entry on our best tennis ball hopper review is the up and comer HOPARAZZI Elite 65 Tennis Ball Basket. We want to shed some light on not so popular brands too and this particular one deserves a little bit of the spotlight.

This is a good quality tennis ball hopper and it comes in 17 different colors. It’s got built-in wheels and an adjustable height design that then converts to very sturdy legs ideal when you pick up those tennis balls when out on the court practicing.

It holds up to a decent 65 tennis balls and it does not require any tools for you to use to assemble it. The legs on this tennis ball hopper that doubles as its handles too are thicker than the rest of the products on our list and you can be sure that they will hold up against time.


  • Sturdy construction and frame
  • Decent tennis ball capacity
  • Great color choices fit for players from all walks of life
  • Good reviews online
  • Easy to use and ergonomic


  • Pricier than the rest of the tennis ball hoppers on our list

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5. Wilson (90) Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

The last entry on our review is for those who are looking for a bit more capacity but does not want to compromise on quality plus something that would return great value out for their money. You’re looking at the Wilson (90) Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper.

It does have similar features and components with our first entry but this one is larger thus sturdier and you should look at it if you think you need more tennis balls on the court but do not necessarily need a cart just yet.

The smart lid keeps the tennis balls from dropping off and the legs also double as handles and they are as sturdy as they come. Ideal for intense training and you can be sure that it’s easier to transport despite its size (it’s got wheels too) and will last for a very long time.


  • Durable construction and frame material
  • Large tennis ball capacity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great value for money
  • Portable enough


  • It does have to lowest ratings online amongst all the products we’ve listed

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Final Thoughts

No doubt about it, we highly recommend the Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper out of our best tennis ball hopper list. All of the products we’ve researched and discussed are top of the line. But the Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper stands out a bit above the crowd.

For reasons being that it’s affordable, got a decent capacity, very durable, and convenient design. It’s a bestseller too and has rave reviews online to grateful tennis players who’ve utilized it. Surely top quality this tennis ball hopper is. So go grab one or some of the others on our list and keep on practicing that game of yours.

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